Police Abuse

Video Captures Bone-Breaking Police Beatdown of DUI Suspect

Just evil


A video has surfaced showing Florida police officers slamming a 44-year-old woman onto the hood of a police car and then onto the ground with such force that she suffered a broken orbital bone in her face, a bloody nose and multiple other injuries.

The video—recorded by a dashboard camera inside a Tallahassee police cruiser and obtained by Tallahassee.com—begins with officers asking Christina West, a mother of two, to perform a field sobriety test. Following the test, she is handcuffed and placed into the back seat of a patrol car.

Several minutes later, one officer explains to another—who appears to be in training—how to formally request that West take a breathalyzer test. That officer then opens the door of the police cruiser where West is being held, asks her to take the test, and she agrees.

(H/T Sarcasmic)