Police Abuse

Brickbat: Stealing Babies


An Italian woman, who wasn't named by media, is fighting to keep British social services from placing her baby for adoption. Last summer, the woman, who was then pregnant, came to England for a Ryanair training course. While there, she had a panic attack and called for help. When police arrived, she was on the phone with her mother who told them her daughter was bipolar and hadn't been taking her medicine. Cops took her to a mental hospital where social services had doctors forcibly sedate her and remove her baby by caesarian section. The woman has fought a legal battle since to get her child back, but social services and British courts have refused to turn the child over to her or to its father.

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  1. Wow. Limeyland has turned into a complete progressive paradise.

    Hey limeys….enjoy.

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  2. Fixed link.

    1. When they “fix” the link, it’s going to go to 24/7.

  3. While there, she had a panic attack and called for help.

    These people ask for help and then complain when they get it.

    1. Reason number 2,345 why you never call the cops.

  4. I wish I had something that isn’t pure anger to put here…

  5. If you like your child, you can’t keep it?

    1. “It’s a child, not a choice.”

  6. What are the Italian citizenship laws? How can the UK forcibly imprison a child who very likely has Italian citizenship? Does the UK have automatic citizenship (subjectry?) for those born within its borders? How about those forcibly born?

    Very likely the answer to all these questions and more is staring us in the face.

    1. You wouldn’t be asking these questions if you didn’t have one of those inferior US health insurance plans.

      Limeycare: The Doctor’s Boot on Your Face, Forever for Free!

    2. The woman was in the UK, so she was subject to its laws and its (appalling) views of child welfare and individual rights. The decision was made by a court in the UK. Italy, like the UK, is part of the European Union. The states in the EU sign up to mutual recognition (much like full faith and credit in US law). So in effect I think Italy has to suck it up, and the child’s parents have to fight this in the UK judicial system.

      1. The High Court in Rome expressed outrage at what had been done to an Italian citizen “habitually resident” in Italy. But the judge there concluded that, since she had not protested at the time, she had accepted that the British courts had jurisdiction ? even though she had not known what was to be done to her, was deemed to have no “capacity” to instruct lawyers because she had been sectioned, and had only been represented by solicitors assigned to her by the local authority.

        1. I was wondering why the Italian government hasn’t been all over this appalling treatment of one of its citizens, but I guess that sort of explains it.

        2. But the judge there concluded that, since she had not protested at the time

          Maybe because she was temporarily incapacitated…

          had only been represented by solicitors assigned to her by the local authority

          No conflict of interest there whatsoever.

          So what happens when a pregnant mother gets hit by a bus and put in a coma? Do the authorities get to steal her baby too?

          1. When a bus hits a pregnant lady, she gets double pregnant, duh.

        3. So…

          1. You are medically incapacitatex because of forcible action the State took

          2. The State will provide you with an attorney

          3. Because of your incapacitation, you are deemed incapable of directing your assigned attorney

          4. If you had only objected to this treatment at the time it happened through your attorney, who you were legally unable to direct to do so, you would have grounds for appeal

          5. Fuck You That’s Why, please pay the Cashier.

  7. Joew Tanner says that looks liek its gonna be good man.


  8. The Brits really are trying to live down to Terry Gilliam’s “Brazil”.

  9. I posted this in AM Links yesterday, so at least Brickbats is getting fresher.

    Still no f$%#ing hat-tip, mind you

    1. Serious Man (Rt. Hon. Visc.) posted it on Sunday, but I guess we can give you a pass considering you are in like tomorrow or whatever.

      1. You’re very understanding – it does get awfully confusing jumping back into your time and then forward to mine.

        1. do Aussies live forever? (that is minus the roadgang violence or driving your car into the path of an oncoming semi)

          1. Drop bears and snakes get most of them at some point.

            1. Hey BP, I saw you linked to that ACT story in yesterday’s AM links. I tipped Reason off to that (no hat tip on that one either!) and in fact grew up in the People’s Republic of the ACT. No food poisoning from school fete food.

              It really is a giant sheltered workshop for progressives.

              1. It really is a giant sheltered workshop for progressives.

                We have a city like that here. It’s called Portland, Oregon.

    2. f$%#ing = fisting? fishing?

        1. Australian for piss.

  10. “Cops took her to a mental hospital where social services had doctors forcibly sedate her and remove her baby by caesarian section.”

    Is there anything they can’t do?

    1. Leaving people alone seems to be beyond their godlike powers


  11. I believe this entire story as presented here.

    1. What, exactly, do you mean?

      1. What, exactly, do you mean?

        Given how he responded in the cop murder thread I’m guessing he’s the new cop-apologist troll.

        1. Thank goodness we finally got yet another shitbag griefer. Winston’s act was getting mighty stale.

          1. Gut instinct tells me it’s Mary Stack.

            1. She did crow about being behind the “And nothing else happen” copologist posts.

              It’s going nuts on the Kelly thread.

            2. And Stack did have the personality of a bitter Klingon!

      2. I think it means that it desperately does not want to believe the story and so is refusing to click on any links or do any research that will confirm it.

        1. The link was busted last I checked.

          Here’s the Guardian on the story…


          For some people, if the implications of a story offend their worldview, then they assume the facts of the story must be false.

          If one of those people can’t figure out how to use Google to confirm the story, then the appropriate term for him is “retard”.

          1. The details get even sadder.

            The mother of the baby was deported back to Italy. She’s fighting the Essex social services department–from Italy.

  12. Thanks for the 6AM nut punch. Better than a cuppa joe.

  13. You would like to think that her behavior was so extreme that it prompted this action but I seriously doubt that was the case.

  14. Even if she gets the child back, it’s probably already been slapped with an ASBO and can’t leave it’s council estate.

    1. slapped with an ASBO and can’t leave it’s council estate.

      Can someone translate this into American? I don’t speak Brit, apparently.

      1. “House arrest” and “projects.”

        Too much BBC over the weekend.

        1. An ASBO isn’t house arrest. It’s an order to stop doing something antisocial. They’re massively abused, as you might imagine. A guy who occasionally howled like a werewolf got slapped with one because his neighbours were arseholes.

          And don’t blame the BBC for your inability to spell “its” correctly

          1. I almost said “restraining order.” Should have stuck with my gut instinct.

            And the extra apostrophe is my eternal shame.

          2. And don’t blame the BBC for your inability to spell “its” correctly

            No, but you can blame your own ignorance on how you misspelled “his”.

            1. On second thought it probably isn’t ignorance but your penchant for reading sites like Jezebel and Femenisting.

    2. And the baby is 15 months old now–according to the Guardian piece I linked above–and it says she’s been in state care all that time.

      That bonding/attachment stuff that happens between babies and mothers in a baby’s early development is pretty important.

      Even when the baby is returned to her mother, she probably won’t grow up to be the person she would have been.

      1. Meanwhile, back in the Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre:

        “In brief,” the Director summed up, “the parents were the father and the mother.” The smut that was really science fell with a crash into the boys’ eye-avoiding silence. “Mother,” he repeated loudly rubbing in the science; and, leaning back in his chair, “These,” he said gravely, “are unpleasant facts; I know it. But then most historical facts are unpleasant.”

        “For you must remember that in those days of gross viviparous reproduction, children were always brought up by their parents and not in State Conditioning Centres.”

  15. “Have you Seen Me?”


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