L.A. Sheriff's Dept. Acknowledges Hiring Officers It Shouldn't Have

About 80 people with troubled backgrounds were handed badges


Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department officials in 2010 hired about 80 people they shouldn't have because of serious problems in their backgrounds, a department official acknowledged Tuesday.

Assistant Sheriff Todd Rogers said he was troubled by the department's preliminary findings and plans on "making some swift changes."

The reforms were prompted by a Times investigation earlier this month that found the agency hired dozens of officers from a disbanded county police force even though sheriff's investigators had found significant misconduct in their backgrounds. Internal agency files showed that jobs were given to officers who accidentally fired their weapons, had sex at work, committed theft, solicited prostitutes or falsified records.

The department is now evaluating what to do with the problem hires. 

Rogers said sheriff's officials are considering terminating some but likely won't be able to legally fire employees for misconduct that sheriff's officials knew about when they hired them. What's more realistic, he said, is moving the problem hires to less sensitive positions, giving them more training and putting them on administrative monitoring to limit future misconduct.

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  1. “L.A. Sheriff’s Dept.” Regrets Being Caught “Hiring Officers It Shouldn’t Have”

    Noticed the typo, fixed.

  2. “nternal agency files showed that jobs were given to officers who accidentally fired their weapons, had sex at work, committed theft, solicited prostitutes or falsified records.” Also, they hired George Costanza…

  3. had sex at work

    Sex in police car costs RCMP officer 10 days pay

    Pearson was disciplined for using police equipment, namely his RCMP vehicle and Blackberry cellphone, to carry on a sexual affair.

  4. This is the problem. I am a retired police officer. Several years before I retired, we had a new chief come in who wanted to avail ourselves of federal grant money, but to participate, we were forced by a Consent Decree to “diversify” our department and were forced into an affirmative action type hiring scheme where “minorities” were given preference. We even had to get rid of a time tested entrance exam because of “cultural bias” in the questions. When qualified applicants of the minority variety were in short supply, we had to start dipping deeper and deeper into the barrel to find people who “qualified”, to put it loosely. As a result, over the following years, police related shootings went up, we had officers who were collecting welfare while working full time, officers who dealt drugs from the trunks of their police cars and various other disciplinary and criminal acts. Many of the officers who were on the department when I was hired, including myself, had previous military service of one sort or the other. When discipline and integrity were no longer valued traits to be sought in hiring, you get what you pay for (or are forced into buying).

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