Militarization of Police

Ohio State University Gets Armored Military Vehicle, Repeatedly Dodges Questions About It


Maybe Neil Young will write a song about OSU's new MRAP.
Credit: centalapalooza,

Ohio State University campus police (OSU PD) recently acquired what appears to be a Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected (MRAP) vehicle to add to their fleet. Several attempts to contact the university have garnered little information about why a vehicle, which was specifically designed for asymmetric warfare, is needed on campus.

The Daily Caller was first to report on the story. They contacted Gary Lewis, OSU's senior director of media relations, who boasted that "OSU's campus cops are 'the first agency in the state to acquire such a vehicle'." However, he and the OSU PD dodged specific questions about the armored vehicle.

I called the campus police and redirected to Deputy Chief of Police Richard Morman, who did not answer. I was informed that Chief of Police Paul Denton was also unavailable. After calling five numbers down OSU's public relations masthead, manager Jane Carroll answered.

"It's already noon," she informed me, "which to be totally realistic, [makes] it a really tall order" to get any details. I said I had several specific questions, and was told someone would call back.

Instead, communications director Lindsay Komlanc sent a generic email.

She wrote that "we already use the same type of vehicles borrowed from other law enforcement agencies at major events," which seems to contradict Lewis' claim about being the first agency in the state to own one.

Komlanc also insisted that OSU PD have been "involved in responding to active shooting situations in the Columbus area as well as on campus." However, the extent of OSU PD's involvement in any active shooter situation has likely been limited, since the only recent shooting was in 2010, when a janitor shot his supervisor and then himself before officers were on the scene. Additionally, the effectiveness of an MRAP in such a situation remains unclear, as a Secret Service report says that shootings are usually resolved in under 15 minutes. Likewise, long before acquiring the bomb-proof vehicle, the OSU PD repeatedly stated that it is prepared for an active shooter situation.

The email explained that the vehicle is also needed for natural disaster relief. Komanc cited past events that would have benefited from the MRAP, such as tornado that occurred at OSU's Wooster campus, which is nearly 100 miles away from where the 14-ton, 11-mpg vehicle is actually stationed. Again, the school contradicts itself, as OSU PD asserted long before they got the MRAP that they were prepared specifically for the disasters Komanc mentions. Also, numerous reports show that the entire state of Ohio is among the safest places from all shades of natural disasters.

Among the questions that remain unanswered is whether any the campus police are qualified to operate an MRAP. Even the Marine Corps, which requires personnel to get specific training and a unique license for the vehicle, encountered many problems ranging from specialized mechanical knowledge for maintenance, to frequent rollovers, and the inability to "pursue the enemy off-road, in confined areas, or across many bridges."

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  1. There's a special place in my heart for Ohio State, which is why I appreciate the INTERN'S tough-love attitude towards it.

    1. Ohio State is a shithole full of illegal-memorabilia-selling terrorists and sodomites. It is the one college in the country I can understand needing an MRAP.

      1. Says the Michigan alum...

        1. Michigan sucks too. Just not quite as much.

          1. Where "not quite as much" means "quite a bit more"

            1. Ann Arbor is nicer than Columbus.

              1. Comparing Columbus to Ann Arbor is like comparing Ann Arbor to Interlochen. The population difference is so ridiculously out-of-whack that you're not even saying anything.

      2. The only thing an MRAP does better than other tactical vehicles is survive bombs underneath or adjacent to it. For anything else a wide variety of tactical lightly armored vehicles will be better.

      3. Go Blow.

      4. That's memorabilia trading gangsters, you dunce. God, if you're going to sandbag an entire school for 6 of its athletes running afoul of a stupid NCAA policy at the absolute worst possible time, at least get your facts right.

        1. It wasn't "at the absolute worst possible time". It was "at the worst possible time unless you play for an SEC school". Just ask SCam Newton and his day, who sold his services to the highest bidder, or Johnny Fuckface and his little autograph session where he graciously signed 4000 pieces of memorabilia for $10k that cost him an entire half against Rice.

