Prison Opens Former Police Chief's Eyes to Ravages of Mandatory Minimums

People's lives destroyed for small amounts of drugs


Former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik, in his first interview since being released from prison on tax fraud and false statement charges, said prison opened his eyes to the "broken" justice system.

"These young men, they come into the prison system. First-time, non-violent offense, a low-level drug offense: The system is supposed to help them. Not destroy them," Kerik said in an interview on NBC's "Today" show that aired on Friday.

Kerik criticized the federal mandatory minimum system for putting people away for 10 years for 5 grams of cocaine, handing NBC's Matt Lauer a nickel.

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  1. Read some of the comments: Garry Boldwater is a real gem: “I believe New York is America’s true capitol, and in fact the cultural capitol of the entire world. People are also largely tolerant, liberal, and genuinely value education and intellect and critical thinking. However, the NY Police have never reflected those value. Particularly under Giulianni and Bloomberg, one can hardly tell they are in a supposed liberal utopia, if you find yourself dealing with the police. The cops are angry & miserable (maybe because of the $29,000/year salaries), hostile toward the public, and operate in a scary crypto-fascist manner that resembles the behavior of 17-year-old jock bullies in some small Kansas town.”

  2. … continued: If New York is a liberal utopia, I’ll take Hell, thank you very much. People are largely tolerant, liberal and value…critical thinking but he then goes on to describe police behavior as “…the behavior of 17-year-old bullies in some small Kansas town.” What an arrogant little shitstain.

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