The Nation *Gets* It: The Real Problem in Today's America is Ayn Rand Cult


Over at Mediaite, Andrew Kirell notes The Nation's holiday season subscription pitch, which slags Ayn Rand thusly.

Har har har.

Because lord knows the real problem these days is the outsized influence of the authoress of Atlas Shrugged.

Because as we all know that Rand wanted federal spending (under Republicans and Democrats) to double in nominal terms and to end up staying above $3.5 trillion a year; she hoped that a liberal progressive president would declare the right to unilaterally kill anyone he says is a threat to the good ol' U.S. of A.; she lobbied for a conservative-majority Supreme Court to rule that the government can't just regulate whatever existing commere there is but can force also force citizens to engage in commerce; and like The Nation in a recent article, she fretted that the Communist Chinese are insidiously taking over the American university system.

Yeah, Ayn Rand and good old Uncle Norm are the problem in 21st-century America!

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