Tonight on The Independents: At the Intersection of Public Policy and Sexytime!


Every Friday on Fox Business Network's The Independents—your very favorite new nightly cable news show—we will be taking a respite from the breaking news of the day, and exploring in more depth a series of stories grouped around a single theme. Like, you know, sex.

So tonight at 9 pm ET & 6 pm Long Beachian, as well as on the midnight-hour re-runs, we will be talking about:

* The social, biological, evolutionary, and religious impulses toward sexytime, and how modern technology affects the mating ritual, featuring a you-have-to-see-it-to-believe-it panel of blue-eyed priest Father Jonathan Morris and evolutionary anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher. It's genuinely insightful stuff, which I know, because we've already taped it!

* How the only reason that The Pill is threatening Obamacare in any way is that it stupidly requires a doctor's prescription. This segment stars Bloomberg Opinion columnist Megan McArdle, who is very sensible and has excellent taste in dudes.

* Should prostitution be legalized? Do social conservatives worry about the black markets that prohibition creates? Are hookers Republican? How many months, precisely, will Kennedy punish her husband if he wanders down the wrong street in Amsterdam? Swear to God, these topics are all broached, with novelist and former sex worker Tracy Quan and Sun-Sentinel columnist Noelle Nikpour.

* Should Valley porn stars wear safety goggles? Porn actress-turned anti-porn activist Brittni Ruiz says professional sex is unclean and made by people who are unhappy.

All these topics and more, tonight at 9 pm ET, with your host Kennedy, plus co-hosts Matt Welch and Kmele Foster. Click on the links to read the open threads for Episodes Three and Two. And you can follow the show on Facebook, and give us some NSFW heckling on Twitter @IndependentsFBN.