Lawsuit Against Baltimore Police For Shooting of Pitbull Includes Claim Cops Laughed at Shot Dog

Cops shot at dog six times after he lunged at them, they say


shot by cops

Baltimore police were searching for a suspect who was apparently hiding in the basement stairwell* of Ed Augustine's home when they shot Augustine's pitbull. They claimed the dog charged at them. Now Augustine and his step-daughter are suing the police department. The Huffington Post reports:

In papers filed in the Circuit Court of Maryland for Baltimore City at the end of August, Augustine said that he followed his dog onto the back porch and found that in "spite of the unusual stimuli around him, Kincaid's hair remained unruffled and his teeth concealed by his relaxed face." As one officer was arresting the suspect, the suit alleges, Augustine was in the process of securing Kincaid's harness and asking the second officer not to shoot.

Police officials said that Kincaid lunged at one of the officers. That officer fired six bullets, three of which hit the dog, two in his head and one in his body, according to media reports. The lawsuit alleges that officers laughed after Kincaid was shot and threatened to arrest Augustine if he touched his dog's body.

The lawsuit seeks $450,000, and the whole complaint is available via the HuffPost here (pdf).

*UPDATE: This is outside the house, according to a commenter that identifies herself as the step-daughter.

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  1. The lawsuit alleges that officers laughed after Kincaid was shot and threatened to arrest Augustine if he touched his dog’s body.

    I assume I am not the only one who finds this entirely possible, even probable. Think about that. Think about what you would have thought just twenty years ago.

    1. Twenty years ago, I thought the U.S. was slowly moving towards autocracy. I take back the slowly.

      We tend to talk mostly about federal abuses of power around, with some cop stories thrown in, but the truth is that we’re losing badly on all fronts. All levels of government, and in pretty much every country on the planet. Things are starting to have an early 20th century feel to them.

      1. The wife-unit asked me to stop sending her the daily dirty cop stories. She doesn’t like her reality challenged that much, since they all mean well.

        1. Horror and moral terror are her friends.

        2. The wife-unit asked me to stop sending her the daily dirty cop stories. She doesn’t like her reality challenged that much, since they all mean well.

          Sounds to me like an invitation to double down.

        3. My wife doesn’t even let me mention that instances of police brutality anymore. And this is a woman who habitually locks the car door and rolls up the windows when driving by a cop. All the sadness that gets wrapped up in statism is soul crushing.

      2. Things are starting to have an early 20th century feel to them.

        So Coolidge in 2020?

        Things are looking up!!!

        1. Coolidge was no friend of the cops.

    2. Shocking moment police surround man lying on the ground and thrash him with a baton before TASERING him

      Video taken on mobile phone appears to show incident of police brutality
      Suspect is struck with powerful blows of the baton at least six times
      Police say he was ‘combative and irrational’ and had resisted arrest
      Internal investigation launched as victim’s family say they intend to sue


      The officers remain on duty while the investigation continues.

      Meanwhile the officers are kicking themselves in the head because they could have been on paid vacation if they’d simply capped the guy. All they have to say is they thought he was high on meth or bath salts.

      1. From the comments:

        Recently a cop was shot in my town for no reason.

        Oh, I’m sure there was a reason. Probably killed someone’s dog.

        1. On a happier note, it is good to be Micheal Buble.


          1. I don’t know who Michael Buble is but I hate his guts.

            1. He’s an extremely shitty singer.

          2. Me too. What the hell is a baby Buble?

        2. Recently a cop was shot in my town for no reason.

          This makes me think cop abuse is not as rampant as these stories might lead one to think.

          If all cops were this bad wouldn’t there be a crap load more dead cops?

          1. Most non-cops aren’t capable of cold blooded murder. Are you?

    3. It is not possible or even likely. It is almost certain that it happened that way. That is not something the plaintiff would make up. Why would them laughing about it even occur to you as a way of lying? It wouldn’t. They did exactly that. I would bet a large some of money on it.

      1. I’ve overheard cops laugh about holding a gun to a woman’s head until she peed her pants in terror, so I’m sure they’d laugh about killing a dog.

