Will the 2 Millionth Immigrant Deported by Obama Please Kick Him in the Ass?


What with the Hindenburg-style rollout of Obamacare, the continuing sluggishness in the economy, and ongoing revelations about IRS/NSA/Benghazi "phony scandals" that have somehow hurt Barack Obama's popularity, it's hard to keep track of just how many immigrants the president has been busy deporting.

Here's a disturbing reminder that, despite token gestures toward "dreamers," Obama has been absolutely godawful on the matter.

President Obama is closing in on a record. Sometime around the end of this year, he will have deported 2 million undocumented immigrants, more than any other president….

The Obama administration should put the brakes on its deportation train. The president has the authority to offer temporary relief from immigration removals. With reform stalled, the president ought to stop trying to appease Republicans by being strong on immigration enforcement. He should consider executive action.

Read the whole article from USA Today.

Oh, but don't you see, it's politics what's tying the pesident's hands? If he issued ex cathedra orders—exactly like he has with aspects of Obamacare and bombing Libya and creating secret kill lists—he'd risk upsetting Republicans.

The nation's immigration system is a mess because more people want to live and work here than are allowed by law. The only way that will change is either be expanding the number of legal slots or making the country so awful that nobody wants to move here (I know, I know, we're getting there).

There's no question that the GOP is terrible on the issue, but so is the president. And he's the one who can actually stop deportations with the flick of his wrist. So why won't he?

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  1. THE BUCK STOPS…. with the republicans.

  2. Plausible venaliability, Nick. That’s why.

    1. Nick’s article assume as a premise: Deporting illegals is bad. And then he states: “Obama has been absolutely godawful on the matter.”

      For a moment let’s assume the opposite premise is true. In that case, Obama has been absolutely fantastic on the matter.

      Which premise is correct? You decide, but I want to simplify that issue in a “scenario” between an Agent (A) and an Illegal resident (I).

      A: Are you here illegally?
      I: Yes
      A: Go home.

      Which part of the above scenario seems unreasonable?

      1. Maybe because this is a libertarian website and “TEH LAW IS TEH LAW!” isn’t exactly considered a robust argument around here?

  3. Better alt-text:

    “Less teeth, Nancy!”

  4. And he’s the one who can actually stop deportations with the flick of his wrist. So why won’t he?

    Because he doesn’t have to.

    The stereotype of the GOP and the democrats means that they can always get away with doing the things the other is accused of doing.

    Obama can be horrible on immigration, horrible on the drug war, and horrible on foreign entanglements, and no one can care, because that’s what the GOP does.

    Similarly, the GOP can spend like there’s no tomorrow and create new, enormous social programs with questionable sources of funding, and no one can care, because that’s what democrats do.

    I predicted in these comments before the 2012 election that, if Romney won, we’d get increased social entitlement spending, and if Obama won, we’d get a new foreign war entanglement. With Syria, Obama tried to prove me right. He was just too incompetent to pull it off, which, for a POTUS, is quite amazing.

    1. Similarly, the GOP can spend like there’s no tomorrow and create new, enormous social programs with questionable sources of funding, and no one can care, because that’s what democrats do.

      I don’t know that is entirely true, reference the existence of the TEA Party.

      I don’t see similar quasi-organized “reconcile message/actions” interest groups who will actually fuck over “establishment” pols among the Dems, but that may be because I pay damn near no attention to Dem internal politics.

      1. “I don’t know that is entirely true, reference the existence of the TEA Party.”

        I think he was referring to the GOP under the Bush Administration. It remains to be seen if the Tea Party will prevent the next Republican Administration from spending like morons (I’m skeptical).

        1. They won’t. As I’ve had to repeatedly remind my prog-friends – The Tea Party Caucus consists of about 40 odd members of the House and 1-2 Senators. The idea that the Tea Party controls congress is as crazy as the idea that the Congressional Black Caucus (which is larger) controls congress.

          1. I wish the Tea Party had as much influence on fiscal policy as everyone claims.

  5. We’re still deporting people?! Coulda fooled me.

    More please.

    1. Coulda fooled me.

      That’s cause you’re stupid and probably read Breit-tard as a news source.

