Police Abuse

Brickbat: Rules of the Road


The Dallas, Texas, city council agreed to pay $1.2 million the the mother of a man who died after being struck by a police car while riding his bicycle. The officers in the car were fired, and one was charged with criminally negligent homicide. An investigation found they did not immediately call for an ambulance and lied to paramedics about who struck the man.

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  1. And they didn’t have a good reason for chasing him in the first place. Details, Charles, details

  2. They got home safely though, right?

  3. Why doesn’t Dumfy come around here any more? These are isolated instances that need to be defended. The bigorati are left to just trash the reputations of those brave men in blue. Surfing rock star power lifting Morgan Fairchild child actor hth atfpapic.

    1. Why doesn’t Dumfy come around here any more?

      If I got beat up as much as he does, I might not come around much either.

      Surfing rock star power lifting Morgan Fairchild child actor hth atfpapic.

      Avi actar ivarden bebay?

    2. He was only here because he was at home on disability munching on pain pills. Now that he’s back to work, if he’s like any other cop he’s clocking in twenty or more hours a week in overtime and simply doesn’t have time to condescend us. Being a cop isn’t a job. It’s a lifestyle.

  4. Stupid PUNK cops. Its P O S cops liek this that make me rejoice everytime I hear on the news about some cop getting clipped in the line of duty!


    1. I think of myself as relatively anti-police, but I’m certainly not going to rejoice over a cop getting hurt or killed. Even if it happens while they’re in the process of doing something wrong, I just want an even shake from them and their masters.

      1. Forget it, Jake. It’s Anonbottown.

    2. I want to old anonbot algorithm back. this one is too annoying.

  5. If I still lived in Texas I think I would vote for Dallas County DA Craig Watkins for Senate, even though I’m sure I disagree with him about most things. He seems to believe in rule of law.

    Recall that this is the same DA who has looked back through county files to exonerate several death row inmates.

    1. He teamed up with the Innocence Project. Fucking rock star of justice.

  6. Why is this a brickbat? I wish all cases like this had a similar outcome.

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