          1. I'm thinking people who live in glass universities should cast stones. The SEC gets away with nothing large schools don't traditionally get away with. The system is a disaster.

            1. Shouldn't cast stones, unless you really want to.

            2. All I know is OSU got off easy compared to USC. One guy got paid by sports agents, and we lost 30 scholarships and a 2 year bowl ban (and we had to vacate a bunch of games, but no one gives a shit about that, we all still know who won them). Cause Reggie Bush was totally the only guy in all of college football at the time to get paid by agents. I'm sure no one on Texas or one of the SEC schools was taking money from someone in those years. The entire system is bullshit. Fuck Paul Dee

  2. Look, I don't know how many times you people need to be told this--it's An Ohio State University.

    I used to work at OSU, and I don't recall any screaming need for urban assault vehicles.

    1. You clearly haven't been on Chittenden the night after a game.

      And it's "The", Prole. Don't make me come down there.

      1. I mock your pretensions. Besides, Ohio University is also an Ohio state university.

        1. I have come to chew bubblegum, kick ass, and mention that OSU needs that to beat Michigan. And I am all out of bubblegum.

          1. Michigan opens against App. State next year.

            1. 0-2

              1. I have no particular animosity towards Michigan, but I've got this weird feeling that Appalachian State will do it again. It's insanely unlikely, I know.

                1. Unlikely. But - come on - just how awesome would it be?

                  Here's hoping...

                  /not a Michigan slappy and/or alum

                2. Why unlikely? UM almost dropped a game against Akron this year.

                  1. App. State isn't exactly great right now, even for App. State. Michigan is improving a bit, too.

                    I vacation in Boone pretty regularly, so I do have a soft spot for the school for that reason.

            2. I'm sick of this pussy scheduling shit. When I went to UM the typical opening 3 games included Notre Dame, Florida State, Miami, UCLA, etc. Even when there was a patsy, back then the patsies were still big I-A schools.

              Playing these pissant schools is a no-win. If you win, who gives a shit, and if you lose you'll never live it down.

    2. C'mon, Pro Lib, they might have to deal with students passing out pamphlets on the Constitution or something.

        1. What if it were students WITH LITTLE DOGS passing out pocket constitutions.

          Oooooooo! SCARY!

  3. No officer was available to answer reason's request for information on the vehicle because they are currently busy bukkake-ing the hell out of it.

    1. ew. Gross. I wish I had thought of that. +1 to you.

  4. It is a fucking toy. They have no idea how they will use it, they will soon figure out how they can use it in ordinary situations that were previously handled just fine without one.

    1. Exactly. This is not some nefarious plot to create a domestic army. This is a bunch of overgrown children using taxpayer money to buy useless toys to play with at work.

      1. But aren't you glad Bernanke monetized all that debt, which was then passed onto all those gullible kids, to pay for this bullshit?

      2. I'd guess they didn't actually buy it. Of course if the Fedgov gave it to them, it's still taxpayer money.

    2. I bet thats like 80% for sure, including how bad-ass they feel and think they look in it. The other 20% is pure intimidation. Park that in front of the stadium and see how peaceful the crowd is.

  5. I still fail to see the need for campus police. UConn's police force spent (and as far as I know, still does) its entire time handing out tickets and observing near-riots in X Lot while hitting on drunk girls.

    1. What I don't understand is why the university police, a state police force, don't engage in more shootouts with local police.

      1. So that's not a rumor that campus police are state police? I had someone tell me that about the UConn police and I wasn't sure I believed them.

        1. I don't know it for an absolute fact, but universities are state property and institutions, so I assume they are state cops of some sort.

          1. They have the authority of state police.

            1. They have the authority of state police.

              They have arrest powers throughout the state? I didn't know that about campus police.

              1. I said authority, not jurisdiction.

                1. In other words, if a local cop comes on campus, the state cop can order him to stand down, and otherwise treat him like a dog.