    4. Can we get a brickbat for sites that insist on continuing to push antisocial networking shit at you no matter how furiously you mash on the Escape key to have the page stop loading?

      Because H&R is doing this to me right now; every time the stuff starts reloading it slows down the browser; and it’s fucking irritating.

      1. Amen to that.

  2. Officials said that after the police officer killed the dog, Augustine fired six bullets – three of which hit the officer, two in his head and one in his body, according to media reports. Augustine laughed after the officer was shot and threatened to shoot the rest if the police touched his dog’s body.

    /that’s better.

  3. I’m not an advocate of “fighting back” generally, but I wouldn’t shed a tear if some crack shot with a rifle started compiling a list of dog-killing-cops and dispensed a little justice from the rooftops.

    1. I am. My father was a cop, and some of my better friends are cops. I’ve been very clear. I will talk calmly with any cop that wants to arrest me for something or search my house. I’ll disagree, but I’ll stay calm. The first cop that fucks with my dogs is getting a closed casket.

  4. I was just thinking “it’s been a while since an old fashioned reason ‘cop shoots dog’ nutpunch.” Thanks Ed. /sarc

    Oh, and it should go without saying, but fuck these asshole pigs. I hope they DIAF.

  5. I saw an interesting idea the other day: given that prosecution of bad cops is unlikely to the point of being useless, we should simply automatically fire any cop who discharges his weapon, no questions asked, justified or not. If it’s not worth losing your job then you were obviously not in actual fear of your life.

    1. But cops are much more scared about losing their job than their life.

      1. Their job is their life.

        1. If you can’t bully the little people, what’s the point of living?

  6. I saw this on the news last night, and it appears to be a legitimate police shooting:


    1. Young says the investigation found no evidence the deputy had his finger on the trigger. The weapon fired [three times] accidentally.

      Guns don’t work that way!

      1. It must have been a magic gun. Or a ghost pulled the trigger. Did the cop feel a cold spot on his hand just before the gun fired? Or maybe it was the same type of gun that Vincent Vega had in Pulp Fiction.

        “I just shot Marvin in the face… the gun just went off, I don’t know why!”

        1. Vincent: Oh man, I shot Marvin in the face.

          Jules: Why the fuck did you do that!

          Vincent: Well, I didn’t mean to do it, it was an accident!

          Jules: Oh man I’ve seen some crazy ass shit in my time…

          Vincent: Chill out, man. I told you it was an accident. You probably went over a bump or something.

          Jules: Hey, the car didn’t hit no motherfucking bump!

          Vincent: Hey, look man, I didn’t mean to shoot the son of a bitch. The gun went off. I don’t know why.

      2. Young says the investigation found no evidence the deputy had his finger on the trigger. The weapon fired [three times] accidentally.

        See, I would say that the fact that gun fired three times was pretty much proof positive that the deputy had his finger on the trigger, and pulled it three times.

        1. The story said it was an M16. It was probably set on three-round burst mode. Still doesn’t excuse the poor trigger discipline.

          1. who the fuck uses burst? The Marine Corps doesn’t even train marines to use burst so why the fuck do cops need it?

      3. There was a physical struggle.

        Guns can go off in a struggle.

        Also the guy was shot in the leg and not killed. If it had been intentional I think the guy would be dead.

        It was an M16 which if it is military has a 3 bullet burst mode…would not be surprised if the officer had that selected. He should be fired if he did. Hell he should not even have an m16 with that ability.

    2. Young says the investigation found no evidence the deputy had his finger on the trigger. The weapon fired [three times] accidentally.

      Must have been an invisible child who pulled the trigger three times.

    3. I’m disappointed. I thought it would be an article about a legitimate shooting of the police.

      1. that is what i thought it was -_- Was about to make my god damn day!

  7. Is that an old photo, or were the cops really wetting their pants over a damn puppy?

    1. They weren’t wetting their pants. They want to shoot something, all they are looking for is an excuse. That’s how sociopaths operate.

      It would be amazing if one were able to compile a record of how many current cops tortured animals as a child. Why do I suspect the rate would be very high?

