Lawmakers Agree: Ignoring Mandatory Minimums Is Cool, But Repealing Is Better


Daniel Ramirez

Today, Attorney General Eric Holder gained some well-earned buzz with a speech before a San Francisco gathering of the American Bar Association distancing the administration from the recent American emphasis on throwing even minor transgressors into prison for as long as possible, no matter the cost to lives, culture and the taxpayers. He announced that the federal government would be reexamining its habit of inserting itself into as many criminal cases as possible, and that it would back off efforts to seek imposition of mandatory minimum sentences in at least some of the cases the U.S. Justice Department does pursue. That's just swell, many people who've been horrified by draconian prison sentences for even minor legal transgressions conceded. But that's just executive restraint, to last only so long as this president's tenure in office — or even shorter if President Obama has a(nother) bad day. That has members of Congress scrambling to turn reform of mandatory minimum sentences into a matter of law, and not just an exercise of executive mercy.

Holder's sentiments, and the announced policy changes, should not be minimized. Among other points made to the ABA, he said:

It's imperative that we maximize our resources by focusing on protecting national security; combating violent crime; fighting against financial fraud; and safeguarding the most vulnerable members of our society.

This means that federal prosecutors cannot – and should not – bring every case or charge every defendant who stands accused of violating federal law.  Some issues are best handled at the state or local level.  And that's why I have today directed the United States Attorney community to develop specific, locally-tailored guidelines – consistent with our national priorities – for determining when federal charges should be filed, and when they should not. …

The President and I agree that it's time to take a pragmatic approach.  And that's why I am proud to announce today that the Justice Department will take a series of significant actions to recalibrate America's federal criminal justice system.

We will start by fundamentally rethinking the notion of mandatory minimum sentences for drug-related crimes.  Some statutes that mandate inflexible sentences – regardless of the individual conduct at issue in a particular case – reduce the discretion available to prosecutors, judges, and juries.  Because they oftentimes generate unfairly long sentences, they breed disrespect for the system.  When applied indiscriminately, they do not serve public safety.  They – and some of the enforcement priorities we have set – have had a destabilizing effect on particular communities, largely poor and of color.  And, applied inappropriately, they are ultimately counterproductive. 

 This is why I have today mandated a modification of the Justice Department's charging policies so that certain low-level, nonviolent drug offenders who have no ties to large-scale organizations, gangs, or cartels will no longer be charged with offenses that impose draconian mandatory minimum sentences.  They now will be charged with offenses for which the accompanying sentences are better suited to their individual conduct, rather than excessive prison terms more appropriate for violent criminals or drug kingpins.  By reserving the most severe penalties for serious, high-level, or violent drug traffickers, we can better promote public safety, deterrence, and rehabilitation – while making our expenditures smarter and more productive.  We've seen that this approach has bipartisan support in Congress – where a number of leaders, including Senators Dick Durbin, Patrick Leahy, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul have introduced what I think is promising legislation aimed at giving federal judges more discretion in applying mandatory minimums to certain drug offenders.  Such legislation will ultimately save our country billions of dollars while keeping us safe.  And the President and I look forward to working with members of both parties to refine and advance these proposals.

That's all good stuff, if a bit behind the curve. Holder's announced policy change for the Justice Department, to avoid draconian sentences in the case of "certain low-level, nonviolent drug offenders who have no ties to large-scale organizations, gangs, or cartels" is a safe enough change, following public opinion rather than leading it. In fact, the most recent Reason-Rupe poll finds that only six percent of Americans think marijuana possession should draw prison time.

But a Justice Department policy that tailors prosecutions to avoid mandatory minimums, or keeps federal prosecutors entirely out of some cases, can be dropped as easily as it was adopted. That's why Rep. Justin Amash's office (R-Michigan) told Reason, "The policy change is a step in the right direction, but Congress should address this issue through legislation."

And, as Holder mentioned, such legislation has been working its way through Congress with bipartisan backing. The Justice Department's policy shift is seen as lending administration support to a bill sponsored by Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) and Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont), who happens to be the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. That Justice Safety Valve Act of 2013 "would allow judges to sentence federal offenders below the mandatory minimum sentence" under certain conditions.

In response to Holder's announcement, Sen. Paul released a statement saying, "I am encouraged that the President and Attorney General agree with me that mandatory minimum sentences for non-violent offenders promote injustice and do not serve public safety."

