Police Abuse

Double-Leg Amputee Suing Nebraska Police for Harassment During Apparently Unwarranted Traffic Stop

Says cops teased him and called him a "cripple" after making him lose his prosthetic legs


double amputee roughed up by cops
La'Terria Duffie

Leroy Duffie, who is a pastor and a double-leg amputee, alleges that police used excessive force on him during an apparently unwarranted traffic stop in Lincoln, Nebraska. Nebraska Disability Rights, which is helping Duffie, says police broke his teeth and tore his rotator cuff and that Duffie also needs treatment for trauma resulting from the police encounter. The Huffington Post reports:

According to the suit, Duffie was pulled over for no apparent reason, and police with guns drawn demanded that he exit the van with his hands up. Duffie explained that his two prosthetic legs prevented him from raising his arms and getting out at the same time.

Police insisted, and Duffie tumbled out of the captain's seat, losing his legs while smashing his head and shoulder against the pavement. Cops jammed their knees into his back and handcuffed him as he cried out in pain. Without reasonable suspicion, the suit contends, police searched his van while other officers teased him, allegedly calling him a "cripple crawling around."

After 30 minutes and a search that yielded nothing, police finally uncuffed Duffie and let him crawl under his van to retrieve his legs, according to court documents.

Duffie is suing for violation of his civil rights and diminished income earning capacity, and the city won't comment because the matter is pending litigation.

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  1. He would have been justified in defending himself against this assault by using deadly force, and yet these pig fucks will get nothing but a paid vacation for their crime.

    This is why you should never trust the police.

    1. America is still the greatest nation in the history of the world. America is exceptional. America has done more good for more people for a longer period of time than any other force on earth, ever. America is the most civilized nation in the history of the world. America is the most tolerant nation in the history of the world as well as being the most compassionate nation in the history of the world as well as having the highest standard of living in the history of the world.

      1. Yes, but our cops are thugs.

        1. He’s joking.

          1. So’m I. Kinda. We do tend to overstate our case about conditions in the U.S., and it’s important to keep in mind that most Americans legitimately believe what LM says facetiously.

            Yet cops can still be shown for acting like thugs without trying to draw all of the an-cap baggage into the mix.

      2. America also has the finest law enforcement officers in the world. America has the bravest law enforcement officers in the world. America is blessed to have so many overworked and underpaid law enforcement officers who nevertheless put their lives on the line everyday so that they can fulfill their passion of serving and protecting America’s grateful citizens.

        1. America has the best educated, most enlightened law enforcement officers in the world. America has the most courteous law enforcement officers in the world. America has the most restrained law enforcement officers in the world. America has the kindest law enforcement officers in the world. America has the most compassionate law enforcement officers in the world.

          1. America has some of the finest sarcasm in the world.

            1. Where did you get that idea?

      3. I don’t know whether you’re being sincere, or whether you’re mocking my patriotism.

        1. I guess I got my answer.

          1. My Russian language prof once told me that I was one of the most patriotic young men he had ever encountered.

            1. Yesli ti patriot, ya nakhui Snegurochka. Yada v tebe palno, druzhishe.

              1. Let me take a crack-

                “If you [me] are a patriot, then I [you} are the little snow man. Something in your___________, friend.”

              2. “if you are a patriot, then I am a virgin, f***k you, (something I’m sure is an insult)”

                1. -“if you are a patriot, then I am a virgin

                  The discussion about Tim Tebow is downthread.

                2. Do they really call virgins “little snow man”?

                  1. Perhaps virgins are “clean as the driven snow”?

                  2. Germans call virgins “Jungfrau” which means young lady. there’s no distinction for male/female.

                    1. The German word for a male virgin is literally “lives in a remote cabin in the woods without any pigs.”

      4. Your revolution either dies young or it lasts long enough to see itself become a fascist state.

    2. This racist perp should have bent to the will of the police. Police are doing the bidding of their Commander in Chief, thus those who fail to comply are obvious racists.

    3. You are absolutely right. He would have been completely justified if he had pulled out a gun and killed them all when they started beating him. Yet had he done so, he would be lucky to spend the rest of his life in prison. Fuckers.

  2. How can you call it unwarranted?
    If they hadn’t stopped the car, they may not have made it home safe at the end of their shift.

  3. Shouldn’t the stopbullying.gov website be able to handle this?

  4. …and the city won’t comment because the matter is pending litigation fuck you, that’s why.

  5. Heroes!

  6. Luckily, we’ll be able to see what happened based on the dash-cam.

    1. That’s what I’m thinking. Most cop cars have dash-cams, so the real question is:

      Were the dashcams malfunctioning at the time, or has the footage been inadvertently lost or deleted?

  7. police searched his van while other officers teased him, allegedly calling him a “cripple crawling around.”

    After 30 minutes and a search that yielded nothing, police finally uncuffed Duffie and let him crawl under his van to retrieve his legs, according to court documents.

    A tar and feathering of these fucks it too good. We need to think up something worse. How about the bee thing from The Wicker Man?

