John McCain Respects "Will of the People" on Marijuana Legalization, On Syria Not So Much

Faced heavy criticism on Syria at town halls, insisted there was "passion on both sides"


who's angry?

Senator John McCain apparently told a town hall in Tucson, Arizona that "maybe" marijuana ought to be legalized, saying he respects "the will of the people," according to a tweet from an Arizona Daily Star columnist at the town hall. McCain didn't take the same tone on Syria in that town hall and another in Phoenix, where he was faced by constituents largely opposed to intervention in Syria.

McCain has insisted Obama would be impeached if he put boots on the ground in Syria but hecklers in Phoenix told him his promise not to have a "single American boot on the ground" was "not good enough." McCain, however, also initially opposed the Syria resolution in the Senate because it proposed only "limited" military action. He switched after a meeting with Obama where he pushed for more support to Syrian rebels. The US is now considering training them.

McCain may think the American people won't tolerate marijuana prohibition much longer, but he doesn't seem to know, or care, that they may not tolerate war in Syria either, as Reason TV talked about with the Cato Institute's executive director, David Boaz, which you can watch below: