Stop and Frisk

Judge to NYPD: Get on That Stop-and-Frisk Reform Now, Please


Funny, if we resisted legal orders we'd get beaten up and Tazed

Government officials are used to getting rulings against them temporarily put on hold while they appeal. And appeal. And appeal. But New York City's efforts to put a hold on mandated stop-and-frisk changes were smacked down by the judge who ordered them. According to Newsday:

U.S. District Judge Shira Scheindlin in Manhattan has refused New York City's request for a delay of her rulings ordering reforms in the NYPD's stop-and-frisk procedures while it pursues an appeal.

"Ordering a stay now would send precisely the wrong signal," Scheindlin wrote. "It would essentially confirm that the past practices . . . were justified and based on constitutional police practices. It would also send the message that reducing the number of stops is somehow dangerous to the residents of this City."

The judge ruled in August that police were making street stops with[out] the "reasonable suspicion" required by the Constitution and targeting minorities. She ordered the appointment of a monitor to institute reforms in training, supervision and discipline, and a pilot project to have officers wear cameras to record stops.

She also noted in her 17-page ruling that she is confident that her decision will be upheld on appeal and pointed out that the NYPD has reduced the number of stop-and-frisk stops this past year and hasn't seen a crime increase. The city has other avenues to try to stay the ruling while they appeal, and they'll no doubt pursue them.

Read Reason on stop-and-frisk here.

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  1. The elephant in the room here is anti-discrimination law, which is certainly a constitutional issues isn’t it? Why isn’t anti-discrimination law being discussed here?

  2. …pointed out that the NYPD has reduced the number of stop-and-frisk stops this past year and hasn’t seen a crime increase.

    So an effective constitutional violation would be more tolerable? Kind of like the NSA’s ignorance of the 4th Amendment was just fine because it was supposedly stopping the terrorists.

    So what repercussions happen if the NYPD refuse this order?

    1. The judge will have the NYPD . . . oh wait, NVM.

    2. Send ’round a marshal to arrest the NYPD chief!

  3. Good fytw?

  4. The cops are committing crimes, the court ordered them to stop it.


  5. How bout throwing the chief of police into jail on contempt of court, that should move things along a bit more quickly.

    1. How many regiments does the judge have?

    2. Sounds like a great idea, but since the perps are the only people in NYC who have guns, who’s going to arrest the head perp?


      1. Pretty sure the US Marshall Service has guns.

    3. As correctly noted by Swedish Waiter above, federal judges can have US Marshals haul people in for a show-cause hearing (to establish whether NYPD was in contempt). Federal courts do not take lightly challenges to their authority.

  6. “The judge has issued her ruling. Now let her enforce it.”

  7. How long before the Judge’s house starts “randomly” getting bullets through the windows?

    1. Nah. They’ll use passive aggressive tactics. Like taking their sweet time responding if she calls 911, or giving her a DUI instead of a ride home if they catch her driving drunk.

      1. They might do what the Costa Mesa, CA police did to their mayor and try to set her up for a DUI.

  8. *chirp* *chirp* *chirp*

    1. GTA V, bitches!

      1. Apparently this applies to the Reason staff as well. Three hours without a post…

        1. You people don’t appreciate them at all. I wonder how they put up with such ungratefulness.

          1. I’m told that the interns that survive Reason Hell Week can handle abuse from the commentariat just fine.

        2. Seriously, did everyone go on vacation all at once? There’s been almost zero lady-libertarian/Epi participation today.

          1. There’s been almost zero lady-libertarian/Epi participation today.

            I’m worried that this isn’t a coincidence. Has anyone checked Epi’s dungeon?

          2. Don’t worry biatches, I’m awake at 4:40 AM with a epic headcold and I’m ready to be scintillating.

          3. nicole is still super busy, jesse, and I just became incredibly so today through the end of the week at least.

            1. KK, lap, Lady B and BuSab have also been less commenty lately.

              1. BuSab has sick grand-daughters that she’s watching. Pukey toddlers really cut into one’s posting schedule.

                1. Ack, I was often left in charge of my younger brother who had a “weak stomach” (and was fed lots of goats milk) so I’m deeply, deeply sympathetic. I hope they get better soon.

            2. KK’s mom is in hospice, remember? Or (and I say this lovingly) passed on and feeling no more pain. So she probably won’t be around for a while. We’re not exactly the cure for grief.

              1. Oh no, I hadn’t heard…

                H&R could be the cure for grief if you’re ok with having overriding anger push all other emotions out of the way. It’s probably not a healthy way of dealing with grief though.

      2. I refuse to accept the notion that I’m the only person who doesn’t obsess over the latest video game.

        1. Depends on which game.

          1. I’m still holding out for Latex and Leather IV.

        2. Ted S.| 9.17.13 @ 10:38PM |#
          “I refuse to accept the notion that I’m the only person who doesn’t obsess over the latest video game.”

