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You Can't Stop Online Drug Sales: The Supposed Operator of the New Silk Road Speaks


Mike Power, author of the book Drugs 2.0, nabs an encrypted online interview at the site Medium with a person purporting to be operating the new version of the Silk Road darkweb sales site, still using the original pseudonym for that role, "Dread Pirate Roberts." (The federal government claims that a man named Ross Ulbricht who they have arrested was the original Dread Pirate Roberts.)

Choice excerpt, and wise no matter who the source is:

The recurring theme [at] Silk Road is that we provide honest, unadulterated products to people who want them, and whether we [were] here or not, most people would have access to them anyway from shady street dealers who lie through their teeth.

Let us assume you have a son who is in his teenage years and you knew they were going to do drugs, what as a parent, would you do? Would you let them go to their friends' friends' dealer … or would you help them buy from Silk Road from vendors who are reviewed regularly, and where we will be offering product-testing services, and [where we have] a resident doctor to ensure nobody harms themselves?

Ultimately you cannot stop people doing drugs, but you can make it safer for them, and get people off the streets and away from violence?—?which is what we stand for.

He won't discuss security measures for the site, which as Power notes has not yet established a record of completed sales with stated customer satisfaction. And for feds who want to try to slap down the site again, he has this to say:

You will hunt me?—?but first ask yourselves is it worth it? Taking me down will not affect Silk Road?—?back-ups have already been distributed and this entire infrastructure can be redeployed elsewhere in under 15 minutes, and you will gain nothing from our database.

Reason on Silk Road.

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  1. Imagine a world where their isn’t some giant Military Behemoth that can impose it’s will on every square meter of earth.

    1. Not hard I’m living in it.

      1. I think he has you there. The fact that the world’s most expensive and expansive military can’t keep some backwater shithole like Afghanistan from growing enough poppies to keep the entire planet in heroin for a year is evidence enough that no such military hegemon exists.

        1. Yes he does, but I want the whole world free of hegemony.

          1. I’d rather have open shipping lanes. Be careful what you ask for. US military dominance has been very good for freedom.

            1. Know this, komrades: freedom is surrendering to government control. War is good for freedom.

        2. They sure will kill as many people as they can a’tryin’ though.

  2. “The man I inherited it from was not the real Dread Pirate Roberts, either. His name was Cummerbund. The real Roberts has been retired fifteen years and living like a king in Patagonia.”

    1. “The federal government claims that a man named Ross Ulbricht who they have arrested was the original Dread Pirate Roberts.”

      @ Doherty. Actually, I believe that Ulbricht is the second DPR or at least the second person to head the Silk Road.

      1. Huh, what happened to the first DPR?

      2. All sorts of people believe all sorts of things, but I’m talking about the government’s claim; do you have evidence that THEY are calling him a second operator of SR?

  3. You will hunt me???but first ask yourselves is it worth it?

    Someone is under the mistaken impression that the Drug War is supposed to be about stopping drugs rather than job security.

    1. Exactly. The feds have all the money, time, and bullets in the world. Their accomplishments aren’t measured in lives saved or improved, but in money spent. And so far they are kicking ass.

      1. Don’t forget that nothing enrages a government agency more than someone visibly, tauntingly flaunting it. Sure, they could decide that it’s not worth it to go after this guy. They could even decide that they want to spend tons of money doing something else. But it’s visible, and it makes them look bad and embarrasses them, so they will go all out to get him.

        1. If you look at the quantities actually moved through the old Silk Road throughout its entire operation, it was probably about the same volume as your average Detroit street corner over a few months.

          It is definitely the visibility.

          1. I thought they moved tens of millions of dollars worth of drugs? That sounds more than any street corner.

            1. The prices were way higher than street. They were selling Adderall for $10 a pill.

              It’s hard to put a dollar amount on it with bitcoin exchange rates, though…

              1. Having had a change to think this over, I’ll revise my statement to “a few street corners”.

      2. You have some nerve showing your face around here after the way you stood me up Hugh Akston!

        *runs from room sobbing*

        It was an interesting movie although I think you would’ve been horrified by the Whittier professor teaching US Government. The panel discussion at the end was worth staying for.

