Obamacare Marketplace Info May Be Shared with Police, IRS

According to site's privacy policy


Maryland's Health Connection, the state's Obamacare marketplace, has been plagued by delays in the first days of open enrollment.  If users are able to endure long page-loading delays, they are presented with the website's privacy policy, a ubiquitous fine-print feature on websites that often go unread. Nevertheless, users are asked to check off a box that they agree to the terms.

The policy contains many standard statements about information automatically collected regarding Internet browsers and IP addresses, temporary "cookies" used by the site, and website accessibility.  However, at least two conditions may give some users pause before proceeding.

The first is regarding personal information submitted with an application for those users who follow through on the sign up process all the way to the end.  The policy states that all information to help in applying for coverage and even for making a payment will be kept strictly confidential and only be used to carry out the function of the marketplace.  There is, however, an exception: "[W]e may share information provided in your application with the appropriate authorities for law enforcement and audit activities."

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  1. “There is, however, an exception: “[W]e may share information provided in your application with the appropriate authorities for law enforcement and audit activities.””

    IOWs, you have no claim to privacy at all. Zero. We will distribute the information exactly as we please and you won’t be able to do a damn thing about it.

    1. Nothing new. This is a standard part of the HIPPA “privacy” law which provides for wide latitude in disclosing your information to government entities at all levels for any damn reason…all without the bother of having to notify you about the disclosures. Because FYTW.

  2. Serious question:
    How exactly does the mandatory health exchange sign-ups for the uninsured jibe with the right-to-privacy as affirmed in such SCOTUS cases as Roe-vs.-Wade?

  3. This is going to be an epic failure. What makes Obama believe that the American people can afford this enormous increase in costs, who cares that you can get covered under your parents till you are 26. Parents don’t want you on their insurance for that long by then at 26 the person should be on their own. So who does this benefit, the people with a preexisting condition, why not just change that law. So instead Obama will destroy more of our jobs because they can’t afford to pay their share for their employees. Obama and the democrats , I was one but no longer, must really hate this country because these are just more nails in our coffins and that may even be literally.

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