    1. How about slowly skinning them alive and covering sections of flesh with salt as they’re exposed?

    2. Wouldn’t you rather it be the ending of the original?

      1. Didn’t they do that in the remake as well?

        1. In the remake it was the bees at the end.

          If you’ve never seen the original, see it. It’s an amazing movie. Christopher Lee called it “the Citizen Kane of horror movies”.

          1. I thought the bee thing was Candyman.

      2. I saw part of the Cage version of Wicker man. That was a comedy, right?

        1. I’ve only ever watched 2 Nick Cage movies.

          1. The frustrating thing about Cage is he can be really good.

            I think one of his more underrated movies with Match Stick Men.

            1. Paul, if you want to see Cage be both manically insane yet quite good at the same time, you will want to check out Vampire’s Kiss. It’s a pretty crazy movie.

              1. -if you want to see Cage be both manically insane yet quite good at the same time, you will want to check out Vampire’s Kiss

                Not Bad Lieutenant Port of Call New Orleans?

            2. Really? I knew all the plot twists of that movie just from seeing the trailer.

              And N-Cage was the same in that trailer as he is in everything I’ve seen him in.

              Thankfully I talked the wife into waiting for the DVD to watch it. After she finished it she wanted to tell me all about it and was pissed when I reeled off all the twists.

              He does not make good choices when it comes to scripts and it doesn’t help he just plays his Nic Cage movie guy character in every movie.

              1. didn’t he end up in a massive tax jam, and having to do any movie that came along?

                Leaving Las Vegas is awesome, even if it is just Drunk Nicholas Cage for a couple hours.

            3. Cage was also awesome in Raising Arizona and Adaptation.

              1. Cage was alsoonly awesome in Raising Arizona


              2. I took an old girlfriend to see Adaptation, and had no idea what we were in for. It’s okay, though, took the same girl to see Cider House Rules with no idea what it was about.

          2. A friend wanted to see Knowing. I told said friend that if the movie was terrible I would never watch another Cage film again. I saw Kick-Ass because I wasn’t forewarned he was in it, but have otherwise been true to my word.

            1. Have I shared my theory that Nic Cage movies have the highest percentage of titles that work as penis names? National Treasure, Snake Eyes, Bangkok Dangerous, and so on.

              1. Kick-Ass works for that, too.

                1. Raising Airzona


                2. Raising Arizona


              2. Match Stick Men

                shit, you’re right…

                1. Captain Corelli’s Mandolin.

                  1. I’ve got to start calling my penis Lord of War

                    1. Looking to the future, IMDB has him in Left Behind and something called Outcast.

                      Ghost Rider
                      Seeking Justice
                      Drive Angry
                      Gone in 60 Seconds (Epi?)
                      8MM (Shriek?)
                      The Rock
                      It Could Happen to You
                      Kiss of Death (Warty?)
                      Never on Tuesday

                    2. “Left Behind”. Is that going to be those weird Christian apocalypse books?

                    3. Yes. He’s apparently playing one of the main characters “Rayford Steele.” We had them in the house when I was growing up and I ran out of books to read at some point and blew through 4 of them before I broke down and went book shopping.

                      THEY’RE SOOOO HAM-FISTED. I might have to break my streak on Nick Cage movies for this.

                    4. That’s the main character’s name? Sounds like a porn star.

                    5. We had them in the house when I was growing up and I ran out of books to read at some point and blew through 4 of them before I broke down and went book shopping.

                      I read the encyclopedia when there was nothing else to read. Well, except that my parents had my grandparents’ old copies of National Geographic and Readers’ Digest going back 15 or 20 years, so I read a lot of those as well. It probably goes a long way to explain why I’m so warped, and why I was so good on the quiz bowl team in high school.

                    6. “OK, girls, the National Geographic photographers are coming – take your shirts off!”

            2. I thought he was good in Kick Ass. Or let me at least say that I liked the movie Kick Ass, and his role didn’t diminish the film. Kick Ass 2, the Revenge of Kick Ass is another story…

              1. Leaving Los Vegas.

                1. You must be drunker than me.

            3. I enjoyed Knowing.

          3. “I’ve only ever watched 2 Nick Cage movies.”

            Nic Cage has only ever made one movie.

            1. You know what sucked about National Treasure?

              After they go through all of that to find and survive the rickety staircase and all of the other stuff going in through the front door and they find the treasure and also discover a modern metal door that leads onto alley behind the building.

              Who the fuck put that door there? Why wasn’t this information available to the treasure hunters?

              Did this building even exist back in the day? If so how is it that it survived long enough for the stuff inside to only be found now?

              It’s in New York and that door was never forced by criminals? Nearby construction and installing sewer lines and subway tunnels never exposed the treasure?

              Jesus, I hate that movie.

              1. I hate to break it to you, but they made a 2nd.

                1. Which I didn’t watch.

                  I now try to avoid things with the initials NT.

                  1. Oh, I get it – New Testament, right?

              2. It probably would have been better if they *had* put Nick Cage in it.

                Sadly, he disappeared after making ‘Raising Arizona” and never made another movie again.

