Tonight on The Independents: Obama Meets Tech CEOs, Trolls Russia; Plus Gubmint Waste, 9/11 Censorship, Lottery Morality, E-Cigarettes, and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!


Before we get into tonight's lineup for The Independents, your very favorite new cable news program, let's run a clip from last night's episode, featuring Reason Senior Editor Jacob Sullum breaking down Judge Richard Leon's historic ruling yesterday that the National Security Agency's metadata-collection program is maybe-probably unconstitutional:

Tonight features more discussion about the NSA, vis-a-vis President Barack Obama's meeting today with the nation's top technology CEOs, who are p-i-s-s-e-d about how the federal government conscripts them into the surveillance state. Also to be chewed on by paneistsl Jehmu Greene and Todd Starnes is the annual "Wastebook" list of ridiculous government spending compiled by Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Oklahoma).  

Other topics: Former Sen. Bob Graham (D-Florida) will explain why he's trying to declassify 28 (presumably Saudi-implicating) pages of the 9/11 Commission report. Also, people all over the damn country are buying Mega Millions lottery tickets, hoping to win a half-billion dollars; can we blame government? And: Obama totally trolls the Russian government by declining a presidential or vice-presidential visit to the Sochi Winter Olympics opening ceremony, and sending in his stead Billie Jean effing King. There will also be talk about New York's proposed ban on e-cigarettes, the new class of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees, and more.

That's tonight live at 9 pm ET on Fox Business Network, with your host Kennedy, plus co-hosts Matt Welch and Kmele Foster. Tweet at @IndependentsFBN (#independents), and/or comment right here!