Las Vegas

Surveillance Cameras Installed on Vegas Strip

Paid for with a federal grant to fight crime


Authorities in Las Vegas have installed 37 high definition cameras along the Las Vegas Strip in an effort to catch criminals and deter crime.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department bought the cameras with a federal grant. They will monitor areas concealed from patrol cars, and will be watched by police currently working desk jobs because of on-the-job injuries.

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  1. “?bought the cameras with a federal grant.”

    Every freak’n time?.this bullshit is funded with grant money. Cameras?.dui checkpoints?SWAT team artillery?.all of this is always “grant money”.

    We’ve no idea how insidious and evil this “grant money” thing has become.

    1. This isn’t even the 1/10000th of it. The government is leaking vast swaths of money at its seems, it flows into the pockets of foreign entities, local government, and business like water. We the People never see a lick of it.

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