NFL Ravens Getting $130,000 to Promote Obamacare


The NFL as a corporate entity has said it won't work to promote Obamacare with the masses, but individual teams are free to do so.

From the Washington Examiner:

In a "Sponsorship Agreement" between the Maryland Health Connection and the Ravens, the state will pay the Super Bowl champs $130,000 to push Obamacare on television, radio, the team's official website, its newsletter and in social media. This includes the Ravens Report Show on cable TV and a number of pre and post-game radio segments as well as Facebook and Twitter plugs.

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That sum of money—more than 87 percent of U.S. households make in a year—is chump change to an NFL player or franchise. Which makes you wonder exactly why the team is extracting it from taxpayers. If the Ravens organization believes in the great good cause of an unworkable and fouled-up health care plan, why not plug it for free, especially since it's taxpayer dollars at work here?  And if they are simply mercenary, you'd think the paltry sum would make such a gig beneath last year's Super Bowl champeens.