French National Assembly Approves Anti-Amazon Bill


The French National Assembly has approved a bill that aims to protect independent book stores from the competition offered by companies like Amazon by banning the combination of five percent reductions and free shipping. 

From the BBC:

France's new bill supporting independent bookstores against competition from web-based retailers introduces "discrimination against online consumers", said Amazon.

Companies like Amazon are restricted from offering combined 5% reductions and free deliveries under the new laws.

Amazon said the measures would "reduce French people's spending power".

The country's 3,000 independent bookshops had complained they can't compete with cut-price offers online.

The opposition right-wing party UMP proposed the bill, but it also has the support of the left.

It has been approved by the lower house and will now be sent to the Senate.

The BBC goes on to report the following:

France is known for being proud of its local stores, considering them essential to bring culture to small villages.

I guess some people in France rank better prices and free delivery higher than culture and local pride. Thank goodness lawmakers are stepping in to stop this, right?

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