                1. It was Nick Cage but like Sean Penn he also had his Spicoli removed.

                2. Okay, but who can be opposite Elisabeth Shue in Leaving Las Vegas?

                  Looking for that, I found out that she played the babysitter in Adventures in Babysitting. Not sure if I feel dirty or turned on.

                  1. Leaving Las Vegas came out when I was 13, I thought she was the hottest woman ever after I saw that movie.

                  2. That’s a fun movie. Imagine that through the movie, because of all the action and the heavy coat she is wearing, her vagina is sweating like a over-loaded sponge.

                    1. No, I won’t. you can’t make me.

                      If you don’t stop that, I’ll bring back the “Chafed Walnut” handle to remind you of the latest Warty Hugeman Adventure.

            2. Every time I see Nick Cage in a role all I can think is that he’s a guy who probably wouldn’t have been anybody if he hadn’t capitalized on his connection to his uncle.

              He isn’t good looking and has no talent. I can’t find any reason why I should be sending my money to him by renting a DVD with him in the credits.

              1. Uh, he DIDN’T capitalize on the connection to his uncle, he deliberately used “Cage” instead of “Coppola” to AVOID capitalizing off the connection to his uncle.

                1. Yeah, Nic Cage turned into a caricature of himself, but he originally had some talent.

                  Go watch Valley Girl. It’s a silly teen movie, but even then you watch him and he’s clearly an actor, and every other kid in the movie is not.

                  But he’s been on my good side since Wild at Heart. So I forgive him the Knowing stuff.

                2. Yeah, I’m sure he never asked for introductions, never was seen in Coppola’s company, never insinuated they were related.

                  You can believe that if you want to.

                  1. What’s wrong with using your conections to get into the family business? Better than flashing your tits. And you still have to appeal to the audience (which judging by this thread he has had indifferent success at).

                    1. If there is some significant reason other than connections that is all well and good.

                      Let’s say you have a Petroleum engineering degree, an MBA, and worked 15 years in the oil industry – then use your uncle’s connections to get into a big oil company whee your uncle is some big executive. No problem with that sice you’ve made your chops in the business.

                      Nick Cage doesn’t have the talent to be in the league he plays in. He can only play Nick Cage. A one trick pony.

                      Take Billy Bob Thorton for instance. Most people remember his role in Tombstone though if it wasn’t for the internet few people would remember he was in it.

                  2. Yeah, I’m sure he always asked for introductions, always was seen in Coppola’s company, always insinuated they were related.

                    You can believe that if you want to.

          4. You didn’t learn after the first one?

    3. just show them some dogs they can’t shoot.

      1. Torn apart by a pack of wolves it is!

        Who’s covering to PPV rights?

    4. When was the last time a government official was tarred and feathered?

    5. Not the bees!!

    6. The Riff Trax version of Wicker Man was quite good.

    7. Not the bees!

  8. I read “tased” rather than “teased,” and didn’t blink. Time to start drinking.

  9. I really wish the cops would kick their habit of abusing people. They never have a leg to stand on in the inevitable court case, and then we have to foot the bill.

    1. You’re such a heel for posting juvenile humor like that. If you intendon posting more of these, you really kneed to reconsider.

      1. Reason should boot the two of you.

        1. I refuse to toe your arbitrary line of proper behavior.

        2. I say we beat the shit out of them instead. Fuck the non-aggression principle when puns are involved.

          1. I’ve heard nairy a complaint before.

            1. You’re dead to me.

              1. Someone doesn’t like short shorts.

                1. this is punishing

    2. Ewe aren’t funny. That was a baaaaad joke. We don’t go for sheep humor around here.

  10. If the mafia need some positive pr, I have a really good assignment for them.

  11. …allegedly calling him a “cripple crawling around.”

    I’d like to say this strains credulity.

    1. So do many actions by the tubby blue line.

  12. This is America.

    A Memphis woman is behind bars for setting up a robbery.
    You may recognize her victim ? he’s the father of more than 25 kids by at least 17 different women we told you about last year.
    Neighbors believe Ashley Beal played to his weakness to set him up.
    “I heard him hollering and I came outside here,’ said Leonard Wright, who lives in the apartment below where Beal used to live.
    Wright found Turnage with his pants down.

    Does anyone here believe that these people could support our advanced technological civilization? A civilization of these people would be no civilization at all.

    1. Her talents are wasted on small time crime. She should be a honeypot working for the CIA.

      1. Based on his record, it doesn’t take “talent” to get this guy to drop his pants. Almost anything will do.

    2. Is he the football player with 3 five year olds?

      It was a few years ago, so they’re probably 8 or so now.

      1. the anti-Tebow

    3. Wait, isn’t she the victim of his rape? Taking his stuff was morally fine as restitution for the rape.

  13. Unwarranted Traffic Stop

    The HELL? He was black.

    Case. CLOSED.

  14. Obviously, he was pulled over for driving while black.


  15. -Will/Should Tim Tebow Be Cut?

