Drug War

Pot, Drug Possession Dominate New Arrest Statistics


The FBI crime statistics for 2012 are out, and once again, they demonstrate the massive amount of law enforcement resources we devote to preventing people from getting high. And from pot in particular.

Read this article at The Agitator.

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  1. If we ended the drug war and laid off the cops, could we balance the budget this year?

    1. Don’t forget the prosecutors, judges, court staff, prison staff, parole officers, welfare staff, etc.

  2. That’s impossible. Every liberal douchebag I know swears that Obama’s America isn’t fascistic like Boooosshh’s.

  3. The link is to the HuffPost. I feel dirty now.

  4. Drugs are bad, m’kay?

  5. Kinda slim pickings from the SUPER USERS today. Two gems:

    Have a day.
    297 Fans
    11 hours ago (12:09 AM)
    Make liquor illegal too. Dui’s and public intox laws
    are legal robbery
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    Tanya OaksBrooks
    Sarcastic, left-wing, science-loving rocker chick
    1649 Fans
    10 hours ago ( 1:07 AM)
    Legal robbery? So you should just be allowed to drive drunk and kill innocent people?

    Nick Vanocur
    A poet with rhyme in search of reason
    2367 Fans
    19 hours ago ( 5:53 PM)
    “Oh no, I spilled my martini on the pot statistics!”
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    906 Fans
    18 hours ago ( 6:27 PM)
    That’s OK, in the time it took you to type that, corporate just cut down 1000 acres of pristine wilderness to make way for planting more juniper bushes and olive trees to keep those gin martinis flowing! So, SPILL AWAY congress! We’ve got pot smokers to persecute!!

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