For his part, Sen. Leahy agreed that "our reliance on mandatory minimums has been a great mistake, and I am encouraged that Attorney General Holder and the Department of Justice have joined the growing chorus from across the political spectrum that question this one-size-fits-all approach."

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Kentucky) and Rep. Robert C. "Bobby" Scott (D-Virginia) have yet to respond to Holder's policy shift, but they've introduced a House counterpart to the Senate bill put forward by Paul and Leahy. At the time that bill was introduced, they released a statement in which Scott said, "Mandatory minimum sentences have been shown to mandate unjust results. They have a racially discriminatory impact, studies conclude that they waste the taxpayer's money, and they often violate common sense."

Massie was quoted as commenting, "The one size fits all approach of federally mandated minimums does not give local judges the latitude they need to ensure that punishments fit the crimes. As a result, nonviolent offenders are sometimes given excessive sentences.  Furthermore, public safety can be compromised because violent offenders are released from our nation's overcrowded prisons to make room for nonviolent offenders."

The administration's policy shift is a good move as a first step, but it depends too much on the whims of the executive branch, both in its implementation and its longevity. Legally mandated draconian prison sentences were inflicted on the American people by law, and they can only be done away with on a permanent basis, or their damage reliably reduced, the same way.


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  1. …”or even shorter if President Obama has a(nother) bad day.”…

    Yep, one nasty question from the press and you can kiss 10 years of your life goodbye!
    What a crock.

  2. Here’s how it is:

    a) Holder is a faux-brother – he’s about as black as his boss.
    b) He runs guns to gangsters
    c) He hates whitey like his boss
    d) He has realized that too many brothers be in lockdown for small things that are part of celebrating their cutlture. Drive-by shootings, hand-to-hand drug deals, domestic violence, robbery, burglary, rape.
    e) The best way to slide up that greasy pole when his boss is gone is to pander to these upstanding fellows.

    1. American, is that YOU under that sheet?!

    2. Fuck off slaver. Take your identity politics somewhere else.

  3. OT: ‘400 surface-to-air missiles’ were ‘STOLEN’ from Libya during the Benghazi attack, says whistle-blowers’ attorney

    A former U.S. Attorney who represents whistle-blowers with knowledge of what happened when armed militants attacked the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya last year says 400 surface-to-air missiles were ‘taken from Libya’ during the attack, and that the U.S. intelligence community is terrified they might be used to shoot down airliners.

    Joe diGenova, whose wife Victoria Toensing ? a former deputy assistant attorney general ? also represents Benghazi witnesses and others with knowledge of the terror attack, told WMAL radio that the loss of those missiles is also one the reason the U.S. State Department shut down 19 embassies across the Middle East last week.

    diGenova said that while he was uncertain whether the stolen weapons were being kept at the U.S. Consulate’s CIA annex, ‘it is clear that the annex was somehow involved in the process of the distribution of those missiles.’

    The people cannot be trusted with semiautomatic weapons because we might snap at any moment, drive to a school and shoot it up.

    The CIA spooks can be trusted to conduct shady and possibly illegal arms smuggling operations because, you know, if they don’t, the TERRAHISTS might win.

  4. This one video could assist millions of Americans.

    1. But what does this have to do with George Zimmerman?

  5. But that’s just executive restraint, to last only so long as this president’s tenure in office ? or even shorter if President Obama has a(nother) bad day.

    Or, you know, tomorrow. The Obama Administration’s word has a near immediate expiration date.

  6. This is actually a smart move for the administration, beyond the fact that it just makes sense.

    The GOP is going to go all law and order, “they’re soft on crime” on this trying to shore up their main base, thereby shooting themselves in the foot and losing a bunch of vital fence sitters.

    Stupid party gonna stupid.

    1. Of course it is a totally meaningless move. Read the fine print. Very few if any cases will not somehow be connected to violence or gangs.

    2. The GOP is going to go all law and order, “they’re soft on crime” on this trying to shore up their main base, thereby shooting themselves in the foot and losing a bunch of vital fence sitters.

      Sure, the faction of the GOP that we already hate is going to do that. That’s why mission number one in 2014 needs to be named PTA (Primary Their Asses).

  7. Holder’s sentiments, and the announced policy changes, should not be minimized.

    Yes, they should. The White House and its DoJ are going to shit their collective self if Congress actually looks like it’s going to do something legislative to rein in federal prosecutor drug warriors.