        1. Hugh received a surprise glory hole invitation, jesse, and he just couldn’t bow out. Though why he didn’t invite you to come along is puzzling, and really quite gauche. But then, what do you expect from a Janeway fan?

          1. That is quite puzzling. Everyone knows how I feel about Glory Hole Recreation Area.

        2. Maybe it’s because you still use hotmail. Maybe.

          1. You may whore out your gmail address like Episiarch’s mom on a Saturday, but my gmail address is precious to me.

            1. Saturday is her day off, but I wouldn’t expect you to know that. playa, on the other hand…he’s a regular. He’s into pegging.

              (I wish I could find a clip of the bondage pegging scene from Bad Meat but I’m having no luck)

              1. With a clit as…robust as your mother’s I don’t think that’s called pegging.

              2. I see it has a respectable 3.8 stars.

                1. The movie’s production company went out of business about 2/3 through shooting, and the one that picked them up just told them to cut it as best they could and release it. So the movie is fatally flawed–it just ends abruptly when things really start rolling–but what there is for setup has some seriously disgusting moments, including the pegging scene. If you like gross horror, it might be worth the watch just to have seen it. It’s also really short.

                  What’s frustrating is that, if completed, it might have been a really fun addition to the gross-out horror genre. You can tell that’s what they were going for.

                  1. I’ll put it on the list. I’m still mid season 4 of It’s Always Sunny (which my wife likes, surprisingly).

    2. It’s not just job security. There must be the appearance of ‘results’ as well even if it’s just destruction. Playing the role of Elmer Fudd chasing Bugs Bunny around is not good for the appearances, and that’s what will likely happen here. Actually it’s the whole WOD. They are failing.

      1. Well there haven’t been any “results” for how many decades now? I agree there are small signs that people are starting to wake up and ask themselves WTF are we doing this for. But they have all the money and bigger guns – they will fight the war tooth and nail until the bitter end.

        1. Yeah, but as Dave says very well below, the drug war is a wealth transfer system. It transfers wealth from drug users and dealers in the form of fines, seizures, jail time, and so on to the cops, the court system, the prisons, and the government in general. That’s why they will fight tooth and nail to the bitter end; they don’t want to lose the gravy train that gives them jobs, salaries, and power.

      2. It’s not just job security. There must be the appearance of ‘results’ as well even if it’s just destruction.

        uhm, you must be quite young. “Results” are a photo-op with LEO standing over a table covered in guns and heroin.

        The press fawns, people applaud, budgets go up, prisons fill up. Win-win-win.

  4. Legal pure MDMA should be a universal human right.

    1. I think that’s one of the Obamacare insurance mandates. Of course you have to get signed up first…

    2. As long as I don’t have to subsidize your glow sticks, then roll on player.

  5. I’m so thankful there are people like this guy in the world. Makes my heart warm. Real hero this guy.

  6. Ultimately you cannot stop people doing drugs…

    The drug war may be a lot of things, but none of them have anything to do with stopping people from doing drugs. And it’s ludicrous for anyone to still think so.

    As is the case with all programs initiated by powerful governments, the drug war is simply the public face of a mechanism for transferring wealth from one group of people to another. The drug war will not end until the margin of voters serious about ending it is larger than the number of voters who feed on it. Too bad so many lives have to be ruined in the interim.

    1. It is about more than just stealing money. The WOD has been the pretense for taking a giant shit on the constitution. It is a power grab as well.

  7. Sure you can. Just outlaw them. It worked for offline sales, didn’t it?

  8. Wow thats awesome, what about all the Cheese Pizza sites? Hope they come back too! Mainly OPVA


    1. …what?

      1. Apparently anonbot is a pedobear. No wonder he needs all that privacy software…

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