                  1. treat [local cop] like a dog

                    Gonna have to check that one - don't think they can shoot the other cops, but I may be wrong.

                    1. Not without probable cause, like walking on to state cop turf, no.

          2. The campus police at my school were all state constables.

        2. YMMV by state, but in VA all campus cops at state schools are real LEOs with statewide enforcement authority; ie, equivalent to state troopers. I have verified this with two sources who know about these things.

          1. A quick google came up with this.


            The jurisdiction of the UWG Police as defined by Georgia law is the campus proper plus 500 yards.

            I don't know about other states either.

            1. *Stands 501 yards off the UWG campus taunting their police.*

          2. You are both right depending on the state. As I said below, university grounds are state property and thus only state cops have jurisdiction there.

    2. Not that I disagree with the conclusion, but comparing UConn and OSU is not supportive of the argument.

      1. Are you comparing size or something? UConn is a huge campus, and Storrs is basically its own little city. I'm sure the two schools are very different in character, but each's needs for their own police force--if based on size and campus crime levels--seem similarly low.

        1. I don't know how big UConn is, but Ohio State is quite huge. It's like a nation-state.

          1. They even have a disgraced former dictator; Woody Hayes.

          2. It seems that the total acreage of OSU, according to Wikipedia, is four times that of UConn, so yeah, that's pretty big.

            1. It's like a small planet. You know, from The Little Prince. Literally.

            2. And crime rates are pretty significant in the neighborhoods that border the campus to the east. Definately not someplace you want to be running around by yourself after dark. CPD can't keep all the hood boogers out of the area so they need to give the the parents the feeling their little muffins not going to get raped walking to her dorm. And yeah it's huge. I grew up over by there.

              1. What university campus doesn't have crime problems? I still don't see the need for a tank, drones, nuclear weapons, or whatever other nonsense is coming.

                1. Your absolutly correct. I was talking about why they have the campus cops there.

                2. Here's the thing with Ohio State, though - it's basically a city within a city (which we have a lot of within Columbus anyway). I'm a big fan of localism. I'd rather have OSU police dealing with OSU problems, the same way you'd rather have Tampa police deal with Tampa problems.

                  1. I will say that I am very glad the few times I actually had run in with our campus police I was very grateful they did involve the local city police.

                  2. What the fuck do I care about Tampa police? I live in the county.

                    1. It's an example yo. I have no idea where you live in America's Wang.

              2. I've been jumped a few times on Pearl Street, walking back from Mustard's.

                1. That's old school, EDG. Mustard's isn't even there anymore. Ohio State's been all Disneyfied.

                  1. That's a great idea. Disney should open a university/theme park.

                2. Yeah I got banged around in Mustards once. Over 30 years ago.

                  1. Pregnant too, huh? How old is the horse chestnut, or whatever they call them?

    3. There isn't any. Campus's need private security to keep out people who don't belong there. But they don't need cops.

      1. Work-study security.

    4. I've never understood why *any* university has a *police* force (vice a private security force).

      But then I've never understood why agreements to allow university police jurisdiction outside of university property (or vice versa) either.

      Hot pursuit is one thing (and I don't really like it) but trolling local bars looking for under-age drinkers is another.

    5. I still fail to see the need for campus police.

      Simple. Students don't need to carry guns on campus because the campus police are there to protect them.

      Not that campus cops will protect students, mind you, but that's why they're there.

  6. Maybe they need it to counter the rash of strangers living in basements?

    But seriously, the police blotter in the Columbus Dispatch is amazing reading. Like, almost as good as Florida police blotters. Off the top of my head, I can recall stories about sword wielding psychos, a man hogtied and covered in BBQ sauce, and a series of vandalisms where frozen sticks of butter were thrown through windows.

