Police Abuse

Matthew Feeney Discusses Police Abuse on RT


Yesterday I was on RT to discuss police brutality and the case of Marlon Brown, who was run over and killed by one of the cops he tried to run away from after police tried to pull him over for not wearing a seat belt in Florida last May. 

More from Reason.com on the Marlon Brown case here and here.

Watch below:

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  1. That fucking officer had every intention of killing that guy. He repeatedly made course corrections as Marlon Brown continued to flee.

    Death penalty.

  2. Yes, Marlon Brown ran from the cops, more than likely because he is a “bad guy”. Ie, he had a warrant, he was on a suspended license. Brown never drew a weapon, never assaulted an officer, never made any indication he was going to kill the officer driving the car.

    Officer Harris is an animal.

  3. Failure to wear your seatbelt is against the law.

    Failure to respect AUTHORITAH is against police department policy and is punishable by summary execution.

    1. And he mentioned to a friend about not intending to wear a seatbelt, so, conspiracy.

  4. And they’re still sticking to this trope, “He died from lack of oxygen to the brain”.

    Yes, that is true. All death results from lack of oxygen to the brain.

    1. A shotgun shell to the head results in an over-abundance of oxygen to the brain.

      1. Exposure of the cranial cavity to Air, yes. Blood is no longer carrying Oxygen to the Brain cells. But I like your style.

  5. Different jobs come with different perks. Cooks eat for free or on the cheap. When you work at a movie theater you get to see movies for free. When you work in law enforcement you get to ignore the law, up to and including murder. Perks. That’s all.

    1. Had I only checked the boxes violent, sadistic and homicidal maniac on my guidance counselor’s forms my life might be very different. Badge bunnies and the sickening thud of a skull coming to pieces under my truncheon, sigh. The road not taken.

      I would’ve had to change my last name to O’in.mb though.

    2. When I was in high school, my best friend’s dad was a retired cop from Compton. He said every cop on the force had an unregistered gun that had “disappeared” from a crime scene, just in case . . .

      1. He said every cop on the force had an unregistered gun that had “disappeared” from a crime scene, just in case . . .

        This is why we need more gun control and a national registry.

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