    The Patriots released 10 players on Friday and must reduce their roster by 12 more to get down to the NFL regular-season limit of 53 by Saturday.

    Tim Tebow could be in jeopardy despite a decent performance in the Patriots’ 28-20 win over the New York Giants in the exhibition finale Thursday.


    1. In an offense that was run-centered he could work well.

      Imagine a set-up where you have two good runners always in your backfield, with wide-outs and TEs that can block and an a quick O-line that can open holes…now add in a QB that is always a threat to run and you could have an excellent ground and pound ball-control offense.

      If you can gap-run and go wide at any time you stretch the D laterally and can get TEs blocking CBs which is a good match-up.

      And if you limit his passing to swing passes and going to the sticks and use a lot of roll-outs so he has clear lines, you minimize his horribleness in the air.

      If he is always a threat to run defenders have to be wary of that which reduces their coverage options as they have to play his legs as well as his noodle-arm.

      Still, it’s a lot ask of a team to design an offense just to find a place for an overall sub-average QB.

      1. I do not see why he cannot run an offense similar to what Colin Kaepernick runs in SF. I agree though that it is hard to ask a team like the Patriots to change their game, which has consistently been a winning one, for Tebow. A place like Jacksonville or what have you which has not seen a winning gameplan in years would be a better fit.

        1. I don’t Kap had a 98 rating and will likely get close to that again.

          Tebow is not ever going to be that guy. A Tebow based offense will have to be run first out of numerous looks with passing being an option on the sub-menu.

          Also you might have to commit to going for it on 4th down a high percentage of the time. That reduces the per-play average you need to gain first downs at the risk of turnover-on-downs in your own territory. Then again I hate the punting game and anything that minimizes that I’m for.

          1. *I don’t know, Kap

        2. The CFL would be a good fit.

          1. Warren Moon disagrees

            1. “If Tim Tebow wants to come to Canada, we’d definitely welcome him,” general manager Jim Popp said. “That’s why we have him on our [negotiating] list, and we’d take a look at him and see if he can play in Canada, but it would obviously be competing for a backup job.”


  16. Maybe you should deadlift more, bro.

    Video of Dunphy warming up.

    1. I really expected to see him shoot a chafed walnut out on the crowd, or otherwise explode. Really expected horrifying.

      1. More like this?

        “Oh my god, he’s pulled his arms off. That’s gotta be disappointing.”

        1. Dennis Miller doing weekend update was the height of SNL. Dan Ackroyd and Chevy Chase were awesome, but… peak SNL is Dennis miller on weekend update.

          1. or so the Germans would have us believe…

  17. Zing

    Justin Amash ?@repjustinamash 7m
    In case you’re wondering, I haven’t heard from Pres Obama–& neither have most in Congress. Apparently he’s tied up planning an illegal war.

    1. Nice. Almost makes me want to move to Grand Rapids (too many Dutch).

      Anyone know of any betting going on for when/if missiles fly?

      I’d check intrade, but, well, yea, the government chased them out of business.

      1. To Hell with the Dutch!


          1. Seriously, Grand Rapids (where Amash is from) is full of fucking Calvinist Dutch. They’re all over the place. More churches than bars per-capita (I made that up, probably not true.)

          2. NEVER! GO BLOW A WALLOON!

          3. I’m with Warren,

            There’s only two things I hate in this world. People who are intolerant of other people’s cultures and the Dutch.

            1. shut up and eat your pickled herring

              1. Isn’t there a dike looking for a thumb somewhere silly dutchmen?

      2. The progtard spin now is that none of our allies will join us because Bush lied to them about WMDs. Yeah the cult members are really that pathetic.

        1. exhibit A

          We’ve been lied to so many times by western governments, I just can’t buy their nonsense again. There are websites that show you how to make all sorts of nasty bombs and such, so it’s not a stretch to believe the rebels could have access to chemical weapons.
          WCG says it’s unlikely the rebels would attack their own strongholds, but the point is, they’ve been losing those strongholds to the government. If they got desperate enough, the more extreme elements withing the rebel coalition might decide to use them as an alternative to simply watching Assad take over. After all, what would happen to those rebels if they lost – it could get pretty ugly for them.
          I’m afraid I can’t accept what is very likely cooked up evidence from the CIA about what happened. They’ve cried wolf once too often for me.

          1. And most people seem to assume that if it was at the hand of the rebels that it was intentional. Let’s not forget it’s highly unlikely that any of the Syrian rebels were properly trained in using CW, or for that matter chemicals in general. Why is it not considered a possibility that rebels mis-handled weaponized chemicals and a bunch of people were killed as a result? Obviously, if this happened they would quickly make sure everyone talked about an attack by the government.

        2. Booosh lied, now Obama has to kill Syrians on his own. Yeah, that sounds like a great defense of teh one.

          1. I would think that the great constitutional scholar and lawyer, Imperator Barack I Obama, would be able to convince a bunch of silly assed Limeys, Frogs, Krauts, Dagos, and Pommies that there are some brown people in the world not bowing to the might and moral supremacy of NATO.