      1. Mine is the Dutch Harbor - since they know it's fucking bizarre.

        1548 - Assistance Rendered ? A man who identified himself as God's Army Bear told police that he had been instructed by God to kill another man, if he was first attacked by the other, and requested assistance obtaining a protective order for both his and his intended victim's safety. The man was provided with appropriate paperwork from the court.

  7. A 14 ton, high COG vehicle for *tornado* response?

    1. How, exactly, do they plan to respond to a tornado with it? Shooting a windstorm has no effect, and all the armor in the world won't do the occupants any good when the twister rolls it over and sends it bowling down the road.

    2. It has *horrible* off-road performance - so what good is it going to do when the roads are full of debris?

    3. In the aftermath of a tornado, is getting police into the are really a priority?

    4. Is OSU so anarchic that IED's are a real danger?

    5. Can this truck do anything that the same sort of armored car a security company uses to move money can't do better?

    1. I mean, really, if you want to be tacti-cool - get a HMMWV and keep a pile of sandbags around.

      You can use the HMMWV to drive around and look bad-ass, actually go off-road, and if you *need* the armor, tie the sandbags to it - worked for the military, should work for the cops.

    2. I'd guess there's a good probability that the Fed gov gave it to them, and that's what the Feds had handy.

  8. How many responses will this be involved in before somebody rolls it? Or, will it be so hard to maintain that they'll never get it out of the garage?

    1. Ones response before its rolled and then (after its repaired with a bill larger than the original cost of the vehicle) it will never leave the garage except to be part of the SWAT display at your local school's open house.

  9. "It's already noon," she informed me, "which to be totally realistic, [makes] it a really tall order" to get any details.

    Jesus Fuck, nobody in this country wants to work anymore. I remember a time long ago when people worked until 5 or 5:30.

    1. There's some truth to this. The rare times I leave work extra early, I'm appalled at how much traffic there already is on the road.

    2. You know, there was a time when people only had to work a couple of hours a day in this country...

      1. And with the Obamacare part time job boom, we've progressed to the point where people can ONLY work a couple hours a day in this country.

        1. WTF? That was the WI signal, not the non-sequitur-shot-at-Obama signal.

      2. You damn city-statists and your "work".

  10. Well, when Urban Meyer suffers his inevitable decline in two years, hopefully they will need it to extract him from thousands of rioting OSU fans.

    1. What, you think the university cops would help him? I think they got this in anticipation of his removal in a year or so, to be replaced by Lane Kiffin.

      1. So they're going to use this to run over the TV commentators standing in line to give him a farewell fellatio? Because it sure as hell got out of hand at UF (both times!)

        1. Yeah, go figure. I know, national titles, etc., but I was never a big fan of his.

      2. "I think they got this in anticipation of his removal in a year or so, to be replaced by Lane Kiffin."

        As a USC student and fan, this would make me so happy. Anything to get rid of that moron.

        1. OSU don't want him either. Lane Kiffin is a bad coach, and kind of a weird dude.

          1. How he has a coaching job of any kind is beyond me. And I say that as someone who was prepared to like him, because I'm a huge fan of his dad, one of the great NFL defensive coordinators of all time.

            In other words, Lane has fully earned my contempt.

            1. His dad is/was a great NFL coordinator, but he had no clue how to stop modern college offenses. Our defense is so much better this year with Pendergast. Problem is, with Kiffin's offense, and no Barkley or Woods, our offense sucks (it looked pretty good last week, and the playcalling was 1000x better than the WSU game, but it was still just Boston College, so I'll hold off on rejoicing until we do that against quality competition)

          2. Oh, come on. You don't want to recruit 4 and 5 star talent, only to throw the bubble screen 20 times a game? How can you say no to that?

            1. He's not only incompetent, he also seems to be a scumbag as a person.

              1. Yeah he's a major douche. Total embarrassment to the university. I have no idea what Pat Haden (our AD) is waiting for.

