Administration Celebrates Obamacare in Song: "Forget About the Price Tag!"


The Department of Health and Human Services has given a grand price in a contest to help promote Obamacare to the young to a very interesting little video, as Daily Caller reports.

A young lady singing wan but not charmless acoustic pop advises the "young and wild and free" to remember to "take advantage of this opportunity" to "make it more fair for affordable health care."

The choral punchline, summoning up generations of why the health care market in America, rooted in third party payments and with costs always opaque, is such a cost-exploding mess: "Affordable care act/Don't worry 'bout the price tag."

"You are not immune to all disease,"  she sings.

But you are apparently immune to laws of supply and demand governing a universe with scare resources.

The video:

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  1. Embarrassing on a couple levels.

  2. If Remy didn’t get first prize, the fix was in.

    1. They did the healthcare mash.

  3. I thought we needed this clusterfuck because of high prices? So which is it?

    1. And just wait’ll you see how many folks don’t have insurance come Spring!
      Higher prices, fewer policies! Just what idjits in government can do!


    Smokin hot and Mule Stupid…..plus she’s got 2 grand to buy cocktails!

    Anybody got her number?

    1. I would love to see her face when her: car salesman, cell phone company, landlord, bartender, gas station, university tuition office double their prices then sing their own variations of her song.


  5. It doesn’t matter what kind of clusterfuck the policy turns out to be–all that matters is that there’s a pretty, female face out front in order to sell the damn thing.

    Yeah, I know she’s hot, but for once in my life I’m opting to NOT think with my dick. You know, for America.

    Why can’t Edward Snowden have a vagina?

    1. Why can’t Edward Snowden have a vagina?

      I’ll be back in a moment, going to try to kill off the brain cell containing that nugget with alcohol.

      1. Hey. Don’t make it weird.

    2. Just imagine that Snowden’s girlfriend had the idea in the first place.

  6. I love how they have to put on a full-court press to get 20-somethings excited enough to add a massive bill to their monthly expenses.

    I’m seeing progs constantly bring up worst-case scenarios, like getting slammed by a bus or having a stroke, as reasons to buy health insurance that covers the most mundane shit that a lot of 20-somethings won’t have to worry about. I’ve even seen a few bloo-bloo about “winning the genetic lottery,” as if that’s a reason to punish a perfectly healthy person to cover someone’s self-inflicted diabetes issues.

    Ask them why they want to punish healthy people to help the massively sick, and you’re usually confronted with silence, or mendacious responses that 20-somethings need to “pay their fair share for healthcare they receive at the expense of the insured” (as if the main reason medical costs are through the roof are due to white middle-class broheims injuring themselves and using the emergency room without insurance).

  7. Fist of Etiquette|12.4.13 @ 4:28PM|#
    “Embarrassing on a couple levels.”
    It is. It’s the worst sort of pandering; all we need next is a vid of a ‘worker’ on a tractor staring off into the middle distance with an imbecilic “SERVE THE PEOPLE!” slogan underneath.

  8. Mike Wazowski knows what to do in world of scare resources!

  9. Typo alert: “grand price” — that should be grand prize, I think.

  10. God this is worse than a Maya Angelou poem celebrating the election of President Clinton.

  11. That dude seems to be WAY too full of himself.


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