          There is at least one more.

        3. I like video games but I’m way too frugal to spend money on them.

        4. Me too. I also hate football and the suckers that watch it.

        5. I never do that. I don’t do it with movies either. Just wait until they are on sale, that’s the time to buy them.

          1. I hear Madden ’99 can be had for cheap now.

            1. Yeah, but you can’t kill players on the other team, or the zebras, especially the zebras, and loot all of their stuff. So, it’s no good.

    1. When are they coming to my house to play this terrible prank on me? I need to know so that I make sure to leave the door open.

      1. Damn, I watched the video, that is freaking hilarious.

        1. I like when his woman looks kinda pissed and he says “this is wicked good”.

          1. I would have been just like him, grab a glass and make the best of it, and told the wife ‘don’t worry honey, as soon as I drink all of this nasty old beer, it will go back to normal, I’m sure’

  9. Oklahoma troopers find two cars and five bodies while testing sonar equipment in lake

    Oklahoma Highway Patrol officials stumbled upon the mud-covered cars ? a blue 1969 Chevrolet Camaro and a late-1950s-era car ? while testing new sonar equipment during a training exercise at Foss Lake, near the tiny town of Foss (population: 157) in Custer County, authorities said.
    Officials at the scene were able to identify one of the three bodies in the Camaro, The Elk City Daily News reported. But no names will be released until family members are notified, the State Bureau of Investigation and the county sheriff’s office said.
    The Camaro is believed to be associated with the disappearance of three students at Sayre High School: Jimmy Allen Williams 16, Thomas Michael Rios, 18, and Leah Gail Johnson 18. They were last seen on Nov. 20, 1970, in Jimmy’s car ? a blue 1969 Camaro, which was never found, according to the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, a bureau of the Justice Department’s National Institute of Justice.
    The second vehicle appears to be associated with the disappearance of a couple last seen in Canute, about 10 miles south of the lake, in the early 1960s, Custer County Sheriff Bruce Peoples said in a statement.

    Dead Man’s curve or swamp monster? You be the judge!

    1. Well at least we know what Warty was up to in 1970.

    2. Sounds more like victims of the ‘oh, the ice is thick enough’ monster.

      1. In Oklahoma? In November?

        1. IDK, its northern OK and northern AZ get snow and ice.

          I’m not quite all on how this ice thing works, let alone iced-over lakes – where I live we not only don’t even get frost in the winter, there’s basically 0 surface water for about a 100 miles.

          1. Where do you live?

            I have spent years trying to convince the GF to move to the desert.

            1. Why do you want to live in a desert?

              1. It feels good to be out of the rain?

                1. I lived in Ventura county, CA for 5 years. Mostly in Simi Valley. I don’t remember it raining for more than a few times, at least not during the day.

                  I prefer a climate similar to where my wife and I have our place in Brazil, where it rains a lot, but there is sun almost every day. I like the high humidity. Arid climates make my skin really dry, I hate that. When I lived in Northern Indiana, my skin would get so dry during the long winters that it would get all red and flaky like eczema.

                  1. My knuckles always cracked when I was a kid in Dallas, but I assumed that since southeastern Pennsylvania is so damn humid that it wouldn’t be a problem in the winter.

                    WRONG. They’re already cracking.

            2. Somerton, AZ – just west of Yuma.

              Close enough to San Diego to go to the beach if you want, far enough away from CA to stay clear of the crazy laws and tax-hungry politicians.

      2. Pff, where’s the fun in that?

  10. Not even a cruise ship salvage operation this evening.
    But then the the choice for Helicopter Ben’s replacement looks like a popularity contest; who’d expect better of Obama?…..819340.php

  11. You know who else had their own Vegas show?

  12. Someone told me Arsenio was back on TV, and I didn’t believe him. So I turned on his show.
    I still don’t believe it.

    1. What have you done with Archduke Trouserenthusiast you bastard?

      1. He wants to make sure that we all know that it was him who became famous for pantsing a link, while still being able to change his name.

        1. In the desert, no one remembers your name…

  13. OT, but. I was in Best Buy a couple hours ago, killing time while waiting to pick my wife up from her Tuesday night class.

    There was this older couple (older than me, so like really old) and they were talking to one of the nerdy employees about how their grandson stays up all night playing these video games when he stays with them. I forget all of the titles, but they were all games like GTA, Call of Duty, Battlefield 3 and other titles. But they were all violent shooters. And this nice old couple is buying this kid pretty much everything in the store. I am guessing he was 10 or 12 at most.

    And here is me, this old dude, looking for a gaming headset to better hear the death cries of my slain enemies in my own ultra violent video games, which I will stop playing when hell freezes over.

    It just reminded me of how out of touch with reality these inside the beltway politicians are. I have news for them, if they like to hear about reality. They can forget about this latest fear mongering that they and their state owned media are going on with about violent video games. It is going nowhere. The fact that they think they can get any traction with that is laughable beyond absurdity.

    1. The 800-pound gorilla in the room of “mass shootings” is that many of these shooters were on anti-depressants or psychotropics which is vastly more plausible than “the AR-15 seized control of their mind” or “Grand Theft Auto made them do it.”

      1. I agree with you. But what do you think… Gawd, I hate to say this, but it’s true… what do you think the big pharm company donors for a lot of our politicians have to say about that? IOW, that ain’t makin primetime news.

        1. How many politicians are on prescription drugs themselves?

          1. How ever many of them are, they aren’t paying for it, we are.

        2. Probably something along the lines of, “SSRIs are perfectly safe, our drugs have nothing to do with these troubled individuals shooting X number of people, here are some studies saying so, here’s our approval from the FDA, and by the way GUNZ R BAD, M’KAY?”

      2. DARE to keep kids off Ritalin.

    2. If you haven’t already – check out Warframe.

  14. Justin Amash will not be running for Senate in 2014

    As much as I’d love to see a Senator Amash, I don’t see how he could win in a year when the Democrats will be desperate to retain seats.

    1. As long as he stays in congress at all, it’s a plus for us libertarians.

  15. CJ Ross, the boxing judge who scored the Mayweather-Alvarez fight as a draw, confirmed that she is stepping down indefinitely, according to Las Vegas TV station 8 News NOW.

    1. She had to be on the take to call it a draw.

  16. Sesame Street or your nightmare?

  17. Buzzfeed did this?

    9 Potential Mass Shootings That Were Stopped By Someone With A Personally-Owned Firearm

    1. I guess that Salon article that angrily claimed no gun owner had ever stopped a mass shooting was full of shit.

      1. No, it actually wasn’t. They were very careful with their words. Civilian gun owners rarely stop something once it’s become a mass shooting because if anyone in the area had a gun they would have put as top to it before it BECAME a mass shooting. What civilians have often done is stopped a potential shooter before a situation becomes a mass shooting.

        By saying that no civilian has stopped a mass shooting, they only count those instances in which 4 or more people are killed, and totally discount all the shootings that were stopped before they start.

        It’s actually an ingenious semantic trick, but it doesn’t make it any less disingenuous.

        1. It’s actually an ingenious semantic trick, but it doesn’t make it any less disingenuous.

          I expect nothing less from the likes of Salon.

          The facts of the Navy Yard shooting show that all gun control steps were followed so that’s why I predict that this will fade away rather quickly.

          Alexis was actually barred from buying an AR-15 in Virginia because that state bars purchases from out of state residents.

        2. Nor accurate, either…

    1. In some sweet news for chocolate lovers, four of Canada’s largest candy bar makers have agreed to pay $23.2 million to settle a class-action lawsuit over price-fixing in the Canadian market.

      Demonstrations will be held thanking Big Brother for increasing the chocolate ration.

  18. Probably posted already: Customer service meltdown

    8 minutes and 31 seconds of a broken man screaming after being shuffled through the phone tree for three hours.

    More information: The call happened about 4 years ago. Mark, the customer service rep, no longer works for the company. Allegedly, the company took some type of legal action against the customer and now he can’t call the company anymore.The call started being circulated through my department and the company used their magic to delete it from everyone’s email, so I don’t think they’d be happy that I still have it.

    1. The caller doesn’t sound rational. First he says the extension for Michelle goes to tech support, then he says it goes to her voicemail.

  19. I had a friend who worked for Comcast. There was a woman in Seattle who would call in a lot and complain about the people on TV watching her.

    1. I’d kill myself if I had to work in tech service.

      1. I’m amazed at how Mark remains calm throughout the entire conversation. That man is a born customer service rep.

        1. He didn’t really get past the customer’s main complaint. Maybe if he tried finding out what Michelle was supposed to do for him?

          1. It doesn’t sound like the customer was interested in being cooperative. At some point he would have had to put him on hold and transfer him to another department which is what the guy was freaking out about.

    2. The most amazingly patient and polite person I know works in Tech Support. She vacations with us and telecommutes from Pennsic. Our camp just sits and listens in wonder as she deals with the the most tech illiterate people on the planet without ever losing her temper or raising her voice,. Halla, you are a damn saint!

    1. Before I clicked on the link, I said to myself, “Please please please let that be the Jeffrey Wagner for Mayor of Minneapolis ad that H&R linked to several days ago.”

      To be fair, it was posted in the morning when those of you on the wrong coast are still asleep. Or masturbating before getting out of bed.

      1. asleep. Or masturbating before getting out of bed

        Some of us multitask.

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