Analysis: Obama Doesn't Seem to See Problems with NSA

Did he even read the part where the FISA court didn't know how certain processes worked for years?


"All these safeguards, checks, audits, oversight" of the NSA's surveillance programs "worked," President Obama told CNN Friday morning. He'd like you to agree — but isn't doing what he could to make that happen.

When the president at a press conference earlier this month announced his proposal for reforms and review of NSA surveillance, it suggested an administration willing to conduct some reflection. This week, though, has given some reason to think that the reflection might be more like the emperor asking people what they think of his new duds. The NSA's informational website is a Tumblr page, ICOnTheRecord. The Director of National Intelligence's release of key rulings from the court that governs the surveillance programs neglected to mention that it was largely spurred by a lawsuit filed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.