Totally Predictable Consequence of LA County Condom Porn Mandate Gets Totally Predictable Call to Do More by Nanny Staters

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Last November, voters in Los Angeles County approved a measure requiring the use of condoms on the set of pornos shot in the county. Predictably, the mandate was quickly challenged in a lawsuit, both for the broad powers of enforcement and on free speech grounds. Over the summer, a court rejected the free speech claim but did rule to narrow the powers of health inspectors tasked with targeting porn sets, requiring, among other things, warrants and judicial review. The county did not appeal the ruling. Nevertheless, some porn companies have been driven out of LA, and California altogether, and permit requests in Los Angeles county have plummeted. The Huffington Post reports:

The LA County Department of Public Health told HuffPost that 11 porn companies have been issued public health permits since January. And yet there are many more adult film organizations in LA, where an estimated 90 percent of porn movies in the U.S. are made.

Industry insiders say that many adult film companies have not applied for public health permits, adding that even those who have a public health permit have yet to be inspected by the county. County officials did not respond to HuffPost's inquiry as to whether the department has conducted any inspections of porn sets.

So it could be that porn producers are still in LA and just filming without either public health or film permits. That's what Michael Weinstein, president of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, thinks is happening, even though industry officials like [Free Speech Coalition CEO Diane] Duke insist otherwise.

Weinstein, who authored the condom mandate, has been very critical of LA County for not enforcing the law. Without enforcement, porn companies don't feel the need to use condoms on set, Weinstein said to HuffPost.

"Would people speed more," he added, "if they knew they wouldn't get caught?"

Weinstein refuses to acknowledge the civil liberties implications of his puritan nanny state crusade. When the county declined to appeal the court's ruling on the condom mandate, Weinstein told the Huffington Post that county officials "obviously have a callous disregard to the will of 1.6 million voters… The department is bureaucratic and lazy. They want to do as little as possible."

Weinstein and his fellow crusaders, though, want to do as much to drive porn out of Los Angeles, and California, as possible, with state lawmakers looking at regulations that would require the use of safety goggles on porn sets where contact with bodily fluids is likely (all of them?).  Supporters and fetishists of porn regulation and enforcement look ever more likely to regulate and enforce the entire industry completely out of their reach.

Reason TV previewed the condom mandate last year:

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  1. The porn producers will just find another city to film in, but the unfortunate part for them is that LA is such a source of aspiring actresses that they've got tons of potential talent to choose from. Relocating to, say, Reno means they won't have that talent pool already present there. This means less down-on-their-luck actresses turning to porn, which is a travesty. That's the real story here.

    1. In the internet age how hard would it be to recruit porn talent in LA for filming elsewhere?

      1. Recruiting isn't the issue. Transportation is. If you recruit talent in LA, you still have to get them to Reno or wherever. For films shot on incredibly low budgets, you're now going to add on the costs of getting the talent to Reno and then back to LA?

        The whole value of LA is the talent pool is right there, and then the filming takes place right there. The actors can drive themselves to the shoot. Nice and cheap, which is the only way they can make money.

        1. I don't see it being a problem. Much of the talent already there working the other trades fly themselves in for the work.

        2. I think Vegas has a lot of amateur stuff. My wife and I were walking down the strip in front of the Bellagio and a guy walked up to us and offered $500 each to be in a video. Plus show tickets.

          1. ...and then....

          2. I didn't know Penthouse Forum was still a thing!

            Go on...

          3. Blue Man Group isn't a very good show.

            1. Well obviously, without you and the wife there to "spice up" the marshmallow-catching bit.

        3. You put a lot of thought into this.....

    2. And the talent pool in Reno...shudder.

      1. Airtight One-Armed Bandit Playing Grannies 3

        1. I was thinking more Messy Methheads 8 but whatever.

          1. Toothless, But Unwrinkled 7?

            1. But wrinkles and teeth give more texture!

            2. Toothless, But Unwrinkled 7?

              Most easily filmed in WV!

    3. It's what, a 2 hour drive to Vegas? They can just film there and still get all the new talent they want in LA. Not that this isn't an outrage, but I don't see it seriously affecting my supply of sweet, sweet, barely legal whores.

      1. It's at about a 5 hour drive from LA to Vegas.

        1. IF there's no traffic.

          1. 12 hour return trip on New Years Day!

            1. Plus you're broke on the way back!

        2. Well, then, I take it back. This is an emergency, gentlemen. We've got to do something to enable these girls to continue to make regrettable decisions.

          1. Don't worry, Top Men are trying to build a high speed train.

            1. Finally! A legitimate reason for a high-speed choo-choo.

              1. Except they are currently building it to connect Bakersfield with Fresno.

                1. Is it going all the way to Bakersfield?

                  1. Is it going all the way to Bakersfield?

                    I think it'll only get to second base.