    2. You’re next pal.

    3. DEY TUK ER JERBS!!!

    4. Yes, and at a record rate.

  6. What? You can’t expect the President to know these things! He’s a big picture guy!

  7. And he’s the one who can actually stop deportations with the flick of his wrist. So why won’t he?

    He could also, with the stroke of his pen, release the many thousands ofp people in jail for non-violent drug offenses. Why won’t he? Because he doesn’t give a shit about people that can’t vote for him or give him money.

  8. Why does Obama look like a smug arrogant dickhead in every single photo?

    Even the photos published by the lefty rags that worship the guy have him with such an asshole air about him. Do people really find snobbery endearing? When I hear the cultists tell me how charismatic he is/was I’ve always been mystified. Bush seemed approachable and genial, the kind of guy you wouldn’t mind “sitting down and having a beer with.” It’s no qualification for President, but Bush did exhibit a degree of genuineness and approachability; Obama just doesn’t at all. Yet damn near everyone (including “right-wing” pundits) claim the guy has charisma.

    He’s a smug dickhead, that isn’t charismatic.

    /OT bloviating

    1. They have *all* been smug dickheads. Some of them have been better at concealing it than others.

    2. Agreed. When I hear some politician preface his criticism by saying, of course he likes Obama on a personal level, I have to stifle my gag reflex. Some of that is the “my esteemed colleague” boiler plate these guys use, but seriously. Who would enjoy spending time with a self-centered prick? The guy that did “interceptions” when toking up with his prep school buddies.

    3. he does when he lies, I mean makes speeches.

  9. To be fair, he did spare thousands of young college kids from deportation for a couple years.

    Some of those 2 million folks deported probably did something incredibly stupid. Or they were caught soon after hopping the border or overstayed their visas.

    1. Re: XM,

      Some of those 2 million folks deported probably did something incredibly stupid.

      Yeah, like believe him.

      Pretty dumb.

      1. yeah they got caught

        1. don’t worry they’ll be back next tuesday

    1. Fuck off Merican.

    2. Because people behave like information bits in a computer model! Derp de derpity derp!

    1. INCREDIBLE. Everyone needs to read this! Scary!

      1. This still smells to me. Its too convenient that something with ALL of these traits happened to hit the one guy who could look for it. More likely is that there’s an exploit in wifi chips than the speaker/mic attack through the sound card.

        1. Could be. The bios thing is still a bit concerning, though.

          I’ll repost in the PM Links and see what everyone has to say…

        2. My feeling exactly. It’s a hardware exploit of some sort.

    2. considering the next story is about bigfoot I think it a crock of shit

  10. As much as conservatives bitch about immigrants soaking up welfare. The liberals are the groups most concerned with stopping immigration because it undermines the wage basis for blue-collar union jobs. This is why Obama is deporting illegals.

    1. Define “liberal”!!! What does the word really mean? Define “conservative”!!!! What does the word mean?

      1. Liberal n.: A statist particularly hostile to property rights and economic freedom, while paying lip-service to personal rights.

        Conservative n.: A statist particularly hostile to personal freedom, while paying lip-service to property rights and ecomomic freedom.

        1. Gracias. Your definitions are correct.

  11. Let’s see now. It used to be a badge of honor if someone arrived in the United States through Ellis Island, and legally. Now it is a “badge of honor” to sneak into the United States of America illegally. Since the United States of America has failed to secure its border with The United Mexican States (otherwise know as Mexico), the effectiveness of deportation is slim to zero.

    If the border were sealed and militarized as it should have been when the drug traffic became a threat to the U.S., (and not to mention the sex traffic, and the continuing flow of cheap labor and unregistered weapons) many many years ago, we would not have to deport anyone. Seal the border or shut up about this issue. Immigrants (other than criminals) could enter the United States legally at the authorized Ports of Entry. Sealing the border would also slow down all that other illegal stuff from crossing the border. Guess this will never happen because too many politicians are probably getting paid off to keep things as they are.

