White House-Appointed NSA Task Force Makes 46 Recommendations, Including Not Keeping a Massive Database of Americans' Phone Records

Coulda called Reason


The Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies has offered President Obama 46 recommendations for bolstering accountability of the intelligence community.

The five-member panel was tasked by President Obama in August with coming up with suggestions to overhaul U.S. intelligence gathering and oversight in the aftermath of revelations by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden.

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  1. Which Chairman Obama will resolutely ignore because he can’t handle the howls of “closet Muslim” which will follow if he did anything about it.

  2. Damage control. Its arrival was obvious. If it was legit ppl would be getting fired and laws would be repealed, like patriot act, and the past would be declassified as a horror to avoid (shadow courts included)

    This is a PR campaign to win back trust.

    1. Absolutely. Time for our royal rulers to demonstrate what a bunch of highly experienced, ambitious connivers they are when they’re in damage control mode.

      When it’s all done nothing behind the scenes will have changed (except stricter procedures to keep the most transparent administration in history completely opaque will be put in place), but publicly the twits in their congregation will feel very relieved their lords are still to be trusted.

      1. The recommendations of this blue ribbon commission will be immediately translated into policy – just like Bowles-Simpson!

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