Vaccine-Denying Pastor's Flock Smote with Measles


Copeland Ministries

There's been a scary outbreak of measles in North Texas this month, and local health agencies are pointing to the Eagle Mountain International Church of Tarrant County as the epicenter. The church is part of the megachurch network Kenneth Copeland Ministries. Copeland, according to the Dallas Observer, is:

far from the most vocal proponent of the discredited theory that the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine causes autism, but, between his advocacy of faith healing and his promotion of the vaccine-autism link on his online talk show, he's not exactly urging his flock to get their recommended shots.

In fact, all 11 of the confirmed cases in the county seem to be traceable to a overseas visitor to the church.

Tarrant County Public Health, on its Facebook page, states that eight of the 11 patients diagnosed with measles have recovered. The patients' ages range from four months to 44 years. Only three of the patients had been immunized for measles.

His daughter, Terri, who is the pastor of this particular part of her father's flock, says that the church will sponsor two vaccination clinics in the coming weeks. Better late than never, I guess. 

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  1. Eleven Flu Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.

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          1. Sounds like it has great Weiners, too.

    2. It’s all South Oklahoma North of I-20.

    3. Bah. This is a fantastic town. Just stay out of Dallas. There’s some kind of a shit force field that you pass through when you cross the county line. As a transplant, this place is great.

      This church is not very far from my house. Oh how excited I am to hear of a measles outbreak just as my two young kids are starting school at a school affiliated with a church. Herd immunity, dammit!

  5. Horrors of Horrors! SCARY OUTBREAK.

    Holy irrational embellishment, Batman.

  6. I notice that they switched to supporting vaccinations, indicating that they changed their minds on vaccination in the face of new evidence. This means that these backward fundie bleevers are more evidence-based in their approach that McMarthy, Maher and their ilk.

    1. It means they’re honest people who’ve admitted to themselves that their previous stance was bullshit. Maher and his ilk aren’t honest people.

      1. Go ahead, keep preaching.

        1. It is true. They were morons. But at least a few sick kids convinced them otherwise.

          1. Yeah I’m really not getting the outrage, and I’m an athiest for crying out loud.

            They were stupid and wrong, and they changed their tune when confronted with the consequences. Like me and left liberalism lo those many years ago. Everybody makes mistakes.

            1. Ever hear of the case of Valentino Bocca and what the Italian Ministry of Health had to say about the connection between the MMR cocktail he received and his developing autism?

              An Italian court agreed with the parents of young Mr. Bocca and awarded the equivalent of $220,000.00 dollars in compensatory damages, plus expenses, because the court ruled that there was no question that the MMR cocktail was the cause of the child’s autism.

              1. Valentino Bocca’s case was decided just last year.

                How many here are familiar with the case? Why the black out by Reason scribes?

                There are none as ignorant as those who choose to blind themselves.

                1. AhAHAHAHAHAH check out this asshole! He thinks the Italian court system-which once sentenced geologists for not predicting an earthquake-has anything of value to offer on the issue at hand!

                  Now tell us how the Jews are responsible.

              2. Seriously? An Italian court? Italian is my largest ancestry, and I’m proud of it, but using their judicial system as evidence in a medical science argument is idiotic.

                1. Isn’t that the same Italian legal system that successfully imprisoned a geologist for not accurately predicting an earthquake or volcanic eruption sometime last year?

                2. Not if you read the evidence presented by Valentino’s family.

                  You are making a grand, sweeping statement without knowing a damn thing about the case. Not exactly the stuff of logic and reason.

                  1. You don’t know the half of it – Abraham Lincoln’s young son died of diptheria before the invention of the diptheria vaccine:


                    Vaccination! Abe Lincoln!

                    1. Eddie, my boy, too bad it wasn’t the lad’s father.

                      How about the conclusions of Dr. Lawrence Pavelsky:

                      “As a result of the use of the measles vaccine, we see fewer obvious cases of acute infections. Instead, however, we now have many more clinical cases of chronic brain inflammation, the very complication of natural measles infection that the vaccine was supposed to protect against.

                      Id say the measles vaccine program has failed to accomplish what it was meant to do, and now, as a result of our attempts to minimize the rare complication of a measles infection by stopping children from experiencing a measles infection, we have created the very problem of an inordinate amount of children with chronic brain inflammation.”

                    2. There is absolutely no evidence to back that bullshit up.

                    3. Please, educate yourself. You should not parade your ignorance in public.

                    4. Come on Mike tell us how the JEws are responsible.

                    5. About what are you posting?

                    6. You mean this practitioner of homeopathy? He is either a quack or part PT Barnum

  7. One problem is that there are scarcely any people left who remember the time before vaccines. Childhood infections have been rare for so long that many people take it for granted and do not credit vaccination.