                1. Maybe Haden is just letting Kiffin ride out the sanctions.

                  1. At this point, Kiffin is worse than the sanctions. If we fire Kiffin now, the new coach will be able to bring in a full class every year going forward (after this class of 2014). We can do a lot better than LK, and the longer he stays, the harder it will be to recover.

                    1. At least one potential recruit has publicly said maybe USC if they fire Kiffin. I mean, that's a stinging rebuke of epic proportions. Homeric.

                    2. I agree, that's just the only reasonable theory I've heard. I mean, it could be that Haden is keeping him around because the worse USC looks the better Notre Dame looks...

                    3. Sometimes I wonder with that guy ...

                      Or who knows? Maybe Kiffin is actually a secret part of the sanctions?

            2. Has anyone actually seen what is on his giant menu? Is it all "3rd and 7 with less than 5 mins then: Bubble Screen... 1st and goal with less than 10 seconds: Bubble Screen..."

              1. I think he has "Bubble Screen" and "HB Dive" written in 50 different languages on each side. I'm convinced that the only reason he has it is so he doesn't have to do some actual in-game coaching

                1. Probably, he certainly doesn't have the air of a man who knows what he's doing.

  11. We all know why Ohio State needs that vehicle:

    In case @Vodka_Samm decides to go to the Hawkeyes/Buckeyes game this year.

  12. Maybe OSU didn't know that FAMU was travelling without their band this week and anticipated s murder.

    1. Hey, lay off that band. I don't know how good they are now that they've stopped torturing students, but they used to be awesome. I saw them destroy UF's band at a game some years ago. I mean, their band kicked our ass as bad as our football team beat theirs.

      Does FSU ever play them?

      1. You can't have a great band unless you can enforce discipline. A few people dying during training is the price you have to pay for a great marching band.

      2. A joke of a team in a joke of a conference is still not funny.

        1. We're talking about the band, man.

  13. OSU's behavior has let me down one last time.

  14. I thought there was a 2nd Amendment in this country.

    1. How do you always continually fail?

  15. You have clearly missed the important detail in the press release. They 'acquired' it. This obviously means that it was the prize in a secret inter agency tactical paint ball match held by the DOD. Nobody else is talking about it because losing to OSU is just that embarrassing whether it's the football team or the pretend police.

    And I'd bet that it won't spend any time in the garage (because it doesn't fit) until they upgrade their maintenance facilities to handle over-sized vehicles.

  16. Now that I think about it the reason why state universities have police departments is because the campus grounds are not part of the town. They are state property and thus no one but the state has jurisdiction there. Depending on the state, the county sheriff might, but the city won't. So in a campus as large as OSU, they have to have some kind of branch of the state police there, which they call "campus police".

  17. That would be The UFYTW.

  18. Maybe Maurice Clarett is coming to town?

  19. They need something that can plow through a mountain of burning couches if OSU loses to Michigan. I was at OSU in the early 2000's, it gets wild down there (especially with 50,000 kids living on top of each other).

    But seriously, this is retarded--and completely indicative of the fact that the lamestream intellectuals are actually mindless thugs who worship the state as a means of protecting themselves from physical reality. Their collectivism is aimed at that same end; capitalism offers no free lunch.

    1. The couch-burning thing died down this decade. Ahh, how I miss it.

  20. Obviously, it is for the frat and sorority parties. Those crazy kids.

    1. Oh, those wacky days of mixing homemade RDX and blowing up campus police.

  21. That thing would look great with the Delta Tau Chi logo on it.

    1. Dartmouth really is like that to this day.

  22. Huh, sloopy is oddly missing from this thread. I guess I will have to post something for him. Hopefully this will suffice.

    1. Is it wrong to indoctrinate your kids in alien religions like that?

      1. Baby Reason? HAS SPOKEN!!!

      2. I had no idea my nine month-old daughter looked like a 12 year-old Cholo.

        1. You guys do live in California. I think there's Latino genes in the water.

  23. What, no Kent State jokes?

    1. "FORWARD in O-hio"

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