Uruguay's President Signs Bill Legalizing Marijuana


Uruguay officially became the first country to legalize marijuana on Monday night, when President Jose Mujica quietly signed a bill passed by the legislature two weeks ago. Regulators have until April 9 to write the rules for the new distribution system, which will include sales at pharmacies (up to 40 grams a month per consumer) and joint cultivation by nonprofit cannabis clubs. But as of Tuesday, it is legal for each household to grow up to six plants and harvest up to 480 grams (a bit more than a pound) annually.

While Uruguay is the first nation-state to legalize marijuana for general use, two U.S. states, Colorado and Washington, beat it by a year. Each is larger in population and territory than the small South American country, which covers 68,000 square miles and is home to 3.3 million people. Between them Colorado and Washington cover 175,000 square miles, with a total population of about 12 million. The world's first government-licensed recreational pot stores will open next Wednesday in Colorado.

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7 responses to “Uruguay's President Signs Bill Legalizing Marijuana

  1. President Jose Mujica quietly signed a bill passed by the legislature two weeks ago.

    Wait, he didn’t hold a rose garden signing ceremony flanked by stoners eating Doritos and Oreos? He clearly doesn’t know how this president thing works.

  2. Uruguay’s bill kinda sucks as legalization policy but I appreciate them giving a big “Fuck You” to the UN and the drug control treaty.

    1. That’s my question. Does this mean they repudiated the entire drug control treaty, or just the marijuana portion? I’m unfamiliar with how that works.

  3. What’s James Doohan doing in Uruguay?

      1. Okay, that was just stupid. My apologies.

  4. A Noble Peace Prize to President Mujica and his colleagues.
    The legalization of marijuana is the most significant thing to happen in the world for a long time.
    The drug war has poured billons into the hands of criminals and terrorists the worlds over.
    It has corrupted police, politicians and financial institutions.
    The world has been distorted into a corrupt mafia-police state.
    Nothing will do more to end crime, corruption and violence than ending the drug war.
    The world is watching Uruguay and Washington and Colorado and the big news will be no news.
    No drug crime wave, no plague of drug addicts or car crashes.
    Prohibition was all a lie we were never allowed to reveal.
    Well now someone has.
    The drug war does not have long to live.
    And when it’s over we can start work on everything else.

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