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Reason TV: The 5th Annual Nanny of the Year Awards: Jailing Photogs, Banning Chipotle, and Halle Berry!


For the past 60 months, Reason TV has named a "Nanny of the Month" calling out a range of busybodies who are way too busy minding your business (for the full playlist, go here).

We also crown a Nanny of the Year. Here's this year's awards ceremony, hosted by the inimitable Ted Balaker, who also produces our Nanny features. Original release date was December 26, 2013 and the original writeup is below the fold.

At Reason TV's 5th Annual Nanny of the Year Awards, we recognize those who devote their lives to telling us how to run ours! The nominees for 2013 are trailblazers who insist on breaking barriers that would have been politically impossible to confront just a short time ago.

Why stop at banning smoking in public places? Let's criminalize the dirty deed and throw smokers behind bars, says Oregon State Rep. Mitch Greenlick. (Greenlick also champions prison reform, declaring that we need a "more rational way to decide who gets imprisoned.")

Why stop at cracking down on traditional fast food joints like McDonald's? Let's kick it up a notch and outlaw "fast casual" restaurants like Chipotle, says Eastchester, New York Supervisor Anthony Colavita. (Eastchester is "a very upscale community," Colavitaexplains. "You can go get your sandwich in Larchmont. We aren't going to cheapen the town with fast food or these formula fast-quick casual places.")

While we're at it, let's make photography a crime! After all, celebrities deserve to be protected from the annoying aspects of their life choices, like dealing with the paparazzi, and anyhow we'd really be doing it (all together now!) for the children (well, for the children of celebrities and politicians, at least), says our first bonafide A-list nominee–actor, humanitarian, and lobbyist Halle Berry.

All our nominees recognize that they stand on the shoulders of giants, giants like the recently termed out New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, whom we salute with a (sort of) lifetime achievement award.

Kick off awards season with the awards show that's 99 percent shorter than all the rest!

3 minutes, 13 seconds.

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Nanny of the Year is written and produced by Ted Balaker (@tedbalaker). Motion graphics and research by Matt Edwards (@MattChrisEd). Camera by Zach Weissmueller. Opening graphics by Austin Bragg.

To watch previous episodes, go here.

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  1. Nanny nominee or not, Halle Berry is still teh hotness.

    1. Seconded

    2. Thirded.

      Just another data point supporting the argument for an inverse relationship between physical attractiveness and intelligence.

  2. I’m going to make a comment.

    I wonder how many hours it will take for Redmanfms to come swooping in to completely misinterpret it and then go on to completely misrepresent my position on a completely different story which I wasn’t even referring to.

    1. Dude, you seriously need to stop obsessing over comments people have made to you.

      1. I know. I’m OCD as hell. 🙁

        It just really, really, bugs me how people react to such things given my own experiences.

        And it bugs me even more when people don’t even attempt to understand my position and instead create strawmen or just rely on ad hom.

        I don’t even mind so much being insulted, but when someone misrepresents my position in what is basically nothing more than an ad hom attack with no other substance it really makes me ill.

        I’m even writing up an essay of sorts that tells the stories of my early childhood and later on in adolescence that have made me so fiercely against government intervention in the lives of children, and even more so in the case of adolescents. That is, unless the NAP has clearly been broken or at least injury to a child has occurred as a result of someone’s actions.

        Then that way I can just link to pastebin or w/e instead of people completely butchering my positions on such subjects.

        1. Whoa.

          Seek. Help.

        2. “I don’t even mind so much being insulted, but when someone misrepresents my position in what is basically nothing more than an ad hom attack with no other substance it really makes me ill.”

          Advice: don’t engage in debate on the internet. They all get to that level. Or you’ll end up in an asylum.

    2. You’re the Plopper, right? You have better things to talk about, right?

      I hope so, anyway. The confusion trolls boreme.

    3. I’ve argued unpopular positions in what I felt was good faith and had people that I respect characterize my position cartoonishly, or unfairly. I don’t hold grudges, unless it’s putting someone into the non-entity troll category which just means I ignore them. It shouldn’t be something you take personally. It’s all water under the bridge, as Epi’s Mom likes to say.

    4. So what’s the comment?

      1. Well, yesterday he was fighting with Irish, who apparently accused him of pedophilia or similar. I’m guessing that redmanfs said something similar in response.

        1. This shit is still going on? FFS.

        2. About 50% of Plopper’s comments at this site are about supporting legalization of sex with minors. That doesn’t mean he’s a pedophile any more than Ron Paul’s position on WoD makes him a marijuana user, but he’s chosen an odd focus for his commenting activity.

  3. She’s less of a nanny than a neurotic, not-fat actress, but Jennifer Lawrence recently went on record that it should be illegal to call people fat on TV. Because people call her fat and it hurts, you know? Should it be illegal to point out that Jennifer Lawrence is not fascinating?…..2D11767014

  4. Sounds like a very good plan to me dude.

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