Federal Reserve

Janet Yellen Now Front-Runner for Fed Chief

Now that Larry Summers has pulled out


Federal Reserve Vice Chairwoman Janet Yellen emerged as the front-runner to become President Barack Obama's nominee to lead the central bank after Lawrence Summers pulled out of the contest amid stiff congressional resistance, according to people familiar with the process.

Mr. Obama in June mentioned three final candidates for the job in a closed-door meeting with lawmakers—Ms. Yellen, Mr. Summers, and former Fed Vice Chairman Donald Kohn, but Ms. Yellen and Mr. Summers have long been seen as the two leading candidates.

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  2. Janet Yellen Now Front-Runner for Fed Chief

    Because we all need some yellen at, now don’t we.

  3. Is it the same move as running Obama for President. If you question Obama’s corruption you are racist. If you question the Fed’s inflationism you will be a sexist. Lipstick on pigs.

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