      1. What probably happened was someone didn’t show sufficient respect, so they killed the dog as a show of power.

      2. Oh, I know they weren’t actually afraid for their lives, but that’s the excuse they always use. I’m just surprised (though I know I shouldn’t be) that they’re actually claiming to be so craven that they’re afraid of puppies, but still perfectly fit to be police officers.

        1. They have realized that the public pretty much swallows such stuff whole, so why not? Remember, one of the things that cops get off on isn’t just the power they have, it’s that they can get away with shit like this. Sociopaths love getting away with shit. It means they won.

          1. You are repeating yourself. Power means getting away with shit like this without consequence. What did you think it meant?

        2. A little while back I saw an interview with a cop, don’t remember the specifics, except that he said “I almost feared for my life.” Without even thinking I automatically translated that from cop-speak into “I almost started shooting at anything that moved and knew I’d get away with it because I’ve got a badge.”

    2. The family believes because of their dog’s breed, the 3-year-old pit bull mix was profiled as a vicious dog.

      Looks like they Trayvonned the pic.

      1. In that case, I’d like them to be tortured in a very slightly less painful manner.

        1. Why? A three-year-old “pit bull mix” basically means it was a short-haired, probably short-muzzled dog. For all these idiots know it was a lab mix. There might not have been any pit involved, but they know if they say “pit bull” it sounds better than saying “lab mix” or “boxer mix”.

          1. “terrier mix”

          2. Because there’s no excuse for feeling threatened by a puppy, but I’ll allow the possibility they felt threatened by an adult dog, no matter what the breed.

            1. Fair point, but I’ll go back to my traditional argument that, every day, veterinarians, meter-readers, and mailmen interact with numerous animals without killing them. Or laughing about it.

              1. Oh, I still want to see the sociopaths fired, arrested, jailed, sued, and slow roasted over a pit.

                1. I still maintain that a cop who’s afraid of a dog is a fucking pussy and shouldn’t be a cop.

                  If someone can’t face up to an animal that’s less than half of their size without fear, then good luck dealing with a human being.

      2. If Obama’s dog had a son, would he look like Kincaid.

        1. +1000 creepy ass dog crackas

  8. Headline doesn’t parse into an English sentence. At least not for me. And I did try more than once.

  9. Part of this is Baltimore City. Charm City is famous for rampant corruption, and the police force is riddled with it. They get paid dick and most of them are on the take. So, while I’m sure there are some who join the Baltimore police to fight the good fight, most of these clowns are low-achieving thugs lookin’ for a gubmint income with some extra on the side.

    Part of this is also Maryland. We used to have a “one bite free” rule, where basically any dog got “one bite free” before being considered “vicious” and making the owner liable. Well, the Court of Appeals ruled that “pitbulls and pitbull-type dogs”–whatever the fuck they are–carry liability inherently. If someone’s golden retriever attacks your “pitbull-type dog” and your dog bites the golden, all of the liability for the entire encounter rests on you. Part of this ruling made landlords liable for anything that a “pitbull or pitbull-type dog” owned by a tenant might do. You read that right.

    1. A compromise bill that failed to pass our General Assembly would’ve just gotten rid of “one bite free” and made all owners liable for their dogs, regardless of breed. Sounds reasonable, right? That’s why it didn’t manage to pass. So there’s a legal culture that basically indoctrinates its employees to believe that anything that might be a “pit bull” will bite you and eat babies. Funny thing about Maryland is that there a sort of culture war between people who want green cars, no guns, and no tacky lower-class dogs, and people who aren’t reprehensible, meddling, yuppie shitbirds. Guess who’s winning?

      Anyway, here’s hoping these fuckheads get killed trying to extort a heroin dealer from NYC soon.

  10. Just one more example that it takes a special kind of person to be a cop.

  11. Dead puppies aren’t much fun.

    1. Someone actually made a video for that Dr. Demento classic:


  12. Just to clarify, the man that was being chased was outside of our home, not inside. We don’t know the man & the police were called to a home up the street from us.

  13. That officer fired six bullets, three of which hit the dog

    Tight grouping for a cop.

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