Californians Adopting Increasingly Negative View of Unions

Shift in opinion comes amid latest labor conflicts


LOS ANGELES (AP) — California has long been a union stronghold, but voters in the strongly Democratic state are gradually taking a more negative view of organized labor, a poll released Friday suggested.

The independent Field Poll said that by a narrow margin, more voters said unions do more harm than good, as opposed to those who see organized labor as generally beneficial.

The slide in support represents a turnaround from a 2011 Field survey, when more voters said unions resulted in more good than harm.

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  1. I see this as an early sign of the coming erosion of the liberal’s stronghold on the state. The fact that 25% of children in California are living at or below the poverty level will be a catalyst for the destruction of the unions because of the need of economic renewal that can’t happen without the destruction of the labor unions.

    That failure if the unions will guarantee the destruction of the Democrat party. But hold on . . . it won’t come that soon. It will be a minimum of 10 years I believe before the corrosion starts to break down the liberal stronghold.

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