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Matt Welch Talks Rand Paul vs. Chris Christie, GOP Civil War on Huckabee


On Saturday, Aug. 10, I appeared on Fox News's Huckabee program to discuss defunding Obamacare, the dispute between Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) and New Jersey Gov. Christie, and what this all means for the country and GOP. Also joining the unity-pleading host Mike Huckabee were Tea Party commentator Dana Loesch and Republican National Committee Communications Director Sean Spicer:


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  1. On the downside, Matt didn’t get to jam with the Governor. On the upside, he did get to plug his book.

  2. Ha, Hucksterbee, through an innocent question, suggests libertarians go play in their own Party.

    1. And the RNC pundit makes sure they still feel free to vote Republican.

  3. Im sure all Christie is thinking about is where the next cheeseburger is coming from lol.


    1. oh you cheeky bot!

    2. Wow maybe it’s time take the Turing test.

  4. I want to hear Matt talk about the Rand Paul vs. Paul Krugman via Milton Friedman war that is developing.

    1. I would have loved to see a debate between Krugman and Milton in his prime. I just want to see Krugman publicly destroyed for his ridiculous economic analysis.

      1. I want to see him publicly destroyed for his ridiculous Milton Friedman analysis, then for his ridiculous economic analysis, then finally for his ridiculous politics analysis. The man has jumped the shark, but, like Happy Days, his forum is of such a grand scale one can’t help but watch from time to time.

      2. I’d settle for a televised discussion between Krugman and Sowell (who is as ferocious a speaker as Friedman was refined).

        But Krugman knows that he’s a terrible speaker–he won’t even debate Bob Murphy, and Bob’s not anyone’s idea of a polished debater–so he’ll just continue to hide behind absurd new-econ justifications of policies that failed FDR, Nixon, and now Obama while basking in the glow of his non-Nobel Prize(s) and the uncritical NYT readership.

        Rejected Bond Villain’s going Rushdie–after the Paul v. Paul debacle, he’ll never again expose himself to a dangerous Chicago or Austrian thinker outside the safety of his column, where he can snipe away with glee.

        1. They had him on the verge of crying in Spain last year.

        2. Or it would be nice to see Krugman debate Murphy. The pool is up to $105,000. Money goes to a NYC food bank. All Krugman has to do is debate. Why does Krugman want poor New Yorkers to starve?

  5. Dana Loesch – wow!

  6. Wait, the Republican guy is named Spicer?

  7. Obamacare is truly amazing. No one wants it. The administration has been cutting deals from the start, granting over a thousand wavers, delaying its implementation on business because allies complained, getting an exemption for democratic congressional staffers, all of this for people who advocated for it, yet it still survives. It is political reality. The really shitty thing? Even if it is nullified the damage it has done to the market wont be repaired. Sure, there is investment now, but it will only be politically feasible to nullify it once the damage is complete. Once we get to that point no one in their right minds would invest in the health insurance/care sectors so long as Democrats walk the face of the earth. It would take a Pinochet like dictatorship and purge before you see anything like the kind of political stability and guarantee of no more bat shit stupid legislation where entrepreneurs can trust the political environment.

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