  8. Im tellin ya now, Jack Frapp is NOT gonna like that.

    1. What a wonderfully quizzical comment.

      1. Yes, it’s a MappRapp Jack Frapp rap.

  9. 4 out of 4 law makers agree: your money could be put to better use if you gave it to them

  10. Will someone please explain the “p.m. links”? Seems to me the thread is always dead before the sun sets. (Pacific Standard Time here)

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              That sounds a lot like Cinemax.

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              DON’T JUDGE ME!

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          6PM PST would be ok too.


    Private schools vary widely, but some have rates of less than 20%. Yes, that’s right: Parents are willingly paying up to $25,000 a year to schools at which fewer than 1 in 5 kindergartners has been immunized against the pathogens causing such life-threatening illnesses as measles, polio, meningitis and pertussis (more commonly known as whooping cough).

    Maybe we should all just convert to Islam and invite the terrorists in. Clearly, our society as it is currently composed is too stupid to live. Certainly, white, liberal, upper and upper middle class is too stupid to survive more than one or two more generations.

    1. Meh, it’s a self correcting problem.

    2. Eh, I am pretty sure pertussis is really only a serious danger when the kids are younger then school age. They’re actually more of a threat to their younger siblings then themselves (for the most part).

  12. Maybe we should all just convert to Islam and invite the terrorists in

    I don’t know why you continue to worry about stuff like this, when all you have to do is lie back and watch your government work their miracles. You see, they created the terrorists, and the next step is to invite them in(see Europa). Patience, John.

    1. I was working on some answers going back to some part of the UN. I am reviewing the answers and two questions stuck out.

      There was a question on right wing extremism that consisted of “are you doing enough to keep it in check”. Then there was a question regarding Muslims and it was basically “are you ensuring that no one is violating any Muslim’s rights or making any Muslim feel uncomfortable”. No shit. It was surreal. And frankly, there is going to be some real karma when said Muslims murder these assholes and tick their wives and daughters in as wives to the local Imam.

      1. No shit. It was surreal. And frankly, there is going to be some real karma when said Muslims murder these assholes and tick their wives and daughters in as wives to the local Imam.

        Well, and that’s why you see me making jokes about proggies and their feminist masters and how they will wind up in Burqas and stuff like that, all of the time. I’m not joking in the sense of ‘haha, that can never happen’, it’s more like a parody of what is actually going to happen if western feminism/progressivism keeps gaining ground.

        Progressives and reality are not well acquainted.

        And seriously, we’re running weapons to Mexican drug cartels, and Islamist rebels in the middle east, and we think that’s really going to turn out well in the end?


    But I thought only priests and evil white men molested kids?

    1. I dunno, John, this is Limeytardia we are talking about.

      What does it take to qualify as a sex offender over there now? Calling someone a poopy head?

      But damnit, if this is true, I am pissed now that I didn’t grow up in the UK! I wanted to be molested by grown wiminz when I was yet a lad, but most of them just ignored me!

    1. Embarrassing on so many levels.

  14. I am stunned by AC’s link above. 400 SAMs stolen by Al Qaeda in the Benghazi attack? Holy fucking hell.
    This would explain why the administration is shitting circles around themselves trying to cover up what happened there.

    I googled and found the story in that english paper and a bunch of small never-heard-of-em outlets. Nothing from the Major outlets, unless I am missing something. So, the great killer of Bin Laden actually fucked up and armed Bin Ladens minions with 400 SAMs. Just think about that for a minute. No wonder he was so desperate to hide this before the election.

    The jug eared moron has been and continues to be an unmitigated disaster in every way imaginable. I am just stunned.

    1. It is just a matter of time before one of them is used. God these people are awful.

      1. And when it is used, what will they say? I predict they will upend heaven and earth to conceal that the airliner was shot down claiming pilot or mechanical failure.

        Holy shit what a setup for disaster. Hopefully this despicable piece of shit has finally stepped on his dick.

        1. He’d need *really* flexible legs to do that.

        2. First headline on CNN will be that they think it was a white male tea bagger. What else?

        3. The official story will be that one of the passengers was streaming an anti-Islamic YouTube video and it interfered with the instruments.

        4. No. The official story will be that the TSA did the bed they could, but their hands were tied and we really need to increase passenger security. It will be told that we are well past the point where mandatory background checks and fingerprinting need to be run on every airline passenger.

