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D.C. Mayor Gray to Run for Re-Election

His last campaign still under investigation by the feds


Ending weeks of speculation, Mayor Vincent C. Gray (D) announced Monday that he would run for a second term.

After picking up nominating petitions at the D.C. Board of Elections, Gray said in a letter to supporters, "I am asking you to join me so that we can continue building a city where every resident has the opportunity to succeed."

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  1. Think how many people might illegally donate $650,000 to Mayor Gray this time, as one real estate developer did last time (arguably he would not have been elected without it), now that he can pick and choose who gets to build a building over 10 stories tall.

  2. Carlos Danger was an egomaniac also who didn’t care about the shame he brought on his family and city and didn’t think citizens deserved leaders who they could respect as something other than laughingstocks. Too bad the NATION’s CAPITAL and it’s un-photogenic/telegenic “governor” aren’t worthy of Stewart/Colbert/SNL writers’ time..

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