Cop Fires Shots at Minivan Full of Kids After Mom Flees Traffic Stop


New Mexico State Police Department/Youtube screengrab

Several New Mexico police officers are under investigation for a routine traffic stop that devolved into a chaotic car chase last month. In their attempt to apprehend an uncooperative driver, the officers smashed a baton through the woman's car window and fired several bullets at the children-filled vehicle.

The incident was recorded by a police dashcam video, which was released last week to KRQE News 13. According to a report from Taos News, the incident started when a New Mexico State police officer pulled over 39-year-old Oriana Ferrell for speeding 16 mph over the limit on a state highway. 

The officer (whose name has not been revealed) approached Ferrell's minivan in what appears to be a calm manner and told her to wait while he returned to his vehicle. Ferrell then sped off, starting a chase. When she pulled over again, the officer returned to the driver's side window visibly agitated.

From ABC News:

When the officer goes to the car a second time he opens the door and demands that Ferrell get out of the car, yelling "Get out of the vehicle right now!"

When she refuses, the officer appears to attempt to pull her out of the car as her five children, ages 6 to 18, according to The Taos News, start screaming in the car.

After a few moments, the woman's 14-year-old son gets out of the car and tries to engage the officer. But the officer pulls his taser and the teenager goes back into the car.

Eventually the woman gets out of the car to talk to the officer, but when he tells her to turn and face the vehicle she tries to run back into the driver's seat of the car. The incident quickly escalates with the woman's son this time engaging the officer. Only after the officer aims his taser at the boy does he run back into the van.

Then things got really intense.

As two back-up officers arrived on the scene, the officer repeatedly smashed his baton through the passenger side window shouting, "Open the door!"

At that point, Ferrell started to drive away. An officer who had just arrived on the scene fired three shots at the back of the minivan. According to a court document, the officer allegedly fired at the rear tires "in an attempt to keep the vehicle from leaving." (Despite the fact that police experts, such as Dr. Daniel Kennedy and Rick Parent, claim that shooting out a moving vehicle's tires is often a dangerous and ineffective way to apprehend a suspect.)

The officers pursued Ferrell in a high-speed chase, reaching 100 mph, until she stopped in front of a hotel and turned herself in. Both Ferrell and her 14-year-old son were arrested at gunpoint without incident.

Ferrell was arrested on five counts of abuse of a child, aggravated fleeing of an officer, resisting an officer, reckless driving and possession of drug paraphernalia (for two marijuana pipes that were found in the car.) Her son was arrested for battery of an officer. 

Ferrell's attorney argued, "If someone ought to be charged with child abuse, it ought to be the New Mexico State Police… We ought to talk about the stupidity and recklessness of shooting at a car that has five children in it."

Watch the video below:

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  1. If people know that a minor traffic stop is likely to lead to several hours of anal probes, they are more likely to flee rather than cooperate with police.

    1. ^This

      And while your comment has wonderful snark value, the fear of anal probing could be a defence for her.

      1. so true and all this in the line of duty…you know serve and protect!

    2. Yet the police still haven’t realized how much they have overreached. Gone are the days when they would be given a pass on how they treated troublemakers as long as they treated the vast majority of people well. Normal people are now starting to see them as the enemy.

  2. She’s clearly guilty of aggravated failure to respect the officer’s authoritah. The sentence for that crime is death. It’s right there, in the Constitution. She got off lightly.

    1. Ugh I read some of the comments at the site given in the previous thread. Apparently there are plenty of americans who believe that an instant death sentence for disrespecting these pigs.

      I don’t know who I hate more, these pigs or the people who can’t speak because they have too much pig cock in them.

      1. ace of spades posted this and the copsuckers couldn’t help but self identify even though he called it a rorschach test in the headline.

  3. ….sigh….. big deal. What is going to happen to these pigs? Nothing! Maybe some paid vacation. Soldiers as in IN A FUCKING WAR soldiers have more stringent rules of engagement that these pigs.

    1. Soldiers as in IN A FUCKING WAR soldiers have more stringent rules of engagement that these pigs.

      But the cops are in a war, but they haven’t realized it yet because we haven’t started shooting back.

