Watch Matt Welch Talk NSA Surveillance on The O'Reilly Factor Tonight at 8:20 pm


Last night, The Washington Post had a scoop about the National Security Agency violating privacy rules at least 2,776 times. Tonight, I'll be talking about it on the highest rated show on cable news. Bring popcorn!

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  1. Highest rated show on cable news = tallest midget

  2. Only 2,776 violations in a year? Hours must go by without a violation sometimes. And people thought these powers would be abused.

  3. Well, I’d sworn off O’Reilly again, but I’ll watch tonight just to support the TEAM REASONABLE.

    Matt – smack him in his jiggly old face, please. Thank you!

  4. Are you going tonight to be called a “libertine” by O’Reilly, Matt?

    1. If O’Reilly doesn’t call him a pinhead I’ll be disappointed.

  5. Laura Ingraham is guest-hosting.

  6. Matt tried, and had so much more to say, but there just wasn’t enough time given.
    Laura Ingram, guest-hosting for O’Reilly, did do a lot of the critical pushback from the Democratic hack supporting the Administration though, so it wasn’t so bad.
    It is amazing the gall that any of these pundits, official or otherwise, have in trying to defend a domestic spying system that is Constitutionally flawed in the inception.
    Apologizing that the violations of law were not intentional, or that errors are acceptable if not malicious, are as simply not acceptable as if they were intentional and malicious. It simply should not happen, nor should the 5 steps into that spying that the statutory law presumptively allows be any justification for it in the first place.
    It is mission creep, but intentional, and seeks to shift the paradigm of what is ‘normal’ and acceptable from the fundamental strictures of the Constitution.

  7. Matt Welch, debating silly sons of bitches, so you don’t have to.

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