        3. I don’t consider that progtard spin.

          I think it’s pretty straightforward that 12 straight years of War on Terror bullshit has worn thin with (for example) the British public.

          And that even though Britain suffered an intervening terror attack since 9/11, the war party in the US and the UK can’t just ring a bell and get the public to show up to support them any more. There have been too many BS “existential threats”. Nobody’s afraid of Syria. Nobody gives a shit.

          If this was 2002, things might be different.

          But if you get a different reaction from the public in 2013 than you got in 2002, it’s not unreasonable to conclude that maybe the actions of the people in charge during the intervening time have something to do with why.

    2. If by planning his next war, he means working on his golf swing… probably.

  18. For an amputee a rotator cuff injury is a big deal. He needs his arms to move around. Which is why he can’t raise his hands and step out of the car. You need a left foot to do that.

    1. Hey at least they were considerate enough to not beat him with his own legs, while screaming “stop kicking your own ass you stupid gimp.” So there is that.

    1. I remember the first time I was watching TV in Thailand and I saw an actor in blackface. However, in Thailand, blackface is usually employed to represent, not Africans, but the aboriginal peoples of the southern jungles of S.E. Asia. (Negritos)

      1. Do Negritos relate to Negro as DORITOS relate to corn chips?

        1. I dunno. I never ate one.

          1. Maybe we should ask some Syrian rebels… Perhaps their use of chemical weapons was to add flavor…

            1. Well, they don’t call it Mustard Gas for nothing…

          2. Thank you. My bad day was just rescued by laughter. Thank you.

  19. So, I lurked on a discussion in morning or afternoon links sometime in the last few months about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory having the rather sucky aspect of “the only one in the family that works is the dad, and all the fuck he does is screw tops on toothpaste tubes”

    I don’t remember the day or thread.

    I started reading that to the Ginlets (older is 5, kindergarten next week) tonight, and was struck by that.

    Any suggestions on more libertarian literature that would be appropriate for 5 and 3 year old girls? Having not read little house on the prairie, does that tend to be okay for that young? (I’ll end up reading it and seeing, anyway).

    Probably too young to read Rothbard to them.

    1. Just read H&R threads to them.

      1. “Why is he called Palin’s Buttplug? What’s a buttplug?”

        dad drinks gin straight from the bottle followed by loud bang in the garage.

        1. How about “because he’s a poopy head”

        2. Would your suicide be more or less traumatic than them stumbling on a SugarFree fanfic?

          1. Shit, now you’ve scared me even more.

            “I’ve been looking through my late father’s papers. It lead me to a print out of an old, archaic web forum. They posted under handles, and I identified dad’s one pretty quickly. It’s fascinating reading, but as I went further, I realized they’d developed a subculture of saying terrible things, and in jokes. That’s what lead me to the works of St. SugarFree, first Apostle of Warty of Cleveland”

            1. you print this shit out?

              1. no, the ramble took a turn, and I wasn’t about to stop it.

            2. Sugar Free’s second letter to the Reasonites will be the subject of many a women’s studies phd thesis in the future.

            3. Warty’s real name is Jack Frehorn?

              1. I tried to read that, and tried again, through a gin/bourbon haze…
                Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. That bests timecube for insanity.

    2. Any suggestions on more libertarian literature that would be appropriate for 5 and 3 year old girls?

      I’m sure you’ve already read them this, but it doesn’t get more libertarian than “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.

      Actually, most of Aesop’s Fables are pretty worthwhile. “The Grasshopper and the Ant” comes to mind.

      1. I did download Aesop’s Fables from Gutenberg, that might be real good, thanks for the suggestion.

        I read the big one Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, and she definitely liked them. Not quite the effect of drifting off to sleep I hoped for, though.

      2. Zeus and Shame

        When Zeus fashioned man he gave him certain inclinations, but he forgot about shame. Not knowing how to introduce her, he ordered her to enter through the rectum. Shame, of course, baulked at the idea and was highly indignant. Finally she said to Zeus: “Fine! I’ll go in, but on one condition: if Eros follows me in the same way I’m leaving immediately!”

        Ever since then all homosexuals are without shame.

        Definitely teach her Aesop, but don’t get the namby pamby bullshit that they sell now, get an unexpurgated one.

        1. And here I was going to make a joke about “The Ass, the Cock, and the Lion”.

          1. Is that C.S. Lewis fanfic?

      3. any proof this Aesop fella existed?

        thought not.

        1. William of Purple| 8.30.13 @ 10:41PM |#
          “any proof this Aesop fella existed?
          thought not.”

          Yeah, some guy who supposedly offers fables requires the same sort of evidence as a magic guy who rises from the dead, right?
          Tell us William what evidence you have of your magic guy. And why is your magic guy different from other magic guys.

          1. I’d tell you, but only if you promise not to call me names.

            Oh well, too bad.

            1. William of Purple| 8.30.13 @ 11:10PM |#
              “I’d tell you, but only if you promise not to call me names.”

              Since you’re an idiot, I expect nothing.