    1. Exactly. Sadly kids are going to have to start dying in numbers again before this nonsense ends. Nature is a harsh mistress. She doesn’t really give a shit about your theories and prejudices.

      1. In the last 25 years, in the united states, do you think more kids have died as a result of measles or as a result of having received the MMR cocktail?

        1. There have been a few hundred measles deaths and no deaths that I know of caused by the MMR shot.

          However, my point is that there are millions of people who never got measles and don’t know anyone who did. For these people, measles is like Bigfoot.

        2. Why do you think so few people die from measles?

          1. LM doesn’t think. That’s for statists like Lincoln.

          2. Shhh, he is hunting wabbits!

        3. In the last 25 years, in the united states, do you think more kids have died as a result of measles or as a result of having received the MMR cocktail?

          Are you that stupid?

          The number of measles deaths is down because of the vaccine you fucking moron.

          1. Oh, yeah, you know how to argue.

            Lots of logic and reason.

            As if you know all the facts and as if you could hang with Dr. Joseph Mercola or Dr. Lawrence Pavelsky.

            Why don’t you challenge them to a debate?

            They would wipe your troglodytic incoherence from the stage.


              Appealing to authority works a lot better when your ‘authority’ is actually an authority and not some two-bit quack.

              1. A quack is one who worships at the altar of allopathy.

                1. Allopathy of the past was unscientific quackery born in an age of ignorance.

                  Modern allopathy IS medicine. Homeopathy was and is quackery. It has a good reputation merely because it was a lot less likely to kill you than the quack allopathy of the past.

                2. Priceless! Now he’s spouting homeopathic soundbites!

                  1. Hey, the line is mine. If I use another’s words, I attribute.

                    Listen, the other day, I devoted a post to John for coming up with a great line about Matty boy Yglesias:

                    “But that won’t stop retard from going where other retards fear to thread.”

                    1. I had honestly never heard the term “allopathy”. And after looking it up, I wish I never had.

                      So, Libertymike, you big ole conservative you, you don’t believe in modern medicine? You prefer witch doctors and crystals perhaps?

                      Is there a homeopathic cure for being a queer? And do it’s side-effects include curing stupidity? If so, you should dose up, right away.

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                      As I, Michelle Bachmann, always say, Faggots are pedophiles who wish to lure in school children.

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                  1. The Gay Marriage troll, on the other hand, is just pathetic. Just no finesse at all.

            2. Referring to Dr. Mercola as an expert in anything is like referring to Paul Krugman as an expert in economics.

              Mercola is an idiot. He says what he says for money, and because people like you lap it up.

              1. So, resort to ad hominem is that upon which you rely.

            3. If you seriously don’t think vaccines prevent disease, then I don’t think it’s possible to have a logical and reasonable debate on this subject with you

            4. I’ll gladly entertain a “discussion” with these two quacks.

  8. “Only three of the patients had been immunized for measles.”

    Well, I guess *all* the patients are vaccinated now.

    1. “Only three of the patients had been immunized for measles.”

      Why would the vaccinated be patients?

      1. Because vaccines aren’t infallible, they merely boost the immunity to a pathogen. The more people who are vaccinated, the better the vaccines work for any particular individual.

        1. The more people who are vaccinated, the better the vaccines work for any particular individual.

          You’ll need to do better than dropping this off and hoping for the best.


          1. Vaccines are not 100% effective. To achieve herd immunity, you need to vaccinate ~85% of a given population to achieve the effect. So, as a population’s percentage of vaccination increases, so are the odds of an individual’s vaccine being effective in that population.

            Will my MD & MPH suffice as credentials?

      2. They may have been immunosuppressed. They should get checked for something that could do that.

        1. BTW, I wouldn’t put it past you to have been the culprit who splashed the hideously ugly hue of green paint on ole Abe’s memorial a few weeks back.

          Your plan was to paint the initials LM on abe’s statute, anticipating that NSA operatives would be prowling through their databases for Lincoln haters and that they would eventually stumble upon the hand full of sites where I consistently get ugly about the tall, ugly one.

          However, as you were executing your caper, you got jittery as you thought you heard the lionized one actually speaking to you. Startled, you inadvertently heaved the paint towards abe and ran off, too frightened to paint my initials.

  9. As if these measles cases weren’t planted by big pharma…

  10. The world has a funny way of letting you know when you are wrong. To these peoples’ credit, it looks like they changed their minds when presented with evidence of their ignorance. Would that all who so afflict us in politics were so evidence-based!

    1. The ‘world’? really?


      These people will take it that God brought measles among them to show them that He supports vaccinating.

  11. So in other words by not vaccinating this church committed secular heresy. It’s good to see that the old religions are being replaced by new ones. With smug, self-congratulatory hipsters the new priest class.

    1. No, by not vaccinating, their kids got seriously ill.

      But yeah dude, medical science is totally like a religion and shit….

      Fucking dumbass.

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