                2. Different train. I'll go find the link, but I think the proposal was Vegas-Victorville.

            2. The Fresno girls can now have a shot, too.

              1. The Fresno girls can now have a shot, too.

                A cumshot, that is...

          2. This could be exactly the stimulus the seasteading movement was waiting for.

        3. 3.5 hours from lLong Beach to Vegas. I'm trying to get it down to 3.

    4. They could relocate to Ventura County or Santa Barbara.

      1. Someone needs to put the Semen in Simi Valley.

        1. Santa Barbara makes a lot of sense given the reputation of UCSB.

          1. Back when I was in college, there was a rumor that 25 percent of the UCSB student population had STDs. If that was even remotely true, it would be orders of magnitude larger than the percentage of porn stars infected with STDs.

            1. I don't think it's that high, but I've heard similar things. Needless to say I'm very happy my younger sister did not go there.

              1. It's fine if you have your head screwed on straight. My cousin did Chem E there and he just landed a pretty damn good job at Soraa. Hot engineer girlfriend also. Hope she's not in the 25 percent.

              2. Needless to say I'm very happy my younger sister did not go there.

                I'm not.

    5. Why leave the state? What's wrong with Riverside or San Bernardino? I doubt they would object at all to the new industries moving in.

      1. Similar problem to Reno.

        1. OMG you wouldn't draw on the locals!!

          The LA girls would commute, obviously,

    6. I think its the other way. The film industry moves to where the starlets are. Miami, probably.

    7. Honestly, and I'm not a big consumer of that medium, I have rarely seen anything resembling acting. I've seen people willing to have sex on camera.

      And given that a background in that genre is (was?) an impediment to a "legitimate" acting career you'd only get the true bottom of the barrel who have given up on other acting work; unsure if those people stay in LA or go back to Paducah or wherever.

      1. still comes down to numbers. LA has them along with a large enough segment of the population willing to have sex on camera.

  2. Porn was about the last industry you'd think would be leaving California, but so it is.

    A state full of nothing but bureacrats and welfare recipients. That ought to work really well.

    1. It has been a remarkable turnaround by Jerry Brown.

  3. Welcome to Florida! Yes, we are very glad to have you join our nudists, strippers, and many, many sex workers. Oh, yes, it's true, no income tax.

    1. What kind of talent do they have in Florida besides a bunch of trashy coeds from the colleges?

      1. Strange that you ask and answer a question all at once.

        1. Pro Lib,
          Don't know if Jesse had already showed you this:

      2. Cruise ship entertainers, the Mouse, etc, etc.

        1. It's not like Florida already isn't a key player in the sex industry, including porn. Might as well move the whole thing here.

  4. That gallery of 85 stars pre/post makeup at the HuffPo link is fascinating.

  5. OT: One of Amanda Marcotte's heroes is going to jail.

    Crystal Mangum, the woman who falsely accused three Duke lacrosse players of rape in 2006, was found guilty of second-degree murder today. Mangum stabbed her boyfriend during an argument in 2011. He died 10 days later. Mangum's attorneys had argued she was acting in self-defense against an abusive partner.

    1. newharbourrocksUMK121L
      Knockout is the racist's false equivalence, or whatever, to the gun nuts automobile death statistic nonsense. 32 minutes ago

      1. Justin BlowmeUSaitoHawkeye1L
        Thought you might see a quote from Obama "if I had a daughter she'd look like Crystal"

        1. He does have daughters. They don't look like Crystal.


      2. I do not understand what this person is trying to say.

        1. "It's OK that Gawker doesn't report about The Knockout Game, because it's racism to report about bad things that black people do. It's just like how gun deaths being dwarfed by automobile deaths shouldn't be mentioned because guns are bad."

          1. Oh, I get it now! They guy is just a moron!

        2. Oops, meant to include context.

          MK12UCord Jefferson211L
          Dammit Gawker! Why don't you ever talk about the bad things that black people do like that knockout game or whatever? Conspiracy! Reverse racism! 55 minutes ago

          Knockout is the racist's false equivalence, or whatever, to the gun nuts automobile death statistic nonsense. 47 minutes ago

          1. That's pretty awful.

        3. This person is saying that the attention paid to the Knockout Game is a racist pattern, and is equivalent to when gun nuts focus on the number of people who died in automobile accidents.

          uhhh, I still don't get it.

          1. Also, MEN'S RIGHTS ACTIVISTS!!!!

          2. I don't speak moron when I'm sober. I'm glad there was someone here talented enough to do the translation.

            1. I am The TardWhisperer.

        4. I think they are saying only racists would bring up the knockout game.

          It's hard; that person has a neural net that's at Shrike levels of incoherence.

    2. There's a Gawker thread that's all pissed because someone on Reddit made the observation that if this perjurer had been sent to jail for making false accusations the victim might still be alive.

      1. Oh, that's some delicious butt-hurt right there.

        But for perjury she'd probably have served no more than a year, so would have been out in time for the stabbing. Of course in that universe she might never have met her unfortunate b'friend.

