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NYPD Searched Through Car of Off-Duty Cop Who Was Beaten Up, Put in Medically-Induced Coma, "Harassed" His Wife, Police Union Alleges

Union wants Internal Affairs bureau chief fired


"safety first"

A police union in New York City is not pleased with how the NYPD's Internal Affairs bureau conducted itself after an off-duty cop was beaten nearly to death. From the New York Post:

The NYPD sergeants union wants the head of the department's Internal Affairs Bureau fired because IAB investigators searched the car of an off-duty cop brutally beaten outside a Queens diner on Sunday.

The union on Tuesday demanded Chief Charles Campisi be canned for treating Sgt. Mohamed Deen like a suspect. They not only rifled through the BMW, but also interrogated his wife while he was in a medically induced coma recovering at Jamaica Hospital on Sunday, the union said.

Police say questioning witnesses in a crime is standard  operating procedure, but the police union  called it "harassment" and stopped a second round of questioning. The Queens Chronicle reports on details of the incident, which was preceded by a verbal argument and the alleged attacker following the off-duty cop for more than a mile.

In a separate incident, an off-duty cop was forced into the back of her car at gunpoint. She identified herself as a cop to the muggers and had her badge stolen.

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