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No Pi for You: College Bans Greek Alphabet

The campus war on the First Amendment takes a weird turn


Beta call a lawyer

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) brings us the very strange story of Dixie State University, which is prohibiting the use of Greek letters in the names of clubs because they fear for the school's reputation:

Nineteen female Dixie State University students are being forced to fight their own school for the right to use Greek letters in the name of their organization. Indigo Klabanoff and the members of Phi Beta Pi have repeatedly been denied official recognition because administrators feel that the use of Greek letters in an organization name will give Dixie State a "party school" image. 

"I've seen a lot of campus censorship in my time, but telling students their club can't be recognized solely because they wish to use letters from a particular alphabet is a new one to me," said FIRE Senior Vice President Robert Shibley. "I can't believe I actually have to say this, but as a state university, Dixie State simply does not have the power to ban or regulate the use of the Greek alphabet, the Latin alphabet, or any other system of writing."

FIRE produced a video featuring interviews with some of the students who want to create the club. Klabanoff points out that the school actually has a recognized club called "The Organization of Good Parties." Watch below and read more about the case here:

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  1. "The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has it's limits." - Albert Einstein

    I dont know what else to say.

    1. I'd just add, *mic drop*

    2. Wrong "its". How ironic.

      1. Ha. Fuck you, I am drunk.

        1. Good to see that you are once again in the imbibing class.

  2. I'm sure a school with a name like "Dixie State University" is going to be taken very seriously under any circumstances.

    1. Yeah really, we'll give our school a name that reminds everyone of Dukes of Hazzard but we can't be associated with the cradel of western civilization. Wow. Was this Boss Hoggs idea or Roscoes?

    2. Nonsense! Many of their graduates go on to attend fine post graduate institutions like....

    3. Apparently it is in Utah, the fuck?

  3. Idiots!

  4. We don't take kindly to none that furen writin roun these here parts!

  5. I never got the stupid greek letter thing. How do they pick the letters they use to name their gay little frat? Arbitrarily?

    1. I think there's a national system and one just opens chapters locally. The societies at my school weren't part of the national system though and didn't have greek names.

      1. So how did the national organization pick its name? They all call themselves by the names of the greek letters, not greek words that describe their organization. So do they just look at the greek alphabet and pick letters they like?

        1. According to Wikipedia

          The names of North American fraternities and sororities generally consist of two or three Greek letters, often the initials of a Greek motto, which may be secret. For example: Phi Beta Kappa (Society), from phi (?) + beta (?) + kappa (?), initials of the society's Greek motto, "????????? ???? ??????????" (philosophia biou kybern?t?s), meaning "philosophy is the guide of life".

          1. That's what I wanted to know. Still gay.

          2. I tappa Keg was the best one of them all...

            1. Alpha Smegma Pew

        2. My fraternity took the two letters from the Greek words that describe its.....idiom.

          So - those two letters are the name of the fraternity. Got a t-shirt 'n' everything.

        3. My sorority was originally called the Adelphean society, so when having Greek letters became the Big Thing, they took the letters Alpha Delta Phi as an abbreviation. Then it turned out that a frat already had those letters, so they changed it to Alpha Delta Pi. Same for Phi Mu, they were the Philomathean society originally. I have absolutely no idea how other organizations came up with their letters, though.

          1. This is why there are no libertarian sororities...

            1. Well, except for Gamma Alpha Sigma.

              1. Dude-

                Phi Mu Sigma.

    2. What part of "Sippa Kuppa Kum" do you not understand?

    3. It is probably an acronym for the Greek name of the organization.

      1. As far as I can tell, the greek "name" is always just the greek names of the greek letters. What does Pi stand for in Phi Beta Pi?

        1. They are Greek words. The words are secret for most social frats. So Phi Beta Kappa stands for philosophia biou kubernator, philosophy the helmsman of life or something like that.

