Administration Celebrates Obamacare in Song: "Forget About the Price Tag!"


The Department of Health and Human Services has given a grand price in a contest to help promote Obamacare to the young to a very interesting little video, as Daily Caller reports.

A young lady singing wan but not charmless acoustic pop advises the "young and wild and free" to remember to "take advantage of this opportunity" to "make it more fair for affordable health care."

The choral punchline, summoning up generations of why the health care market in America, rooted in third party payments and with costs always opaque, is such a cost-exploding mess: "Affordable care act/Don't worry 'bout the price tag."

"You are not immune to all disease,"  she sings.

But you are apparently immune to laws of supply and demand governing a universe with scare resources.

The video: