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WHO Consultant Slams Guam Medical Marijuana Legalization Efforts, Suggests Tobacco and Marijuana Should Both Be Illegal

Also would like to see the import of processed foods restricted, for health


your body your smoke
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Inevitably, some bureaucrat goes ahead and says what a lot of nanny statists are thinking. Sure, marijuana may be less unhealthy than tobacco, but they should both be illegal. Guam, an unincorporated territory of the United States, is considering a bill to legalize medical marijuana. A "consultant" with the World Health Organization, Dr. Temo Waqanivalu, urged Guam not to do it. Via the Guam edition of Marianas Variety:

"They both can cause death ultimately. We would love to see that both marijuana and tobacco are made illegal," Dr. Temo Waqanivalu said.

"That's the ideal [outcome], but the fact remains that one is legal and the other is illegal. Someone who argues that tobacco kills and marijuana cures is disregarding the mental effects of marijuana," the WHO consultant said in an interview after his presentation at the Healthy Island Healthy People conference hosted by the Non-Communicable Disease Consortium on Friday.

Waqanivalu went on to blame "tobacco companies" for why Guam and the countries of the Pacific haven't made the Pacific region "tobacco-free," and "processed foods" for why Pacific Islanders are prone to non-communicable diseases, suggesting governments "restrict their inflow."

Public health is the health of the state?

More Reason on cigarettes and marijuana.

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    1. I really want to know.

      1. Tell me, who are you?

    2. What’s the name of the guy who made that asinine statement?

      1. Third base.

  1. They both can cause death ultimately.

    Swimming pools.

    1. Dragnet taught me that if you smoke pot your baby will drown in the bathtub.

      p.s. Even as an empty-headed kid I thought that was stupid episode.

  2. “They both can cause death ultimately. We would love to see that both marijuana and tobacco are made illegal,” Dr. Temo Waqanivalu said.

    When it comes to banning stuff for your own good, WHO’s on first!

  3. I’m just going to state the obvious, life kills you eventually.

    1. Not if the government gets to you first.

      1. But what is government, if not life?

    2. my thoughts exactly

    3. The leading cause of death is life. Five to one, baby, one in five, no one here gets out alive.

  4. Wasn’t it that Keynes fellow who said ultimately we’re all dead?

    1. Not in the context it’s normally ascribed. I think (think) he intended it as a rejoinder to his critics about long-term horizons.

      1. “But this long run is a misleading guide to current affairs. In the long run we are all dead. Economists set themselves too easy, too useless a task if in tempestuous seasons they can only tell us that when the storm is long past the ocean is flat again.”

        — John Maynard Keynes, A Tract on Monetary Reform, 1923

        1. i have always interpreted that in a chaos/order or good/evil context.

          if our lifespan was 5 seconds then we wouldnt have enough time to figure out who are the bad guys and avoid/punish them, not even a detection scheme to isolate them. a sucker is born every minute. all learning starts all over every time we lose a senior citizen and birth a baby.

          if an economist cannot accurately advise in turbulent times they are like a man with a 5 second lifespan. all their learning is too slow to do any good.

          the sad commentary is that our society is likely the best this world will ever see, and ppl constantly get in positions of power via evil and chaos. good and order take time to get a foothold. they have to grow on their actual merits.

          imo the best solution is for the best of the best, morally and aptitude-wise, to get on their high horse and utilize the most cynical of the tools in the evil handbook.

          we need a empty suit populist who constantly runs game on the public, but pushes the NAP agenda. there just isnt enough time for ppl to figure it out before a new crop of college kids vote in the next obama.

          when/if this society crumbles the opportunity to even understand the NAP will rapidly diminish.

          of course, none of this is possible as long as secret organizations conspire. its simply too powerful for the human race. we need either a longer lifespan or ability to read ppls minds. we just cant see thru lies fast enough.

          1. There’s a much brighter future ahead, after some very dark times.

  5. So apparently some people were shot in DC today?

    How is this possible? It’s illegal to carry guns there, and we all know our nation’s capital is one of the safest on Earth. I mean, where can a person be safe if not there?!

    I am really just having a hard time comprehending this. My mind is blown.

    1. The aftermath of mass-shootings is the right time, perhaps the only time, to discuss gun control strategies. However, only right-wing partisans and 2a nuts bring up the failures of gun control.

      1. All this shows is that what we need is MOAR CONTROLZ.

    2. I drove right by there yesterday, by accident, because my GPS got me lost and there was a detour to get back on 295 north that made me go right by there.

      We were driving by some old blue and white painted stone building with interesting architecture and there was a large white building in front of us where we had to make a left, right at the corner of M and 8th street.

      My wife asked me ‘what is that’ building? And I said ‘There’s some Navy insignias on there, so I think this is the Navy yards’.

      Fucking weird, I’ve never been there before.

    3. The CVS where the guy got shot in the face is one of my haunts before Nationals games.

      1. Advertising your services is uncalled for around here.

      2. Shooters are never there when you need them.

  6. The free market makes it way too easy for some moron like Waqanivalu to get a public sector job by creating too much wealth to be spread around to even the most useless industries like health trolling. There needs to be some kind of regulation or law to stop that.

    And, of course, the corpses didn’t even make to room temperature before DiFi built a podium out of them.…..-shooting/

    1. Yeah, but what did you expect? She’s a bigger fascist than even McCain and Graham.

      However, Graham’s going to get his ass primaried and McCain will retire. But Feinstein will be carried into the Senate in a jar of embalming fluid long after her death, because apparently the voters in her district are that dumb.

    2. “What Dianne Feinstein did should be illegal. No parent should ever have to suffer the indignity of having their child exploited for somebody else’s political beliefs. Therefore, I propose a system of waiting periods and background checks before politicians and Big Media be allowed to suggest legislation after any crime or natural disaster.”

  7. Outlawing cigarets on a predominately Asian island?…. I’ll still be LMFAOing by the time you tell me how that works out for you.

    1. Something something my meatstick something her ham wallet.

    2. $36.74 and a couple of coughdrops says they’re fake.

      The coughdrops are a little sticky though.

  8. WHO has long been the poster child for bureaucracies in need of their own euthanasia programs

  9. Let the ghoulish calls for gun control begin!

    I’d humbly suggest that now ? while the blood is still fresh on the ground and the horror still with us ? is exactly the right time to point out the insanity of American gun culture and the reflexively obnoxious move by the NRA and its supporters to stifle not just rational gun control legislation but debate.

    I have to admit that she’s right. The NRA isn’t doing enough to get rid of these asinine “gun-free” zones where all these mass shootings inevitably occur. Shame on them! It’s time for a rational debate on national carry laws!

    1. It looks like the guy was a TX concealed carry permit holder, so it’s going to be much harder on us this time. We can’t blame it on theft or a crazy person.

      1. And yet, the attack was on federal property (where personally owned weapons are prohibited) and in the District of Columbia. Funny that.

        You also must have a strange definition of “crazy person”. Well adjusted individuals don’t murder random people.

        1. You see, those are what are known as “facts”. “Facts” don’t win elections and they sure as hell don’t get legislation passed. If “facts” were important to the American people we’d be able to buy automatic rifles without restriction. And while this event will result in any meaningful legislation, in my esteemed opinion, it will suck resources from the cause of increasing the defensive capabilities of the American people.

          1. And while this event will not result in any meaningful legislation…


        2. That’s not what they’re going to argue. They’re going to argue (like Doucheberg has been for years) that DC’s “reasonable gun control” measures are powerless to prevent people from buying guns in a backwards jurisdiction like Texas, where they let you just walk into a store, fill out a form, and walk out with an “assault weapon”, and then transporting them to ruin the DC gun-free utopia. It’s not like there are border checkpoints between states.

          I don’t agree with that argument, but that’s what they’re going to say. Don’t misunderstand what they’re up to like the gun-rights people did last time. Demographics are shifting in a way that is not good for gun rights and we’re going to have to be cleverer in the future.

          There’s an unhappy medium between well-adjusted and crazy, containing sane people who are capable of murder given the right trigger. You’d best be aware of that unless you want to have laws against “non well-adjusted” people buying guns.

    2. its getting bad enough that i actually am starting to like the concept.

      its a higher risk area. makes life more predictable.

      let someone else live in a zone that encourages murderers. keeps the rest of us safer. its so so fitting that gun control nuts should entice their doom.

      1. The thing is, the grabbers aren’t content to live in their enclaves of death. They want us all to be disarmed.

  10. Not you Fonz! Say it ain’t so, say it ain’t so.

    1. Take to the sea!

  11. Waqanivalu went on to blame “tobacco companies” for why Guam and the countries of the Pacific haven’t made the Pacific region “tobacco-free,” and “processed foods” for why Pacific Islanders are prone to non-communicable diseases, suggesting governments “restrict their inflow.”

    This guy’s been mainlining granola.

    1. I wonder what color the sky is in his “Pacific region”?

      It has changed a lot since then but on my first trip to Japan there was no concept for a no-smoking area. Train cars all had ash trays.

      And my first trip to China – 1988 – I was constantly offered cigarettes. I was even told “You’re young and healthy. Why don’t you smoke?”

      Of all the places on earth – even given the level of control society has on its people here – Asia will probably be the last place smoking will be eradicated and “big Tobacco” has nothing to do with it.

  12. The girl on the left should have warning labels on her top. A toddler could fall in between and suffocate.

    1. Do they need someone to test them out?

  13. I am shocked and appalled that this thread has been open for almost 3 hours without a single “Fuck off, slaver”

  14. Marijuana and tobacco both can cause death ultimately…..

    1. Hence we have a giant racket to serve those caught in it’s evil clutches.

  15. Marijuanna is essential to the human body. Studies show that cannabinol kills cancer cells, not just relieves pain and nausea. Autism patients are remarkably improving. Nobody in their right mind would want to ban pot, Unless, perhaps, that somebody has invested in Big Pharma products, companies.

  16. Tobacco is not evil. WHO, Glantz, ANTZ, are evil. Why would anybody want to ban a product that relaxes, helps one to focus, helps to avoid Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, And so on? Unless one has stakes in Big Pharma, I don’t see why tobacco should be banned. It is also used in Religious ceremonies. Is that the problem? It is used by minority groups. The minority groups are groups who stand apart, are not united. Perhaps it’s time for all minority groups to unite and fight this insane racism and prejudice, this insane exorbitant taxing of the poor, the African American and the other minorities, such as the Native Americans…

  17. Inhaling smoke, smog, exhaust fumes, is bad. Generations have been forced to ride on smog emitting busses in smog filled counties, filling their lungs not only from the exhausts of the buses, but the cars of previous generations before now. How many kids rode those buses for hours every day, following old fords, while driving through the agricultural pesticide laced fields. Yet the WHO, CDC, never once made a questionnaire for the everyday life of millions of people. They only asked if anybody smoked. They saw an addictive substance and latched on financially. They even go so far as to try to ban the only things that naturally help us cope to ward off anger, stress, and all other forms of negativity. Laughter is the best medicine, and they know it. Live heals all, and they know that too. Feeding anger and negativity should be banned, not pleasure.

  18. The more we stress, the more we smoke. How convenient for those who thrive on tobacco tax income.

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