        2. 3.1415926535 8979323846 2643383279 5028841971 6939937510 5820974944 5923078164 0628620899 8628034825 3421170679 8214808651 3282306647 0938446095 5058223172 5359408128 4811174502 8410270193 8521105559 6446229489 5493038196 4428810975 6659334461 2847564823 3786783165 2712019091 4564856692 3460348610 4543266482 1339360726 0249141273 7245870066 0631558817 4881520920 9628292540 9171536436 7892590360 0113305305 4882046652 1384146951 9415116094 3305727036 5759591953 0921861173 8193261179 3105118548 0744623799 6274956735 1885752724 8912279381 8301194912 9833673362 4406566430 8602139494 6395224737 1907021798 6094370277 0539217176 2931767523 8467481846 7669405132 0005681271 4526356082 7785771342 7577896091 7363717872 1468440901 2249534301 4654958537 1050792279 6892589235 4201995611 2129021960 8640344181 5981362977 4771309960 5187072113 4999999837 2978049951 0597317328 1609631859 5024459455 3469083026 4252230825 3344685035 2619311881 7101000313 7838752886 5875332083 8142061717 7669147303 5982534904 2875546873 1159562863 8823537875 9375195778 1857780532 1712268066 1300192787 6611195909 2164201989 3809525720 1065485863 2788659361 5338182796 8230301952 0353018529 6899577362 2599413891 2497217752 8347913151 5574857242 4541506959 5082953311 6861727855 8890750983 8175463746 4939319255 0604009277 0167113900 9848824012 8583616035 6370766010 4710181942 9555961989 4676783744 9448255379 7747268471 0404753464 6208046684 2590694912 9331367702 8989152104 7521620569 6602405803 8150193511 2533824300

          1. Pshh. I've calculated on a computer Pi with more digits than that...

            1. Not as a reason comment you haven't.

          2. My roommate had it memorized to 50 digits...

            ...great at parties.

            1. Most people who memorize more than that end up in a lifeboat with a tiger.

          3. Have to link to the Dean of our College of Liberal Arts (and other folks) here, just cuz...


          4. White and nerdy, whiter than sour cream

          5. You left off some digits. That's not pi.

    4. You mad none of the fraternities would let you in? Made you sit next to Jugdish during rush?

      1. "I'm a legacy!"

      2. None of them charged high enough dues or had an amount of forced mandatory quiet study time sufficient for my liking. And their houses were all way too clean and provided too much personal space for all the "bros". And there were no homoerotic shenanigans involved in any of their initiations, I felt so rejected.

      3. Tau Beta Pi let me in.

    5. I think that they generally stand for some greek words that people picked back when learning Greek was what you did at college.

  6. I thought there was some gunk on my screen. Then I scrolled down, and it moved. That girl has freaky teeth, and she's crosseyed.

    Dixie State University.

    1. At first glance she appears to be like, 8 years old, but then you glance down to note that there are boobs. So she's probably more like a retarded 23 year old.

      1. But she does HAVE teeth, so I'm betting she's from out of state.

        1. Did you miss the part where DSU is in Utah?

          Polygamy jokes, no Cokes.

          1. Seriously though, I'm sure she's a nice girl. With a great personality.

      2. Better looking than that retarded associate professor talking with that stupid ass vocal fry.

  7. Meh. Their school, their rules. Go to a different school. That'll show them.

    1. Not when they suckle at the government tit.

  8. "Dixie State simply does not have the power to ban or regulate the use of the Greek alphabet, the Latin alphabet, or any other system of writing."

    That's why all term papers there use Wingdings.

    1. Wingdings are racist

      1. Dixie State, DUH!

    2. Wait til they find out we use Arabic numerals.

  9. I'd think being in Utah they would want their womenfolk to be used to being in groups.

    1. ohhhhhh SNAP!

  10. Clap your hands everybody!

    And everybody clap your hands!

    We're Lambda Lambda Lambda and

    Omega Mu!

  11. Party Down Garth!
    This is lame.
    All college and university administrators secretly want their schools to be Faber U. (????? ????? ????.)
    The only reason they were in college in the '60s was to beat the draft, drink beer, smoke dope and try to get laid!
    They know that today's high school senior is looking for pretty much the same thing. Get laid more often, smoke better dope and keep the liquor stores and bars in business. And they don't have Selective Service screwing with them!
    "Yes, Mom and Dad leave your kid here and pay us for the privilege. No one partys at school any more."
    Dean Wormer

    1. 'tis a sad place. It's alllll about the liability now. I wanted to cry for the students when I went back for homecoming this year. We had to buy THEM beer, cause they were too afraid to have it otherwise.

      "Well, fuck you - if you want me to send money again, I'm drinking beer on the porch...."

      /asshole alum

  12. Sorta related: Almanian's son is planning to pledge the gaywad, next door neighbor mortal enemy of my college fraternity (yeah, he's going to Legacy U and plans to pledge FAAAAAAAAG). Which also happened to be my dad's fraternity (yeah, I went to Legacy U, too, and DIDN'T pledge my dad's fraternity - cause they're our mortal enemy, and mine was/is the beer drinkin' dope smokin' one, and they're the gaywads).

