Marijuana Ad to Air at NASCAR Races

At first it looks like a beer commercial, then it turns out to be a pitch for legalization.


This weekend at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, fans entering the Brickyard 400 races will see this ad on a jumbotron:

The video was produced by the Marijuana Policy Project, which notes in a press release that the spot is "scheduled to air dozens of times from Friday through Sunday." The screen isn't on speedway property, so NASCAR is pretty much powerless to stop it. Some Indiana-based reporter should park himself in the area and watch the crowd's reaction evolve as it becomes clear just what exactly is in rotation.

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Friday Evening Update: The spot aired as scheduled today but is now being pulled, reportedly following pressure from the Drug Free America Foundation. Well, it was fun while it lasted. The New York Daily News' story on the reversal ends with a wry reminder of some relevant history:

Stock car racing in the United States traces its roots back to the Prohibition era, when bootleggers in Appalachia would attempt to elude police on mountain roads in souped-up versions of everyday cars.

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  1. Will the Beltway crowd be anywhere near as pissed off as they were at the NRA sponsoring a race?

    1. At least if the race is sponsored by marijuana, no one will die.…..scar-race/

  2. [Two good old boys at a bar]

    GOB #1: What’s the matter, Hank? You look upset – you’re ornierer than a dog what’s lost its bone.

    GOB #2: It’s all the stress, Jim Bob – the job, the kids, the mortgage. And this beer ain’t helpin’ any – don’t relieve my stress at all – it’s useless as tits on a bull.

    GOB #1: Why don’t you try some mary-wanna? That should cheer you right up.


    GOB #2: You were right, Jim Bob, this stuff mellows me down something wonderful. You know, I was just thinkin’ – do you reckon our planet is just an atom in a larger universe, and at the same time the atoms in us is their own planets? It could go on into infinity in both directions…

  3. I would love to be there. The butthurt will be delicious.

    1. Actually I should go. Wifes leaving town Saturday. Not reallt a fan but I’ve heard it’s quite the party and I do like to party.

      1. I’ve never been to the Brickyard 400, but I’ve been to the Indy 500 several times and I’d recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone looking to do something fun, even if they aren’t a racing fan.

        Kind of like how some people don’t like to watch baseball on TV but like to go to the ballpark (although I like both racing and baseball on TV just fine).

  4. Just wait ’til the Marion County Sheriff seizes that Jumbotron for criminal behavior and puts it in his back yard so the boys can come over and watch Colts games.

  5. How long before Congress proposes a bill to apply cigarette advertising rules to MJ?

  6. Why does this remind me of a Viagra commercial?

  7. Yeah, Jesse, them thar hick’s sure be mad cos everone know them rednecks ain’t doin no pot smokin’–it takes too much time away from the meth.

    Test run for the Huffpo?

  8. No hangovers? Sure, but I know I’m not the only person who experiences afterbake.

    1. ganj-over

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