              1. you know who else was an idiot?

                1. Oh, how cute, idiot.

                  1. would you call Donald Knuth an idiot to his face?

                    1. William of Purple| 8.30.13 @ 11:33PM |#
                      “would you call Donald Knuth an idiot to his face?”

                      Yes, I would, William.
                      Now, quit fucking around with appeals to authority.
                      One shred of evidence, idiot. ONE. That’s all.

                2. Oh, and WoP, I’m still waiting for one shred of evidence to support your idiocy.
                  No, not some wiki about other idiots, just one, (1) shred. Let’s see it. C’mon, one. William this should not be hard for someone who bleeves. Just one.
                  No more hints from wiki; c’mon William. Let’s see it. I’m waiting.

                  1. So Sevo thinks Donald Knuth is an idiot.

                    1. William of Purple| 8.30.13 @ 11:39PM |#
                      “So Sevo thinks Donald Knuth is an idiot.”

                      One shred, asshole. One.

                    2. only if you promise not to name-call.

                    3. William of Purple| 8.30.13 @ 11:42PM |#
                      “only if you promise not to name-call.”

                      No, asshole, evidence or STFU.

                    4. tsk tsk so close were you

                    5. William of Purple| 8.30.13 @ 11:44PM |#
                      “tsk tsk so close were you”

                      tsk, tsk, how sleazy you are.

                  2. evidence of what?
                    tell me the parameters.

                    1. William of Purple| 8.30.13 @ 11:40PM |#
                      “evidence of what?”
                      Your magic man, asshole

                    2. who’s my magic man? tell me what I believe. give me some citations.
                      I need to know what I’m “proving”

                    3. William of Purple| 8.30.13 @ 11:42PM |#
                      “who’s my magic man? tell me what I believe. give me some citations.
                      I need to know what I’m “proving””

                      How clever, asshole.
                      You claim there’s a god, you claim there was a junior, and now you’re trying to sleaze your way around those claims in the hopes no one notices?
                      Now, how ‘clever’ do you think that is? Do you think others here haven’t seen your claims? Your sophistry is sleazy in the extreme, asshole.

        2. WoP when you’re camping do you intentionally jab at bears with sticks?

          1. only if they have no claws

          2. jesse.in.mb| 8.30.13 @ 11:08PM |#
            “WoP when you’re camping do you intentionally jab at bears with sticks?”

            It’d be more interesting if WoP weren’t an idiot.

    3. This thread.

      site:reason.com “chocolate factory”
      from search tools select “past month”


      1. bah. Thanks for the google.

        I’m still not forgiving you for my having “55 gallon drum of lube” in my Amazon search history.

        1. Are you referring to this thread?

          Because the worst of it was SIV’s fault. He broke Irish.

          1. That’s the one!

            Jesus… I remember it, but… forgot how intense it got.

            1. Enough About Palin: Every word out of Dora the Explorer’s mouth gets me rock hard.

              Heroic Mulatto: Wait, what?

              Enough About Palin: At the risk of repeating what I have posted here a number of times over the years, I would pay ten grand to fuck Dora the Explorer up the ass. Ten. Grand.

              Classic H&R, sigh.

              1. Exactly what I’m looking to read to the Ginlets.

                1. This is why there are no libertarian toddlers.

                  1. I promised ice cream after polishing the monocles. They didn’t follow through on their end of the bargain, so no ice cream for them.

                    These minimum ice cream idiots….

                    1. They need to learn early on there are consequences to not doing what needs to be done.

                    1. That was meant for jesse’s “This is why there are no libertarian toddlers” comment.

          2. Because the worst of it was SIV’s fault

            That’s everybody’s excuse!

            1. accurate tho

    4. The Little House books are terrific for little girls. Also, check out E.B. White, C.S. Lewis, and Beverly Cleary.

      An excellent intro to Greek Mythology is D’aulaires

      1. C.S. Lewis,

        shh! Sevo is watching

        1. Yeah, well, Fuck him.

          1. Lady Bertrum| 8.30.13 @ 11:47PM |#
            “Yeah, well, Fuck him.”

            I wouldn’t fuck you with idiot’s dick.

          2. New Buttplug is pretty funny, but not as entertaining as the original.

        2. William of Purple| 8.30.13 @ 11:34PM |#
          “C.S. Lewis,
          shh! Sevo is watching”

          Poor, idiot William…

    5. The “Soup” books by Robert Newton Peck might be a good choice. It centers around two trouble-making boys in rural Vermont during Calvin Coolidge’s presidency.

      I remember reading it as a little girl and thinking how cool it was for these boys to be completely free to be kids.

      Another great book for little girls is The Last Slice of Rainbow by Joan Aiken. Thant one will stick with them.

      My dad did Battlefield Earth, Ender’s Game, Dune, and Lord of the Rings starting when I was five and my sister was seven. I’m going to do the same for mine when they’re old enough

    6. The Mr. Men books are fun!

    7. Well, I don’t know about libertarian, but my six-year-old son really enjoyed The Voyages of Dr Doolittle which is public domain. Currently reading the Narnia books. Tried a bunch of other books but we both got bored by most of them.