      I would say next April 19th would be an excellent time to start.

      1. Not even close. If I (when I was a Marine in the Middle East) had shot at a car full of kids, I would still be breaking rocks in Leavenworth. Even if they had been shooting at me.

    2. I dunno, Troy. Maybe shooting at a van full of kids will be that tipping point where the public finally says “enough.”


      1. I would like to believe that there is something that cold push Americans over the edge but I don’t think so. If things start getting a little heated, the feds will just give people a DVD collection of American Idol or some other kind of freebie.

      2. Yeah, I’m betting on that.

  4. I’d be curious to know why she acted the way she did. Doesn’t justify shooting at the van, but damn man, this really isn’t a sympathetic figure I’d hold up to shine a light on police abuses.

    1. Yeah, that is some bizarre behavior. I could maybe understand if they had later found an ounce of meth in the car or something. But given that all she had to worry about was a couple of pipes that is some insane shit to do.

      Obviously that in no way justifies shooting at a car full of kids because the driver didn’t do what you told her.

      1. Assuming the pot pipe wasn’t planted, I can always see an urge to run from cops in today’s climate.

        1. Assuming anything the cops are saying is true at all. Which is not my default any more.

    2. The kids are, though.

    3. She quickly came to the completely rational conclusion that having the demon weed in her car would likely result in losing her kids so, she said fuck it I’ve got nothing to lose. Not that it’s smart to drive your kids around with drug paraphernalia or, to assume cops won’t kill your kids to “save” them.

    4. I’m going to venture a guess here that she isn’t from Taos, and she probably doesn’t have very many good experiences with police where she’s from. Because of that, being aggressively yelled at for a minor moving violation by a cop dressed literally like a Gestapo officer in the middle of nowhere (what’s the deal with that hat?) seemed like it was going to end badly for her. As it turned out, her suspicions were validated when these cops turned wild and reckless with anger. She did, after all, turn herself in at a hotel (in effect, in the presence of cameras and witnesses).

    5. Test cases rarely are the sympathetic figures one would wish for. But the vanload full of kids is the vanload full of kids is sympathetic and that’s what we should go with.

      1. Well like I said, absolutely nothing justifies shooting into a van full of kids. I just think the woman was wonky.

        1. Of course the woman was wonky.

          The actions of a criminal do not excuse the actions of the cops. They are supposed to know how to handle that shit.

        2. Regardless, JJ, this video is an excellent example of how cops view disobeying of their orders as something they just absolutely cannot allow to happen. The first cop is actually very restrained at first, and even when she takes off the first time and then stops again, he’s pissed, but not crazy. It’s when the other cops show up and the family locks themselves in the car that they start going nuts.

          I mean, think of yourself getting so angry that you start smashing out the windows of a minivan full of terrified children. You would only do that on PCP and goofballs, but I swear, the presence of more than one cop causes them to instigate each other. They can’t look like they’re letting little people disrespect them in front of the other cops.

  5. As I said in the other thread, woman made a series of very bad choices, including endangering her own kids (after the fact, of course) by driving into oncoming traffic.

    I’m not sure about the officer firing into the tires. I’ll admit shoulder posture is difficult to tell, but it looked to me like he was firing at the back of the van which was full of kids.

    Unfortunately, police have left me with little trust, so benefit of the doubt doesn’t swing officer friendly’s way.

  6. Other than the cop shooting I have to give this one to the cops. That chick was mental. The 14 yr old was totally out of line.

    1. Unfortunately, once it escalates to violence, sometimes family members jump to other members’ defense. It’s good he’s 14, so this hopefully won’t follow him for the rest of his life.

      Thank god her kids weren’t shot.

    2. that’s a pretty big other than. other than the cop shooting into a van full of kids.

    3. Firing anywhere in the direction of a van full of kids? No way. That and the high speed pursuit tells me these idiots shouldn’t have authority over so much as a parking garage. There’s a time to let it go, I don’t care how pissed off you are.

