TSA Agent Reported Shot at Los Angeles Airport [UPDATED–Shooter ID'ed, Said to Have Anti-Government Views]


Breaking, few details available now, but this from Los Angeles Times:

A Transportation Security Administration agent and a suspect were wounded in a shooting at Los Angeles International Airport on Friday morning, sources told the Los Angeles Times.

Law enforcement officers were flooding the airport, authorities said, and terminals 2 and 3 were evacuated….

TV footage showed dozens of offficers swarming the airport. Images also showed a law enforcement officer being treated by paramedics. He appeared to be alert. Another officer had a bloody hand. 

UPDATE: Second suspect reported in custody, one shooter shot in leg, via L.A. Weekly:

Police have confirmed the shooting. The suspect has apparently been apprehended, according to news reports. CBS reported that he's been shot in the leg…..

CBS is now reporting that a second suspect is in custody—and he was armed….

The FAA has reportedly grounded all flights to and from LAX.

CBS reports that police are focused on a series of "multiple, suspicious" packages—which, in light of how many packages are at any airport on any given day, particularly one when people are fleeing in panic—is going to be no easy investigation.

UPDATE II: LA Times now reporting the shooter was indeed alone, and they are being told by "law enforcement sources" that the shooter "was a Transportation Security Administration employee at LAX."

UPDATE III: The shooter being TSA thing is being withdrawn by the LA Times now: "A federal law enforcement official said that the gunman was a ticketed passenger entering the airport. Officials don't believe the gunman has ever worked for TSA. Law enforcement sources had earlier told The Times the gunman was a TSA employee."

UPDATE IV: Shooter is identified as 23-year-old Paul Anthony Ciancia and said to have had unidentified "literature" of supposed anti-government views on his person.

Associated Press is more precise on that, saying he "He was wearing fatigues and carrying a bag containing a hand-written note that said he 'wanted to kill TSA and pigs…..'"