  20. Thanks for getting this in on a Friday, Ed. Have to keep up the tradition!

  21. whoever directed Taken 2 should be taken out to a corn field and beaten with bats and shoved into a shallow grave.

    1. the first one was almost watchable. was the sequel that bad?

      1. Liam Neeson was not believable as an action hero – he’s too old. He looks like he’s going to fall down and break a hip at any moment. The days of Rob Roy are long gone.

        1. I thought he was just fine until Kau Ryssdal came out.

        2. Did you see the movie? His daughter did most of the running around.

          1. Meaning his character’s daughter, of course.

        3. The first Taken was a badass movie. Neeson was great. The second wasn’t as good, but not horrible either

  22. Dubya joined instagram!

    1. If it’s not meals, it’s not instagram.

      Also, first pic is creepy and weird as fuck. second is absolutely normal.

  23. You know whose fault it is Obama can’t round up a gang to fuck up Syria?


    The Obama administration lashed out at Russia on Friday ahead of a visit to that nation next week, blaming Moscow for standing in the way of the United States’ attempt to build an international coalition for potential military intervention in Syria.

    “Because of the guaranteed Russian obstructionism of any action through the U.N. Security Council, the U.N. cannot galvanize the world to act,” Secretary of State John F. Kerry said as he laid out the administration’s case against Syria’s use of chemical weapons.

    Now is Russian obstructionism similar to Republican obstructionism? Or is there vodka involved?

    1. I’m sure stamping his feet will earn him the respect of the Russians.

      1. It totally works. That’s why Edward Snowden was put on a plane back to America and is sitting in Bradley Manning’s old dungeon even as we speak.

        1. +1 dungeon keeper

    2. Alright, someone with a little bit more poli-sci savvy than I explain why Obama needs a coalition for what I’ve heard described by some dude on the local off-brand conservative broadcast describe as bombing a few palaces to “send a message.” I mean, if even conservatives are onboard but only to wave the collective American fist around, there’s not much to by gained by Obama. Is it the patina of legitimacy having any of our allies (even Russia, home to Snowden!) sign off on a worthless, irate gesture? I get that he’s trying to save face, but why not pull a Cameron and publicly accede to the wishes of most of the civilized world?

      1. He doesn’t want anybody to call him a cowboy, like they did Bush. He’d rather be Nurse Ratched instead.

      2. The UK just gave him an out and he is too stupid to take it. What a fucking disaster he is.

        1. Currently watching Jay Leno and McCain is on. He just explained that the rebels are moderates, so it’s all fine then. Wow, I’m relieved.

          1. so glad McCain didn’t become President!

            1. I am too. He would have been just as big of a disaster As Obama. What a fucking idiot.

            2. Still? Obama turned out worse by nearly every measure.

              1. Worse compared to what? We don’t know what McCain would have done as president. Based on what’s he’s said as a Senator since, we would probably be in the midst of full-scale war from Syria to Pakistan

                1. I doubt the economy would have been struggling under McCaincare, for one thing. For one HUGE thing.

                  1. Obamacare, while awful, isn’t the only reason the economy’s struggling. We also don’t know what McCain would have actually done on health care. I doubt it would have been as bad, but I wouldn’t have been surprised if The Maverick agreed to a nonetheless shitty compromise on the issue with Congressional Dems. I also don’t think the wars he likely would have gotten us into would be beneficial to the economy. I’m not saying he would have been worse than Obama, just different, better in some ways, worse in others. Overall, I think it’s hard to say what the net effect would have been without actually experiencing an alternate timeline where John McCain won the presidency. I don’t think the overall difference would have been that much, not enough to make any libertarian regret not voting for him

                    1. A shitty compromise on health care would have been far preferable to what was rammed through on partisan lines. We also wouldn’t have Kagan and Sotomayor.

  24. BBC said this:

    Unlike Britain, neither France nor the US needs parliamentary approval for military action.

    Is that accurate?
    Stupid Brits.

    1. When I want a lecture on Separation of Powers, the first place I go are the Limeys who love the taste of boot stamping down on their faces.

    2. Well it’s technically true, because the US doesn’t have a Parliament.

      Fucking Brits

  25. “So we’re bombing Syria because Syria is bombing Syria? And I’m the idiot?”
    Sarah Palin, August 31, 2013

    I’m sorry, but that’s just fucking awesome.

    1. I agree.

    2. Does anything drive the left crazier than when Sarah is totally right about something?

      I say no.

    3. I don’t have much use for politicians in general but I love seeing when the truth burns any group of them so much.

  26. Someone really wanted her McNuggets


    1. I LOLed at the end when the next car pulled up to the window. “So, I understand you are out of McNuggets…?”

      1. I totally would have said something like that, even though I never order McNuggets

      2. Thought the same thing, you ad libbed it better.

    2. Oh, and props to her for avoiding the racial stereotype. Whenever I see a “making a scene at a restaurant” story I assume it’s a black woman, and I’m almost never wrong, but this was one of those times.

