Gallup Poll of Small Business Owners Finds They Are Most Optimistic Since 2008


A recent Gallup survey of 603 small business owners finds they are more optimistic today than they have been since late 2008. Positive expectations of the future drive their optimism more than their present experience, as well as their belief that credit will become more available.

Gallup asks a series of questions to create a business index about each business owner's current financial situation, revenue, cash flow, capital spending, number of jobs, and ease of obtaining credit. In the early 2000s the index rose to the triple digits but then plummeted to -21 in 2009. Numbers have crept back up in 2013 rising to 25 in July, up from 16 in the second quarter.

Gallup also constructs a Future Expectations Dimension index, measuring business owners' expectations over the next 12 months. This index also rose to 21 in July from 14 in April. However, this index has ebbed and flow since 2009, reaching no where near the levels of the early 2000s.


In 2007 about 56% of small business owners said access to credit was easy and 13% said it was difficult. By 2009 trends reversed and the share of business who had easy access to credit plummeted to 20%. These trends have remained fairly consistent over the past few years, but with slight signs of improvement.

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  1. gee i wonder why the easy/difficult credit numbers seem to be farther from adding up to 100% then in times past….

    Could it be a higher number said they did not know because they stopped getting credit altogether?

  2. I see a steep decline for the first year of Obama’s administration followed by small oscillations at that lower level.

    Prosperity is just around the corner guys!

  3. Equally accurate headline: “Gallup Poll of Small Business Owners Finds Optimism Still Well Below Pre-Recession Levels”.

    1. Then again, in 2008, I was working independently on several contracts keeping me afloat, so I could have been counted in the earlier survey. Now, I work for someone else and don’t deal with one tenth of the hassle.

  4. I’m sure PB will be along any moment now to convince us stupid christfags that Obama is the most capitalist president ever.

  5. Obama’s small business tax cuts and credits:


    Helped him carry the small biz vote in 2012!

    (“!” for serious man)

    1. In 2012, many surveys showed SBOs favored Romney. I find it very unlikely Obama flipped them just in time for the election.

      “National election polls today show the Presidential candidates neck-and-neck, but among small business owners Mitt Romney has a clear lead.”


      1. Even were it true, all it would show is that they preferred Obama to Romney. That’s like preferring a quick death to slow torture.

        1. You are wise not to doubt me.

      2. Nearly half of small business owners (47 percent) plan to vote for a second term for the president, compared to 39 percent who plan to vote for Mitt Romney, according to a new poll conducted by the George Washington University School of Political Management and Thumbtack.com. Even more importantly, perhaps, the president is perceived as more supportive of small companies by the most coveted group of voters ? independents.

        Washington Post


        1. From same article:

          “This latest poll stands in stark contrast to a similar one released a month ago by Manta, which showed Romney holding a comfortable lead over Obama among voters on Main Street.”

          Poll A says one thing; Poll B something else. The polls say nothing about who actually won the SBO vote.

  6. I usually ignore the Newsmax stuff, but this caught my eye.


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    1. Overall, 105 patients at the Johns Hopkins Hospital emergency department in Baltimore on Friday and Saturday nights between April 2010 and June 2011 admitted to drinking before their ER visit.

      This isn’t a fucking study, it’s a goddamn joke. Those numbers don’t tell us anything about a goddamn thing.

      Taxation might have an impact. A recent study in “Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research” showed that male smokers who were subjected to a cigarette tax increase drank 11 percent less on an average night out and had seven fewer binge sessions over the course of a year, compared to male smokers who didn’t

      I’m betting the above was conducted with the same rigor as the aforementioned study. What a fucking joke. This shit makes me sick.

      This is where your fucking paycheck goes. All those taxes keep these academic retards alive and in grant money. They get paid your fucking money, that you fucking earned, to do these little “studies” like mentioned and our betters get “scientific” evidence that you need to be taxed and controlled further.

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  7. These business owners did not read “The Great Deformation” by Stockman. I just did. Jesus. I didn’t know that nut punches could be delivered just in the economic sphere, but they can.

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