      1. There’s a time to let it go, I don’t care how pissed off you are.

        If you think the cops are going to cede 1 millimeter of authority to a minivan full of children, you’ve got another thing coming.

        1. One would hope that the courts cede that authoritay for them. Hope.

          Also, public pressure.

          1. Also, public pressure.

            Is it me or are talking hairdos reporting these stories less and less solely from the police point of view?

            1. We have a race card here in that she was black. That will get the attention of the MSM.

            2. You are correct.

              I listen to Walton and Johnson in the mornings. They do a taser report every day. They recently echoed an observation made here, that the one thing all of these incidents have in common is that someone called 911.
              They then advised everyone on their nationally syndicated show never to call the cops except under the most extreme of circumstances.

              That sense about it being a bad idea to involve the cops is making a mainstream appearance.

  7. The mother was probably too dumb to correctly figure out whether the pig was letting her leave as he was walking away. The kid sure has some big ones. Somebody get him a hooker.

    1. I’m in for a five.

    2. Somebody get him a hooker.

      Or a teacher.

  8. I find no fault with the cop who originally pulled them over since the mother and the 14 year old were way out of line.

    The cop who shot should be fired because in no way was deadly force warranted in that situation.

    1. Pretty much my thoughts exactly.

    2. The kid was fine. Fuck you. Fucking pig.

    3. Fired? He should be arrested. Of course neither will happen.

    4. did you also see cop number 2 pull out his gun and prepare to fire just mimicking pig #3. Thank god she was far enough away by the time he got it out.

  9. Obviously firing shots at a car full of kids, or frankly, even one person, for trying to flee a traffic stop is not acceptable. That said, the mom is a crazy bitch and needlessly endangered herself and her kids by acting so irrationally. I don’t know what she was trying to accomplish, but the only logical result of her behavior that I can come up with is exactly what happened: A group of dangerously pissed off cops.

    1. How many of these cops-murder-and-get-paid-vacation or anal rape stories do you have to see and think maybe stopping for these guys is not the best idea? Especially when you have an irate pig yelling at you.

      1. Because you have to weigh the odds. Despite what we’d like to think, the vast majority of cop encounters do not end in anal rape or murder. Running from them like this lady does entails a much higher chance of something bad happening.

        Please note that I’m NOT justifying ANY police abuse, ever. I’m just talking numbers here. The house is always favored, so you have to know how to count the cards.

        1. She ran because she was terrified of losing her kids over a pipe. This case is an indictment of the drug laws as much as it is the flatfoot who shot up the van. Our law turn decent people into desperate criminals.

          1. I used to get pulled over a lot (speeding). Out of all those (probably a dozen or so in the last 15 yrs), I had illicit substances in the vehicle once.

            I was calm, polite, every inch the submissive little serf they like to see. And I got the ticket with no search.

            Again, all I’m talking about doing is playing the odds in the environment as it currently exists. If you want to keep your kids, being a humble peasant is a lot more likely to result in their never even looking for the pipe than…well, making the choice she did.

            1. I agree she panicked and was stupid. But people panick and do stupid things sometimes. If we didn’t have immoral laws that made her a criminal at risk of losing her kids there would be nothing for her to panick about. Maybe we should ask why soccer moms in mini vans are so terrified of cops they run from a traffic stop?

              1. No one’s defending the status quo, but she clearly made things much worse by her actions. We agree the current situation needs serious improvement, and we agree she was “panicked and stupid.”

              2. There are also incidents where people flee the cops in a vehicle because they’re driving drunk, have explosives, have an abducted kid in the car, are driving a stolen car, hit a pedestrian and are fleeing from the scene….should we repeal all the laws that make those things illegal too? So that criminals feel safer?

                Disclaimer: I totally support MJ legalization etc. But this incident is not an argument for it.

                1. Why do you think you have any credilbility liar?

          2. If your worried about a search, why are you arguing about the ticket? Just sign the damn thing and move on. Not defending the pig who shot at the van by any means but shit, how stupid can you be.

            1. The story involves an illegal drug user and a bunch of cops. H+R is going to make every effort to make the user into an innocent victim-hero.