      I especially liked the threat to eat their face “and digest it.”

      1. Yeah, she did a really good job not being born black, there.

    3. “I will end you”

      I’m so sick of hearing that from people.

      1. You get that a lot?

        1. Orphans and the homeless can be lippy.

          1. A good rap on the head with your ivory handled cane will usually remedy that little problem.

    4. But the Customer is never wrong!
      “It’s 10:30AM we don’t serve McNuggets yet”.
      “Yes you do”

    5. “Don’t make me assume my ultimate form!”

      “I will go super saiyan!”

      This video made my day. Unfortunately, these McDonald’s employees aren’t prepared for the zombie apocalypse, or they would have gone for head shots and dismemberment instead of shutting the window.

      Clearly, they need $15.00/hour to learn how to create improvised weapons and kill hungry monsters quickly and efficiently.

      1. They always have hot oil nearby.

    6. What are the odds she was high on meth at the time? (NTTAWWT, except of course for trying to climb through a window and kill people)

      1. What are the odds she was high on meth at the time?

        Better than even.

    7. Wait, they don’t serve McNuggets at 10:30 in the morning? Or is it just a regional thing? Because I swear you could get McNuggets at a McDonalds in California.

      Mind blown.

      1. They probably start lunch at 11, that’s how they do it here.

  27. The best pop song of all time.

  28. Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs lays down the wood on leftiots.


    1. His Learning from dirty jobs Ted Talk is awesome.

      “OESHA? OCEAN.”

      Pretty much the only Ted talk I’ve seen that didn’t make me want to punch something.

      1. I love Rory Sutherland’s videos. This one is classic. I believe he quotes Mises or Hayek in one of his presentations.

  29. Why do people spend weekends playing knights and wizards?

  30. Here’s what I don’t get about the Charcoal Donuts thing:

    I am told, over and over and over, that because I have not lived my entire life as a black person, I cannot possibly understand the black culture or the black experience and I therefore can’t comment on it.

    So as a result, black people are allowed to assert, without logical argument and often in defiance of simple facts like the definitions of words, that a statement or image is “racist”. And I’m just supposed to “be sensitive” and “check my privilege”, and not ask for coherent or reasonable explanations. These things can’t be explained logically, because they are ineffable; only people with the lived experience can understand them.

    Unfortunately, if that argument is true, nobody who is not Thai and has not lived their entire life in Thailand can possibly understand the Thai culture or the Thai experience – and they therefore cannot understand the Charcoal Donuts image, or its place or meaning in Thai culture. This would mean that they should shut the fuck up.

    So how soon do you think that American “race pundits” will realize that the logical implications of their previous positions and statements require them to shut the fuck up? What’s the over / under?

    1. So how soon do you think that American “race pundits” will realize that the logical implications of their previous positions and statements require them to shut the fuck up? What’s the over / under?

      Yeah, I’m gonna go with fucking never on that one, Fluffy.

      1. But why?

        Surely these are intellectually honest people, who sincerely believe the things they say about culture and race?

        Surely they are self-aware enough to know where they stand vis-a-vis the Thai culture?

        1. So were you able to type all that with a straight face?

        2. Logic has almost nothing to do with how the left views race. It’s a morass of anger and resentment and self-righteousness with a thin coating of rationalization.

          I’ve had people call me a racist who might as well “join the KKK” for agreeing with the jury verdict in the Zimmerman case.

          I have been told that the only reason Republicans (which I am not) oppose Obamacare is because Obama is black.

          I have been told that Missouri rodeo clown is racist, but repeated requests for exactly what was racist about his basic, general, rodeo clown mockery were ignored.

          Regarding the Australian guy murdered in Oklahoma, I said that the “boredom” explanation didn’t ring true, and that the perps connections with gangs and rap indicated that it was possible that they were looking for “street cred” by committing a murder, because it is not unknown for young gangsters or rappers to do such things. This was called a “racist remark.”

          1. On that last part, they’re probably assuming that YOU’RE making that assumption that because they’re black and doing this they must be gangsters.

            If you posed your question to the people who made that accusation, they’d probably say that you wouldn’t make your claims about street cred if they were white, or if they were whites attacking a black person.

            1. No, I was referencing an article indicating that they were gangsters, or at least trying to be. It should have been clear that I was not saying “black teen = gangster” or “rapper = gangster.”

    2. “It’s absolutely ridiculous,” the CEO Nadim Salhani said in a telephone interview. “We’re not allowed to use black to promote our doughnuts? I don’t get it. What’s the big fuss? What if the product was white and I painted someone white, would that be racist?”

      Well, no, that would be fine. What’s wrong with this guy that he doesn’t get that? How dare you not show a complete knowledge of, and deference to, our particular American cultural sensitivities!

  31. That Mike Rowe link was awesome. I had no idea he was so hep. Thanks, Warren, wherever you are.

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