Oracle Chief Defends NSA Surveillance

"Who's ever heard of this information being misused by the government. In what way?"


In an interview that will do absolutely nothing to erase his reputation as one of the most controversial CEOs in Silicon Valley, Oracle's Larry Ellison took some potshots at Google while saying the government's digital surveillance programs are "essential." 

During the interview with Charlie Rose, which was broadcast Tuesday on "CBS This Morning," Ellison also discussed his friendship with Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and the company's prospects without him. 

"He's irreplaceable," Ellison said in a transcript provided by CBS. "I don't see how they—how they can—how they can—they will not be nearly so successful because he's gone."

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  1. I’m betting those super secret databases are running Oracle. Ellison is a scumbag.

  2. Larry Ellison…the same asshole pushing for a national ID card…as long as Oracle got to provide the cards!

    Fuck off slaver!

  3. “In an interview that will do absolutely nothing to erase his reputation as the biggest piece of shit CEO in Silicon Valley…”


  4. No doubt the government is using Oracle services and products. If IBM had an exclusive contract on this he would be singing a different tune.This is the save dumbfuck he predicted Microsft would dominate the computing landscape if the government didn’t pursue anti trust action.

  5. Echo everything said above. He is also a cronyist pussy that could not compete with Microsoft so he took a suitcase full of money to Washington and had them start that whole anti-trust bs.

  6. What is is with these pro-war, Nazi-police-state-loving Silicon Valley billionaires? What you are advocating is evil, Larry.

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