              1. You mad bro?

                Cause nothing like that happened in this article at all.

                Why are you still here you lying fuck? Do you think anyone is ever going to forget youre a proven liar?

      2. Sorry, Troy, but the cops don’t just give up if you run. She was going to have to deal with the cops one way or another. It is much worse dealing with them after a high speed chase.

  10. I’ll bookmark this thread for Tulpa’s next Contrarifit.


      1. Shit stinks, and youre proud of it.

  11. Two things:

    1. She ran. When she did that, she set herself up for all of that.

    2. She’s black, she’ll get a slap on the wrist at best.

    1. Your views are a fresh change of pace and I’m sure will be welcome here.

    2. 2. She’s black, she’ll get a slap on the wrist at best.

      D.C. cops, knowing this fact, prefer to arrange it so that erratic-acting black female motorists don’t live to get their slap on the wrist: http://nbcpolitics.nbcnews.com…..hite-house

  12. You guys are missing the big story. George Zimmerman has been arrested again. Who wants to be the was set up in hopes of inspiring another retarded debate and get the newscycle on something anything but what a fuck up Obama is?

    1. I knew something must have happened. A little while ago I got a crazed anti zimmerman text from my friend who went peak retard over the whole thing to the point I had to stop talking to him for awhile.

  13. High speed chases are a horrible menace. But it is hard to have a rule that any time someone is about to get arrested they can just run For that reason I think cops should not chase anyone but a known dangerous felon. But anyone who runs needs to go to the can for a while once the police do find them later.

  14. When I was younger, my dad used to say, “You can’t out run Motorola”. Before those pigs turned to a potentially lethal situation, they could of just let her run off, only to be apprehended later. But how dare she dis’ the authorities. Those assholes have no regard for anything except their own lives and ego.

    1. When I was younger, my dad used to say, “You can’t out run Motorola”.

      Exactly. Whatever happened to just shutting up, taking your ticket and moving on?

  15. No fault on the cop for the initial stop where she drove off. She was the one who turned a routine traffic stop into a minor incident. Once she pulls over the second time, however… Nothing but contempt for all the police who did everything in their power to escalate and endanger.

  16. Right now the two lead stories on cnn are Zimmerman and the Dick Cheney daughters’ cat fight over gay marriage. I am really missing important shot when I don’t watch cable news. Cheney must be the only guy in the world whose lesbian daughter is better looking than his straight one.

    1. The recent SCOTUS case involving the issue of excessive force during a high speed police chase (Scott v. Harris) had this hilarious footnote in Justice Steven’s lone dissent:

      -I can only conclude that my colleagues were unduly frightened by two or three images on the tape that looked like bursts of lightning or explosions, but were in fact merely the headlights of vehicles zooming by in the opposite lane. Had they learned to drive when most high-speed driving took place on two-lane roads rather than on superhigh-ways?when split-second judgments about the risk of passing a slow-poke in the face of oncoming traffic were routine?they might well have reacted to the videotape more dispassionately.

      1. Meant to post this after your comment on high speed chases!

        1. They kill innocent people every year. Unless you know the person is armed and dangerous there is no need to have them. But slam people who run so that there is a disincentive to run.

          1. I will say this: they tend to pretty much never chase sport bike riders.

            Obviously there are exceptions, but I hang out at High 5 Cycles on Thurs. nights (for any of you in the Dallas area), and I watch dudes on Busas, Ducattis, and ZX-14s actually wait for a cop to show up, so they can peal out in front of them, and they never bite (at least that I’ve seen).

            I ditched one once, and I’m only on an SV1000, which tops out at like 155. I saw the cop car sitting in the median turn on his lights and start to try and pull out onto the highway, so I just gunned it, and by the time I passed 100 and had woven through a few lanes of traffic, I never saw the guy again : D

            Not my proudest moment, but I’d be lying if said it wasn’t pretty fun.

            1. Bigger balls than me. But yeah without a lot of help they do t stand a chance. My urban commuter R1150 is faster than about anything in four wheels short of a zonda or veyron. A cop I tercepter does stand a chance against even a decently fast bike. And a true sport bike forget it.