        1. If so, then it’s a lot worse than some missing SAMs. The missile parts on the pictures from Egypt’s Ministry of the Interior’s facebook page are from a Hellfire II. That’s an anti-tank missile. It’s also great, I imagine, for peeling apart an armored anything: bunker, tank, limo…

          It’d be like this Admin to give tech like that to a bunch of jihadis.

    2. 400 sounds like a lot lol

      [insert phony Web site address]

      1. it sounds like a lot because… is.

        Whatcha wanna bet the major news outlets have been told to keep a lid on this to keep from causing panic and crashing the airline industry….and most importantly to keep shitweasels ratings from dropping into negative numbers.

        1. I would add….400 is a lot, but even 4 in those guys hands is a disaster. Hell, one is.

          1. Well 1 would probably never be fired correctly. 400 leaves plenty of cushion for practice.

    3. If that were true, wouldn’t AQ be boasting about it by now in the media?

      1. I would imagine they are bragging in their recruiting material on the interwebs, but I have no way of verifying this. I speak no Arabic and lost my login info for

    4. Well, this administration is getting sort of well known for somehow getting weapons into the hands of the wrong people.

      They want to strip American citizens of their arms, but yet it seems they want Mexican drug cartels and terrorists to have them.

    5. Yep, I can see why Brennan would have a journo whacked to cover up that little fuckup of his.


    Obama, so vile, he makes you like the Kardashians.

    1. Yeah, Obama opposes celebrity culture – and people whose success is based on Americans’ celebrity obsessions.

      Remind me how many kids Kanye and the Kardashians droned? How many Mexican drug guns did they misplace? How many Americans did they tap and bug? You mean they just provide innocent, crime-free entertainment to millions? Obama should aspire to being that kind of celebrity.

      1. Obama might be jealous that anyone else is as, or more popular than he is.

        Obama craves adoration, that’s what he really wants more than anything. And you can fault the media at least in part, for him being that way.

        1. You sure you want me shitting all over your hypothetical “late night links”? Because I mostly come out at night, mostly.

          To call out homos like you.

          1. I’d actually prefer that you continue shitting in your pants or the bushes, like most retards.

            Don’t step out of your league, moron.

  16. Cdr Lytton| 8.12.13 @ 10:29PM |#
    “Another vote for late night links here.”

    Awright. CA courts decide nurse protectionism is not as important as treatment of diabetes:
    “Insulin ruling aids diabetic students, families”
    “The American Nurses Association criticized the decision, saying that allowing unlicensed school employees to deliver prescription medication could be unsafe for children and undermine the role nurses serve in public schools.”
    If it kills just one kid, it’s justified, right nursies?…..726630.php

    1. You’re a faggot. So is Hyperion. I know. I have “gaydar”. And it goes off like a fireworks finale whenever you two post.

      1. Yeah, but I give GREAT insulin!

      2. “gaydar”

        It’s in the OED, it doesn’t need to be in quotes anymore.

        1. You think RM knows what OED is? Well, I got a hint…

          1. It’s that thing on your dashboard that shows how many miles you drove, amirite?

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  18. AS HUMAN beings, when we are told not to do something, our instinct is often to do exactly that – but after you read this, you’ll never want to eat a rice snack again.

    1. It doesn’t say anything about eating pussy, which is one of my staple foods. I wonder why the calorie count on vaj secretions are?

      1. no. you are not allowed to talk to me.

        1. It’s really not allowed to talk to anyone on the internet this time of night, but mommie passed out early tonight.

          1. She mostly drinks at night. Mostly.

            1. We need to give trolls better backstories.

      2. F-

        You aren’t even worthy to kiss the warts on Shreeks arse. That’s beyond sad.

    2. What are you talking about AP? Yeah, I still have to refer to you like that even though you are hung up with these aliases.

      Anyway, eating rice snacks is right up there with eating a mouth full of saw dust with Elmers glue to wash it down. Yummy!

  19. “Hillary Clinton defends voting rights in speech to lawyers”
    This is the Chron, so of course there was no questioning her intent. It was pure and perfect!
    Dunno if this was a paid engagement or whether her handlers jumped at the chance to speak for free in SF where she is every bit the ‘hero’ as Pelosi.
    It might be paying; every worn-out lefty shows up in SF with hat in hand and leaves smiling. SF wealth is stupid that way.…..727075.php

    1. I care about as much about what that old prune bag has to say, as I do what the Pope has to say.

      Ok, that’s not true, I care MORE about what the Pope has to say because it might be interesting in some weird and quaint kind of way.

