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Dallas Cop Fired For Shooting Mentally Ill Man, Charged With Aggravated Assault

Man who was shot initially charged with aggravated assault


shot by cop
Dallas PD

Bobby Bennett was shot by a cop in the middle of the day last week. Police claimed he was moving toward them aggressively with a knife when Officer Carden Spencer shot him, but surveillance video from a neighbor's house contradicted that story.

Initially, Bennett, who survived the shooting, was charged with aggravated assault on a public servant. Now the tables have turned. Police have dropped the charges against Bennett, while Spencer has been fired and charged with aggravated assault himself. His partner, meanwhile, will be investigated by internal affairs.

Via CBS Dallas:

"What happened 10 days ago should have never have happened in the first place, and I want to make sure it never happens again," said [family attorney George] Milner, who said Bennett was shot in "cold blood."

"Officers are not above the law," Chief [David] Brown [of the Dallas police] said as he began his nearly hour-long statement to reporters. "We are not going to look the other way. We are not going to sweep officer misconduct under the rug."

Chief Brown also offered an apology to Bennett and his family, and explained why it took ten days to complete the investigation before the Spenser was fired and charged.

"What I have found to be true is rushed investigations and employment actions is wrought with mistakes, knee-jerk reactions and perceptions of partiality," said Brown. "Rushed decisions…under this circumstances have led to not guily verdicts and employment actions being overturned."

Last month, a cop in North Carolina who shot and killed an unarmed man that had crashed his car and was seeking assistance was charged with voluntary manslaughter the same day. Video also exists of that incident, via dashcam, but police in Charlotte have resisted calls to release it; the victim's fiancée says the police chief had promised to release the video.

More Reason on police brutality here.

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  1. Hey, any progress is good progress on this front

  2. Oh the dilemma for the typical cop lover. Surveillance cameras are fabulous and totally necessary to keep us safe and must be everywhere. But they let the proles second guess the boys in blue!!

  3. We are not going to look the other way.

    Not when everyone’s seen the video.

    1. “We are not going to look the other way.”

      Ok, hurray and all that, and I’m not the kind of person to bitch for no reason, but…. consider for a moment:

      In what retarded police state would it even cross a Police Chief’s mind to affirm to the public that he isn’t going to look the other way?

      Doesn’t that one sentence speak volumes about both the police and the public’s expectations of how these events usually play out?

  4. Holy shit. I am JW’s complete and actual surprise.

  5. Ok, the cop shot him = who stepped on his head?

  6. before the Spenser was fired

    The Spense, you bigoratti!

  7. And nothing ha- wait, he was charged? Like, with a crime? A go-to-jail crime?

    Well I’ll be.

  8. Brett Gyllenskog Logan, UT, was arrested and booked into the Cache County Jail on second-degree felony aggravated assault and first-degree felony aggravated burglary charges. According to Logan police reports, witnesses said a fight at 369 N. 100 East began when seven to 10 men entered the apartment and began hitting people with a baseball bat, golf club, beer bottle and pool cue. Five men were treated for injuries at Logan Regional Hospital after the fight and released.

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