CIA Gathered Records on Noam Chomsky

May have illegally destroyed them


The Central Intelligence Agency compiled — and may have illegally destroyed — records on anti-war activist Noam Chomsky, according to a Freedom of Information Act response obtained by Foreign Policy.

The intelligence agency had previously denied gathering information on the MIT professor, a leading critic of the Vietnam War. But a new memo obtained by attorney Kel McClanahan shows that the CIA was monitoring Chomsky's anti-war activities and investigating a trip by fellow activists to North Vietnam.

The document, sent from the director of the CIA to the director of the FBI, asks the law enforcement agency to help confirm which activists planned to travel on the trip, which carried "the endorsement of Noam Chomsky."

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  1. Here we go. Now the leftoid matrix will try to pretend that there is no leftoid matrix…”See, even Brother Chomsky was scrutinized!”

    Chomsky’s just another lamestream intellectual statist/collectivist hack. He is a collectivist bootlicker and was never in any danger from the state he worships.

    1. What? Chomsky actually is a different kind of leftist (at the very least in foreign policy terms). He would scrap the entire system and replace it with something else (leftist anarchism, which I of course don’t agree with).

    2. Chomsky’s a crimethinking leftist, though. If things did get bad enough, he’d be marched off to the Gulags along with the Tea Partiers.

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