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Boston May Ban Children From UFC Events

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Boston's city council president doesn't think mixed martial arts is something kids ought to be watching, and wants to make that decision for all parents in Boston.

CBS Boston reports:

The Boston City Council is considering age limits on attendance at the Ultimate Fighting Championships in the city.

Council President Steve Murphy wants to ban children under the age of 18 from Mixed Martial Arts shows like the UFC Fight Night Saturday at the TD Garden.

It's too late to ban anyone from this weekend's event, but if Murphy has his way, the next time the UFC comes to town, no kids will be allowed.

If he gets his way, this weekend's UFC event might be the last kids or adults get to watch in Boston.

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  1. Is UFC fake or non-fake? I’m thinking non-fake, but I’m not an expert.

    1. From what I’ve seen, VERY non-fake. It’s some kick ass entertainment. I can’t imagine going into a ring and taking the beating those guys go through.

      1. I think it’s incredibly boring. Who wants to see a fight that lasts only a few rounds?

        I prefer a good boxing match instead where you have to wear your opponent down instead of just tackling him and putting him in a headlock.

        1. As long as it doesn’t go to the ground for the whole match, I find UFC more exciting than boxing. When they go to the ground for the whole thing….typically very BORRRRRRING.

          1. …and I still miss Ray Leonard, Marvin Hagler, Tommy Hearns et al – THAT era was some kickass, exciting boxing.

            1. Almanian!, you mean you can’t appreciate the subtle strategy of a collegiate wrestler taking a guy down and then dry humping him for 3 minutes at a time?

          2. If someone doesn’t know what they’re watching, boxing is boring as shit, too.

            There are SOME fighters who use wrestling to grind a fight to nothing, but just because a fight is on the ground doesn’t mean nothing is happening. Judges are punishing inactivity more and more at every show.

            There are A LOT of really, really, really ignorant responses to this article. Nobody is getting in the UFC with a month of jiu-jitsu or shitty standup. It’s 2013, not 2003. The top tier of the sport today has been training jiu-jitsu, muay thai, wrestling and various other arts in a concentrated MMA regimen for half their lives.

            MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world, one of the most popular sports in the world, and is entering the phase of its growth where the new top tier athletes are guys who could have been pro in other sports, but have dedicated their athletic lives to this sport – not karate, or jiu jitsu or wrestling alone but MMA – a highly distinct sport with highly distinct strategies and techniques.

      2. Very, very non-fake.

    2. UFC is non-fake. But then, nine-tenths of MMA is two out of shape hoosiers with a month of jiu-jitsu training between them beating on each other until one gasses out.

    3. Fake in the sense that it has some arbitrary rules, but very non-fake within the boundaries of the rules. If you want non-fake, watch the old UFCs pre-McCain neutering, or old Brazilian vale tudo matches.

    4. Depends on what you mean by “fake”. There are still rules, just like in any fighting sport, so it’s not like an actual no holds barred street fight that just happens to take place in a cage with spectators.

      Also, just as an FYI, most MMA guys can’t kick or punch worth shit, and they only ever use a small handful of grappling techniques. In truth they’re only about equivalent to green belts in terms of number and variety of moves they use in the cage.

      1. Yeah, MMA guys generally aren’t the best at any single discipline, but they are the best overall. That is why boxers, kickboxers, and world class BBJ practitioners are usually mediocre MMA fighters. They might be very good at their one discipline, but when you start mixing it up they suck.

    5. Non-fake.

      Now I am not ruling out a few fights might have been fixed (much like boxing), but it is not fake.

      One of the main reasons why pro-wrestling is fake is because if they tried some of those moves for real it would often injure the wrestlers. All the melodrama came after the matches were worked. You have to remember that pro-wrestlers often do dozens of shows a year while an MMA fighter fights between 2 to 6 times a year with about three or four matches being the most common.

      But considering the UFC and other MMA organizations have a lot of problems with injured fighters.

  2. Look, we all know kids are sweet little angels with no violent impulses. Thus we cannot allow MMA events to teach kids that fighting is permissible when mutually agreed upon and fought in accordance with a set of predetermined rules.

  3. How can Boston deny youngsters the ability to watch in person dudes hitting each other. Is the city no longer Irish?

    1. Well, they prevented priests from giving the last rites to one of Boston Bombing victims. This isn’t your father’s Boston.

    2. It’s probably because the MMAers are doing it for filthy MONEY. Beating the shit out of someone for free is fine and dandy. Or if it involves hockey, probably.

      1. “And I’m telling you, Suffolk County is just visibly upset by this display. Get places for the home games. Bring the kids. We got entertainment for the whole family.”

        1. “Scouts?”

          1. Every scout in the NHL is out there tonight, with contracts in their pockets, and they’re looking for talent. For winners. Ooh. All my years of publicity. Of the fashion shows and radiothons for nothing… They come here tonight… to scout the Chiefs… the toughest team in the Federal League. Not this. Buncha …Pussies.

  4. Murphy should be dropkicked in the head.

    1. What you did there, yo, I see it
      Shipping up to Boston is what’s needed


  5. Dana White has pretty much said he’s not bringing the UFC back to Boston because of dipshits like this.

  6. Next on the “for the children” ban list: Tractor Pulz.

    1. In all seriousness, I wouldn’t doubt if some of my tinnitus is due to seven hemi engine tractor pulling rigs of the early 80’s.

      That and one too many Gwar shows.

      1. So you’re saying they’ll start with mandatory ear plug laws.

    2. And Dukes of Hazzard reruns.

  7. That and one too many Gwar shows.

    Just admit it, you like being covered in green goo.

    1. Green goo, good. Grey goo, bad.

  8. Just what we need. Another wannabe Nanny Bloomberg. The NE seems to produce them in scores.

    1. There’s a reason “Yankee” was once an insult.

      1. I thought Twain meant it as a compliment. Yankee is the same trope as the Country Mouse in City Mouse-Country Mouse cartoons. The wily (and cheap!) hayseed who keeps outsmarting his fast-talking city-slicker opponent.

      2. There is, but it has nothing to do with nannyism. Yankees used to be known for stubborn self reliance. I don’t know what the fuck happened. Probably something to do with the Irish.

      3. It was a slur by the British originally against the Dutch in the New World, and then against British colonists imputed to have affected Dutch ways by contact.

  9. Politicians are far more damaging to children than the UFC. Ban the politicians from getting anywhere near children.

    1. Just replace ‘children’ with ‘people’, and it’s perfect.

  10. children under the age of 18


    1. I thought children were children until 26 now.

  11. Boston May Ban Children From UFC Events

    The UFC has children fighting? I take back every negative thing I’ve ever said about the UFC or MMA in general.

    The Boston City Council is considering age limits on attendance…

    Dammit, I got my hopes up for a second there. Oh well, guess I’ll just have to be content with my child laborers underground fights.

  12. Are they banning kids from Bruins games? They seem to have some fighting that is penalized by the league for each infraction. Surely that is worse than legal fighting.

  13. ” . . .children under the age of 18 ”

    Are there children *over* the age of 18?

    1. Oh yeah, the Obama administration has extended the age of minority to 26 now.

  14. Good, kids dont need to be seeing that garbage anyways!


  15. Why can we ban kids from events except at their or somewhere else I won’t be. Now the big thing is people taking their kids to the bars with them. If you don’t have a sitter just leave them in the car.

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