            2. That’s what speed cameras are for.

              1. How fucking stupid are you?

                1. Or do you not understand why, no you stupid fucking liar, speed cameras are a moronic claimed solution.

                  God, why do you continually pretend you have any idea what the fuck youre talking about, like here with motorcycles especially after you were caught lying. Even if you did know wtf you were talking about, and you obviously don’t, you have no credibilty.

                  Youre a proven liar. That will never change.

    2. Large swaths of my family believe I’m weird for not watching any cable or local news and for not visiting major news sites on a regular basis.

      1. I am trapped at an airport and can’t avoid it. What a waste of time. If you were conspiracy minded you would think the whole thing is meant to ensure no one ever thinks an intelligent thought about anything important.

        1. There is a decided advantage to the political class to have the populace be as ill-informed and partisan as possible, John. That’s not being conspiracy-minded, that’s just seeing how they operate.

          1. Pretty much. Why talk about the Cheney sisters other than to distract people with gay marriage? I did even know there was a straight one until just now. The only value of reporting her fight with her sister is to keep gay mArriage in the news

  17. http://www.taosnews.com/news/a…..f887a.html

    the discovery of what appeared to be two marijuana pipes at the time of her arrest.

    This makes her actions much more understandable. She’s already nervous, and the officer may take that as a sign to search her car. If they had discovered that, the end result would be still be the same, except for perhaps avoiding being shot at.

    She would still be arrested, her son I bet would still try to defend her, and in turn he would still be charged, and she would still loose her kids.

    1. Maybe taking peoples kids causes them to do desparTe stupid shit they wouldn’t otherwise do and perhaps is a dangerous stupid thing for the law to do.

  18. But we don’t live in a police state, nooooooooo.

    1. No, we live in a Nation with overabundance of stupid people.

  19. Fuckin’ drugs. They’re ruin your life.

  20. Don’t go all “YouTube comment section” on me, Reasonoids.
    There will need to be ballistics tests on what that officer was shooting at. I suspect it was at the tires.
    However, the almost instinctive response of the officers to pull out their guns and fire anywhere near a car full of kids has me shaking my head.
    The police union will undoubtedly get to the truth.
    (I had to swallow my own cock to vomit the previous sentence on the page.)

  21. I think most of the people here are pissed at the cop for the wrong reasons. They should be mad because he missed. It looked as if that woman started popping out recipients of my tax dollars at 14. I bet the son already has one of his own, and the daughter is a year away from getting me to feed her extra mouths. /sarc

    I would like to know what the speed limit was. If she was doing almost 90 in, what appears to be, a top heavy mini-van on a winding road, she is putting those children in far more harm than the cop.

  22. An unusual amount of sanity on this thread. There may be hope for H+R after all.

    1. So youre leaving?

  23. As stupid as that woman was, she wasn’t half the idiot that the cop who opened fire was.

    Did he know there were kids in the vehicle?
    What was the threat justifying deadly force?

    I remember when cops bragged about never having to fire that weapon at someone. Now they must hang their heads in shame if they finish a shift without letting off a few rounds.

    1. reminds me of an episode of Reno 911! where one of the cops says every bullet left in his gun at the end of his shift is a wasted tax-dollar.

  24. If marijuana was legal would this incident have happened?
    End the drug war.

  25. I don’t know which is worse. The cop shooting at the van full of kids (violation of weapon safety rule #2 never let your muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy). Or the fact that he just arrived and probably had no idea what was actually going on (violation of weapon safety rule #3 know your target and what is BEHIND your target). This is of course in addition to the fact that the officers apparently did everything possible to escalate the situation instead of diffuse it.

    And private citizens are the ones who can’t be trusted with the 2nd

    I was also disgusted by a bunch of people on MSM trying to defend the cops actions by saying the cops were justified because she could have been a fugitive or maybe she had kidnapped the kids or a bunch of other hypothetical “what ifs” that were not at all based on probable cause.

    What if the cop had shot a fucking kid?

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