Feds Deny Disaster Relief Aid for Arizona Wildfire

19 firefighters killed, 100 structure destroyed


The federal government has rejected Arizona's request for a disaster declaration for the Yarnell Hill fire, which killed 19 firefighters and destroyed more than 100 structures in late June and early July.

Gov. Jan Brewer said Friday she was "deeply troubled" by the Obama administration's "misguided decision" to deny the state's request for a disaster declaration and access to a federal assistance program for individuals.

"The State of Arizona continues to mourn this tragedy, which took the lives of nineteen of our bravest first responders. While no amount of federal assistance could ever ease the pain of such an extraordinary loss, it would have provided significant financial relief to Yarnell and Peeples Valley," Brewer said in a statement.

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  1. Well, Christie wasn’t there to lick boots.

    1. This is exactly why federal disaster relief is a bad idea. Need to secure some votes or look compassionate, send in the disaster relief helicopters to dump money on people.

      1. AZ population: 6.5M
        NJ population: 8.9M

    2. And that’s what’s it’s all about. Our despicable king would prefer he was worshiped, but the least he will tolerate is that we lowly subjects bow before him.

  2. AZ does not support the Regime. No disaster gift for you.
    TX does not support the Regime. No disaster gift for fires there either.

    Of course the truly ridiculous thing is the idea of the Federal Govt. ‘gifting’ money back to the states it took from.

    1. Exactly. Why do taxpayers across the country pay for AZ, TX, or NJ’s risky environment? If a state wants to insure against risks, set aside a fund or buy ins from a private supplier. Perhaps the states would pool risk, voluntarily.

      1. It’s likely what he meant is the federal government by threats force extracts it’s money from the states, then acts as if it’s gifting out of great benevolence whenever any of that money is returned.

        Adding great insult to serious injury, more often than not conditions are involved for any of the money that’s returned.

        1. Yep, just like using highway funding to pressure states into raising their drinking age or lowering their BAC standard for DUI. Or the way they tried to hold up Medicaid funding to states that didn’t play along with the Obamacare expansion.

          Nothing like being bribed with your own money!

          1. Exactly.

    2. Yes, Good King Barack punishes his enemies and rewards his cronies.

  3. Arizona has not fared well with the administration. I hope this isn’t a case or revenge on the part of
    the administration. If it is, I hope all voters remember that during the next and future elections. I
    cannot think of a better cause than for the firefighters.

  4. Why does Obama remind me of Gus from Breaking Bad?

    1. Dunno since I never watched the show, but I’m guessing it’s a high level of personal sleaze.

      1. I reckon you can youtube Gus and get the gist of his character.

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