      1. I’m presuming the ABA is pretty solidly left, since the Ds try to avoid all reform of tort. So she prolly got huzzahs.
        And money now that I think about it; honoraria to random speakers is not ‘campaign contributions’, but the ABA will get to remind her of it when the time is ripe.

        1. I think about radical life extension and how much I like the idea, since I wouldn’t be able to do all the things that I want to do, in 100 life times.

          And then I think about disgusting life forms like that living for even one more second, and having the ability to inflict more torment and retardedness on the hapless human race, and I start to doubt my own wisdom.

          1. 99% of the misery that the human race suffers is self inflicted. Hillary isnt inflicting that misery. Her voters inflicted her on all of us.

            Dont blame the wolf for being a wolf, blame the sheep for feeding him. Oh, you still gotta shoot the wolf, but dont blame him.

    2. Dang man, every comment is anti-clinton. Wouldn’t have expected that.

      Wait… Sevo, are those your comments?

      1. Looks like you have to be registered to see the comments?

        1. Nope. If so, I wouldn’t see any.

          1. Fuck, that is weird. The first time I clicked the link, the comments link was greyed out, I couldn’t even click on it. Tried it again, and works…

      2. GBN,
        I got tossed off that board so many times I got tired of coming up with new addies.
        Nope, ain’t me.
        To be honest, I didn’t read the comments. This is SF; I presumed they were all hugs and kisses.

        1. Isn’t SF Gate that extremists right wing rage in SF?

        2. I was actually gonna quote a brain meltingly stupid comment but couldn’t find one that fit the lefty narrative. Maybe you’ll have better luck.

  20. So what does this asshat, redefiling marriage, have to do to get banned? The fucking griefer shits on every thread and …. nothing else happens.


    1. Well, it’s already went to a level of stupid that hasn’t been seen since the likes of Crayon, so I dunno.

    2. VG Z,
      S/he’s got nothin’ on WI. Just presume it’s some bum living on the street in front of your house. S/he’ll get tired of not getting handouts and move on.

  21. Michelle Rodriguez tweets photos of her at the shooting range, racing Lamborghini’s, and her thoughts about capitalism:

    ‘You know what I love about capitalism… It’s color blind, it’s gender blind and predictable on its resilient journey towards the upside’.

    I have a boner now.

    1. *racing Lamborghinis

      Time for bed.

    2. Headin’ to my bunk. I don’t want to be disturbed.

    3. If it ain’t a Miura, it ain’t a Lambo.

      1. Maybe it’s the frozen tundra?

        I should stop drinking…

    4. +1 wise latina

    5. Oh my God, I think I found the woman of my dreams. I’ve always thought she was sexy … and this is just the icing on the cake

    6. You all know that she plays for the other team, right?
      Not that it has any impact on your bunk activities….

      1. She’s actually bisexual, which is not a problem with me

    7. Awesome.

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    1. I’ll vote for you, but I’m gonna need some vicodin for my achin’ back.

    2. Maaaaybe if you choose a different title. Otherwise when we call out to Heroic Mulatto there will be confusion.

      1. Hmm, good point, Jesse.

        Ok, I will be known as the MHM (Most Holy Moderator). That should clear it up.

        And yes, GBN, free Vicodin for you, vote for me! And a free bonus edit button!

        Oh, and I forgot to add, my first order of business (besides passing out free shit, of course), will be banning Retarded Marriage, or whatever it’s name was.

        1. free Vicodin for you

          Worst. Drug. Dealer. Ever. Vicodin has a ton of acetaminophen in it, which is bad for your liver. At least go for something like a Vicoprofen and maybe some omeperazole to offset potential stomach problems, or better yet oxycodone! Also toss some carisoprodol (Soma) his way to help him relax and sleep.

          1. How about a pound, or so, of pharmaceutical grade thebacon.

            Oh yeah, the bacon.

            1. Oh, wow! It has an IUPAC number and everything!

  23. Thinking what Hyperion said above….100 lifetimes. Yeah me too. I am always up for something new. I just started wood carving. Great fun.

    Oh, and as usual I will attempt to make you all jealous. I acquired two new toys this week. A mini-14, stainless steel with composite stock, and yet another winchester model 94, this one in 44 magnum. This weekend I am taking them to visit my brother. He lives way out of town and the guy next to him farms watermelons. They have already harvested the field but there are still hundreds of melons left in the field. The guy told my brother to help himself.