    The solution is simple. Seal the bad guys out, and let the good guys in as regards our border with Mexico. The only reason this is an issue is because the problem of drugs etc. is so far gone, that politicians periodically raise the issue when they have no intention of doing a damn thing about it, other than to “fart in the wind” because they need the votes and have to keep their careers going.

    1. MaxiDerp


        Because simply creating work visas, decriminalizing drugs, gee, that shit is *crazy*

    2. Re: On the Road to Mandalay,

      It used to be a badge of honor if someone arrived in the United States through Ellis Island, and legally

      There’s no Ellis Island nor is there as easy a path as Ellis Island was to get into the country. That small window was close shut by the Coolidge administration back in 1924 (and not because he wanted to.)

      Immigrants (other than criminals) could enter the United States legally at the authorized Ports of Entry.

      Actually, most immigrants (legal or not) enter through the authorized port of entry, except that some overstay their PERMITS. I am not goint to perpetuate the myth that people overstay their VISAS because the visa allows entry to the U.S. but not a STAY. For that, an immigration officer issues a permit that can range from as much as 2 years of stay to as little as a month, depending on the visa. Even if your visa expired, you are allowed to stay in the U.S. as long as your permit remains valid.

      1. What is your opinion about sealing the border as I have suggested?

        1. Militarize the border we share with a peaceful ally. What could possibly go wrong with that?!




              1. I’d rather patrol a Dmz in America than some other asshat’s country. Bring us home so we can do what an army is supposed to do, ya know defend the country.

                Ofc if drugs were legalized then we wouldn’t have any cartels to defend against.


    1. What is it you are attempting to say? Do you have trouble with English Composition? Do you have a limited vocabulary? Are you undereducated? What sort of bowel movement in print have you just posted?

      1. Fuck off Murkin.

        1. You have a nice day Anal Breath.

        2. Don’t like my comments. Dial 1 800 EAT POOP

          1. Double response. Someone’s butt hurts…

  13. My husband was deported in 2010. We lost our home and his restaurant. It took me 1.5 years and $15,000 to get him back. NOW, my mother-in-law (80 yrs old) got switched to Emergency room only Medicaid because that was Michigan’s response to Obamacare, elderly permanent residents are not a priority (not that I blame Michigan for that).

    1. Why was your husband deported???????????????????????

      1. Probably because he wasn’t an American Citizen.


        1. The “duh” was unnecessary. People are deported for other reasons than that they are not citizens of the United States of America. I’m sure that that might have entered your brain. If you want to carry on a civil conversation let me know. If you don’t like my comments let me know in a civil way. OK?????

          1. The only reason someone can be deported is because they are (or are believed to be) not an American citizen. Deportation as “punishment” makes some sense in a ancient-Greek-exile kind of way, I guess, but I doubt most deportations are for criminal acts. Also, calling the mere act of presence in the US without papers a crime is begging the question.

            1. Yes, the no papers crime is excruciating. You have no idea how many nights you can lay there staring at the ceiling wondering how your own government has torn your family apart. For what!?! How much money did it cost them to deport him? A lot I’m sure. Who benefited that, aside from my lawyer that is? Most people don’t know what it is like when you’re here illegally. He owned his own house, a business, he payed state and federal taxes. Just after 18 years they come knocking on your door. Time to go.

      2. He came here 2 yrs after communism fell in Albania and pleaded political asylum. That argument works better if you flee before the disarray, not after. So that didn’t work out for him. But who wants to go home to a third world country? Even today there is no future there. No jobs. And its over 20 years since the system fell. I married him over 10 yrs after he was denied a visa, and marriage, 2 toddlers, a mortgage and 10 employees can’t fix that problem.

        1. Have you ever considered taking your problems to the United Nations?

          1. I’m not sure how that would have helped me… I had to fill in form X and pay the fee, send it here, they transfer it there. Fill in form B, pay the fee, it gets transferred and processed and transferred and processed. Oh but the feds do have a nifty “texting” feature to alert me to when my case updates. By the time they texted me that his 10 year ban was lifted and he could come home he was already home sitting next to me. So efficient…

            But I don’t have any problems any more, except bitter hatred in my heart. We’ve already rebuilt what we lost.