    3. Look, it was right for her to lie in 2006, and the only wrong she did here was not lying well enough.

      1. If even one white man has to die so that a malicious, lying bitch can stay out of jail...well, there should probably be more than one who die, cause RACIST and BOOOOOOOOSH.

    4. reminder of Amanduh's evil:

      I had to listen to how the poor dear lacrosse players at Duke are being persecuted just because they held someone down and fucked her against her will?not rape, of course, because the charges have been thrown out. Can't a few white boys sexually assault a black woman anymore without people getting all wound up about it? So unfair

      1. Back before they kicked her off of Feministing (I'll let that sink in for a moment), she also said that it was OK if they were sent to jail on a false accusation because they probably raped someone else before then and got away with it.

        1. WOW! That's some grade A bullshit right here.

    5. Wow, AM, actually wrote "falsely accused"? I bet she threw up in her mouth a little when she did.

      1. No, that was Gawker's Cord Jefferson, which I'm pretty sure is a nom de porn.

  6. Weinstein and his fellow crusaders, though, want to do as much as possible to drive porn out of Los Angeles, and California, as possible,


  7. Puritan?

    No one is trying to stop pornography from being made. As I understand it actors have reported being pressured to perform without protection against HIV and some have gotten the virus reportedly from having unprotected sex.

    I don't think it is about anti-sex morality, it is a public health concern. If the actors can't turn to government for help how should they bargain with pornography producers who have a large labor supply to choose from?

    1. Wrong. None of the HIV cases was from on set transmission.

      And yes, they are trying to stop pornography from being made.

      1. Really? Where did you hear this? Were the actors making the accusation just trying to get money out of the production company they were working for?

      2. Also, the porn industry requires regular testing for STDs. Despite not having any government regulation requiering them to do so. It's almost like, I don't know, porn companies realize that having their top talent get infected with STDs might be bad for their business or something, so they voluntarily police themselves...

        Nah, that can't be it, 'cause we all know that if it weren't for the benevolent hand of government porn companies would deliberately infect their top stars, restaurants would give customers food poisoning, and KKKORPORASHUNZ would gladly kill their workers and their customers. Cuz TEH EVUL PROFITZ.

    2. They can quit if they don't like it.

      I don't really think it's anti-sex prudes either. It's statist dipshits who think the government should be crammed, stuffed, slipped and jammed into every orifice of daily life whenever possible.

      1. So, sort of like you, but instead of government, you want cookie dough.

        1. Only gluten-free cookie dough, you monster.

        2. I thought it was cream cheese? He's changed his preferences, perhaps...

          1. I had to move after you left.

      2. It's the hamster of big government... so to speak.

    3. I don't think it is about anti-sex morality

      ....aaaaaaaaand you're wrong.

      Thanks for playing!

    4. If the actors can't turn to government for help how should they bargain with pornography producers who have a large labor supply to choose from?

      They should develop a special niche skill that only they can provide.

  8. I wonder how much of this has to do with regulatory agencies tripping over each other - I've noticed this more and more in CA over the last 5-7 years.

    I had the pleasure of dealing with the City of Fremont a few years back over a restaurant remodel. The existing space was a restaurant and we were converting into a different type of restaurant, but that triggered a code review.

    The code hadn't really changed, but the lady at the permit desk told me (verbally - you would never get this in writing) that so many regulatory agencies have been actively going after city governments for improper permitting that she honestly wasn't sure what all agencies had authority over the city's building requirements and what all requirements they might choose to enforce.

    The position the city official winds up in is essentially having to lay on every regulation they can muster up in the hopes of covering themselves in case some compliance-enforcement agency comes around.

    Thus, I find it easy to imagine LA local government people looking at all the manifold state and federal workplace safety regulations that are routinely violated by the porn industry (for good reason) and think to themselves "how can I show that I've done what I can to enforce the regulations?"

    The fact that it will soon become impossible to do anything at all is simply the net result.

  9. California has been busy chasing the movie business, in general, out of the state for some time. Note how many shows on TV are now filmed in Canada, simply because it's less regulated/taxed to do it there.

  10. BTW, Weinstein is a statist douche, and that's giving Massengill a bad name.

  11. I was just listening to Larry Flynt on Geraldo's radio show the other day and he swore that this was a "Right Wing" plot to end the porn industry. This Michael Weinstein fellow does not sound all that "Right Wing" to me. He is a healthcare nanny stater, which sounds a bit politically Left, at the least. He is also for getting compulsory religion out of the military, which could be politically Right in reality, but certainly not socially "Right" at all.

    1. He is also for getting compulsory religion out of the military, which could be politically Right in reality, but certainly not socially "Right" at all.

      That's some nuclear grade derp right there.

      I was in the military, I don't remember religion being compulsory. The way I remember it you had to really want it to get religious services or counselling.

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