    Anyone care to guess what we will be doing?

    1. I thought you got the mini-14 earlier. Weren’t you talking about it a while ago, or do you have another one?

      I got an old mini-14 (’80s) and it’s a great gun. Need some more mags for it thought. Can’t find a scope for it, but I like using the irons on it; very accurate.

      Have fun blasting those zombie watermelon motherfuckers. Kill one of ’em bastards for me.

      1. Yes, the new 94 was acquired this week and you are correct about the mini-14, but I have not been able to put more than 3 or 4 rounds through it, so it is new to me and I just lumped it in with the 44 mag.

        1. I really wish the mini-14 took AR-15 mags. If that were the case, I would own at least 3 of them. Especially in CA.

          1. The real trouble with the mini-14 is the barrel. It cant be easily changed like the AR’s can. The trouble with the ARs is that the gas cylinder has no piston, the gas blows straight onto the bolt face. They get hotter than hades in just a few shots, and gum up and stop feeding pretty quickly too.

            If you get the 20 rd mags for the mini-14 made by ruger they work flawlessly. If they would only change the design so that the barrels can be easily changed it would be a better combat gun than the AR by far.

            1. The trouble with the ARs is that the gas cylinder has no piston, the gas blows straight onto the bolt face.

              There’s the MR556A1 (civilian HK416).

              1. pricey…but nice. Hmmmm.

          2. Yup, I got the mini-14 with 3 mags.

            Was gonna get an ar as well and prepared by buying some mags (pre-scare) on the cheap. I have over 20 ar mags and no ar.

            1. You could sell those mags and with what you can get for them now buy yourself another mini-14…if you can find one.

            2. I’m at 20ish right now for 2 ARs. The Kamala Harris is suing right now, so no more “high capacity” mags are available in CA anymore….

              1. I am scared of hicaps….over 20 and they start getting problems. Hell, if you can change mags fast a bunch of ten rounders is fine and they never jam up.

                The anti-gun people are evil idiots.

    2. Summoning every fly in 4 counties?

      1. Why yes, we will. That made me laugh.

    3. making watermelon-husk helmets?

      1. This here is ‘murkins talking about guns, go shoot your bb gun or sumptin’ son.

  24. Apparently there was a Paul McCartney concert in town tonight.
    I should get out more.

  25. California becomes first US state to to enshrine rights for transgender schoolchildren

    1. Woohoo, one fewer thing for EQCA to call me about CONSTANTLY. They’re also working on mandatory sensitivity training for people who work at old folks/convalescent homes. I want them to disband soooo badly.

  26. Geez it is dead around here at night. I have to surf porn to amuse myself. Gun porn that is.
    Hmmm…looking for another Win 94…in 444 marlin. Hard to find.

    1. Here’s some porn for you:…..rview.html

      I got the USC 6 months ago, but have been working 6 1/2 days a weeks since and have yet to shoot it. I am going to go blow up some shit in the desert soon, though…

    2. Beautiful. Gives me a boner.…

      Looks like I will be calling Big Ken.

      1. Doesn’t he owe us a trip to his country club? (I assume he belongs to a country club that will allow me to shoot from the patio…)

      2. Oh, that Big Ken. I thought you were talking about Sloopy.

        1. Yeah, the seller of the rifle I have been wanking to.

          I had a Marlin in 444 but didnt like it. It was an old model with the slow microgroove rifling. It shot my cast 240s and leverevolution 265s great. I cast up some heavy 355s and tried them…not so much.

          The recoil was massive and I could feel the rifle groan with each shot. The front sight hood and the rear sight elevator would jump off of the gun each time too. The twist was too slow and would not stablize the longer bullets. They would keyhole at 15 yards. wow.

          I have been dreaming of the Winchester 94 20 in barrel with faster ballard rifling ever since, I just couldnt find one. There are a few of the black shadows and trappers around, but this is the first time I have found a full sized rifle. NIB too…..

  27. til I saw the receipt which said $8010, I accept that my neighbours mother woz actualie bringing home money part time from their computer.. there best friend has been doing this for less than fourteen months and by now repaid the mortgage on there appartment and bought a top of the range Citro?n 2CV. go to,….

  28. Sometimes man, you jsut gotta roll with the punches.

  29. Ignoring the Law is a descent into chaos. If you don’t like the law, then at least have the intellectual honesty and moral fiber to change it.

    Ignoring a law = tyranny, chaos and anarchy – not Liberty

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