    So, anyhoo, Ann Landers, is it still OK for me to go piss on their house and throw darts into their siding and on their roof when I'm up for homecoming? And can I slap my son when he comes home from college?

    1. Wait, you're slapping and your son is the one pledging FAAAAAAAAG?

      Sounds like he'd have to pledge the Susie Homemaker sorority to have you beat.

    2. I look forward to reading your son's blog entry about the day his frat kicked his dad's ass.


  13. Auburn sucks.

    1. I hope they Alabama

  14. Makes me nostalgic for sorority girls on halloween.

    1. Frodo Teabaggins

      This handle is just too awesome for words.

  15. The small private college I went to, Hendrix, had a no-Greek-system. I don't know if it was in the form of a particular rule saying "no Greek letters in club names", but I imagine something to that effect would have been invented had any douchebags tried to start an actual fraternity on campus. Of course, that would only be after they were lynched by the student body for wanting to do something so stupid and destructive to our community. So I'm not entirely unsympathetic to a public campus, particularly a small one, choosing to have a similar policy. It does make a real difference on the campus, and when you get down to it the only way to enforce it is to somehow draw a distinction between frats/sororities and the Chess Club or Debating Society.

  16. If they chose, they could accomplish the same end by providing a definition of frat/sororities and then banning that. The rule about "greek letters" is just a commonsense shortcut to the same end.

    1. After a couple of fatal hazing incidents in the early 80's my college had a no fraternity rule, however they did allow organizations that used greek letters to identify on campus.

      For example we had a chapter of Sigma Psy Sigma, the Society of Physics Students that I was part of, but it was basically just the Physics majors and didn't have anything to do with a fraternity and their membership ritual consisted of having a declared major or minor of Physics and sending them a check for $25

  17. Who gives a fuck what some bullshit University does or doesn't do anyways?

    Not like they're gonna be in business anymore in 20 years anyhow.

    1. Not like they're gonna be in business anymore in 20 years anyhow.

      You greatly underestimate the ability of public universities to adapt in order to suck at the public teat.

  18. Since lawsuits don't appear to impress the superannuated over-educated control freaks running the college, I wonder if an invitation to a federal grand jury would fit the bill...

  19. That they're Mormons might have something to do with their concern about their image. That they're Mormons means they don't have to worry about it.

    1. Bigoted much?


      1. It's okay to hate a minority if they don't vote Democrat. Don't you know anything?

        1. But all minorities vote Democrat! It's only majority oppressors that vote Republican!


          1. Fortunately, majority oppressors are a small minority -- the only one not worthy of protection.

    2. The school I went to was known as, and advertised itself as, an extremely liberal bastion in a deep-red state. The no-frat policy was *part* of that. It's not necessarily a conservative god-bother thing.

      1. That could be a hold over from the Methodists running the place.

        1. Perhaps, I hadn't thought of that. It is true that Hendrix was once much more like Harding. The continuation of the policy certainly isn't based on "not being a party school"-type concerns, though. They advertise themselves as a party school- to the point of bringing in bands for concerts and having big light shows and foam parties. Just wanted to make the point that no frats isn't necessarily a stodgy, fun-killing policy.

  20. Dude is not making a lot of sense man, none at all!

  21. So use Roman letters. Problem solved. Think outside the box.

    Other than that, it was refreshing to listen to girls not say "um" every second word. Hey, why, they even spoke better than Obama! Indigo is cute.

    More importantly...

    Toga, toga, toga!

  22. Kind of hard to ban alphas and betas without getting rid of alphabets in general.

  23. Has anyone in the know ever actually associated frats with an entertaining party scene? The two things don't really go.

    1. Legend has it that a (non-greek) frat at Whittier used to throw a party that was ranked in the top 10 college parties in the country. The school administration put the kibosh on it at some point, but they managed to bring it back in the last two years I was at school.

      I was trying to find a cite for it but got distracted by the society page on a Whittier conspiracy website that once referred to me as "a student cavalier about the safety of others and the honor of his school" which might be the nicest thing anyone has ever said.

      1. Do you now bill yourself as "a student cavalier?" That would be classy.

  24. Ok, I'm confused now. I learned last night that in addition to more obvious ones like blackface and the "china man", even a benign samurai costume is "racist" (calling into complete question my 7-yr-old son's ninja costume BTW). So my question is this, when will the word "Dixie" fall under attack for even mildly invoking images of hate/slavery/blah-blah-blah? No, seriously...

    1. I would imagine that in some circles it already has.

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