            1. Well – that all fucking sucks. Good luck to you and your husband/family!

          2. I’m contemplating the many ways the CBP could mock the strongly worded letter they might receive from the UN, but I’m not really sure how it would help the deported individual.

  14. “Will the 2 Millionth Immigrant Deported by Obama Please Kick Him in the Ass?”

    My guess is that he/she would receive something far worse than that in return.

  15. Looks like the latino community found out what the real meaning of Si Se Puede means. And then voted for Obama in increasing numbers the second time around.

    Is it just me or is the world sometimes a frustrating place?

    1. There’s no sugarcoating it – sometimes the world can give you pause.

  16. This morning NPR had a piece called “Little-Known Immigration Mandate Keeps Detention Beds Full.”

    Five minutes and twenty-one seconds, and not a single mention of the guy who is in charge of the whole administrative system. No, apparently it’s all Congress’s fault that there are 34,000 slots in detention centers that need to be filled every day. So Obama must comply. Following orders, you know.

    1. Oh you noticed that too? The media will still produce criticism of government policy, but they have an amazing way of avoiding the “O-word”. They threw “Bush” around like it was going out of style.

      It’s amazing how the left can criticize this or that policy, but magically avoid any mention of “Obama”.

      1. magically avoid any mention of “Obama”

        I blame Bush.

        1. so does Obama

  17. I’m conflicted. I’ve almost completed the 180 to “Open Borders Guy”. But…I have some, few nagging concerns.

    Then I think, “Really, why do I give a shit?”

    And that’s mostly where I end up – I despise the exhorbitant expense of expelling 2M people who want to be here, and how difficult we make it for people to be here legally who WANT to be here….and the “undesirables” are many times here because of other fucked up shit like drugs laws (and not like we don’t grow plenty of native “undesirables”, way more than we import).

    I dunno. Fuck it.

    1. I’m pretty much with you. My main beef is that immigration status is the excuse for horrorshows like the fucking Arizona border patrol checkpoints *100s of miles from the border* and other “PAPERS PLEASE”-type shit that simply should not exist in a country that stood in opposition to the soviet union for half a century. Until they tear the statue of liberty down and replace it with a guard tower, I’m sticking with ‘let em in’ as a general policy.

      That said, there’s something else I want to say =

      These are some very stupid people here =

      But…. the blonde girl? the 2nd or 3rd stupidest person who thinks Europe is a ‘country’?

      I have a crush on her cute, dumb ass. There’s something really sweet about it. And I think that’s a Georgia or South Carolina accent. Aw, she’s a peach. I want to hug her and watch her become confused by a ball of yarn.

      Also, I think the last example is silly, but that’s only because the guy posting it is Greek and he insists that Alexander the Great is ‘Greek’ (not ‘Macedonian’) too. You know you’re pathetic when you are bitching about ‘owning’ historical figures from a few thousand years ago while your country is defaulting on its debt.

      oh, and don’t read the comments. I shouldn’t have to tell you that.

      1. actually the Alexander bit pissed me off more. Because I think i’ve given up on average people being anything but ignorant, but an organization pretending to know better and spreading even more ignorance.

  18. Washington Times suggest deportations are down this year.…../?page=all

    “Just 364,700 illegal immigrants were removed in fiscal 2013, according to internal numbers from U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement that CIS released Wednesday ? down 11 percent from the nearly 410,000 who were deported in 2012.”

    “Indeed, immigrant-rights advocates cheered the new numbers, saying that if ICE confirms them, it will mean Mr. Obama is beginning to curb excessive enforcement.”

    “Mr. Obama and his appointees at the Homeland Security Department have issued several policies designed to put illegal immigrants in the interior of the U.S. off-limits from deportations.
    Probably the most famous of those is called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, which applies to so-called Dreamers, the young illegal immigrants who were usually brought to the U.S. as minors by their parents and are considered among the most sympathetic cases in the immigration debate.”

  19. “Sometime around the end of this year, he will have deported 2 million undocumented immigrants, more than any other president….” No sh ! t!!!! It’s the law. As long as the law is on the books, it should be enforced. You illegal aliens lovers confuse the f (( ck outta me.

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