Oath Keepers

Oath Keepers Group Places Massive Pro-Snowden Ad Inside Pentagon Metro Station

Ads call on members of the CIA and the Pentagon to honor their oaths to uphold the Constitution.


Oath Keepers

Last Thursday as I was rolling into the Pentagon Metro station I noticed from the train window a giant sign that read, "Snowden Honored His Oath. Honor Yours! Stop Big Brother!"

Before I could snap a picture or see who'd sponsored the sign, the train was rolling out. For the rest of the weekend I wondered who had the chutzpah (and the inventiveness) to praise Snowden at the Pentagon stop, where it's far more common to see ads from lobbyists praising the merits of some piece of military tech. 

Turns out it was the Oath Keepers, "a coalition of current and former military, police, and other public officials [who] have pledged not to obey unconstitutional commands." (For a fair and balanced take on the group, see Jesse Walker here. See also: "The Oath Keepers on Edward Snowden.") The group released a statement claiming credit for the signs, of which there are supposedly three at Pentagon station:

Oath Keepers has placed three back-lit signs on the subway platform in the Washington Metro Pentagon Station, group founder Stewart Rhodes announced today.

"The first sign at the Pentagon Station is done in the style of the theater scene from George Orwell's 1984 and features Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, as 'Big Brother,'" Rhodes wrote, stating the "sign makes it clear that by exposing the NSA spying on Americans, Snowden honored his oath."

"This artwork will also be going on a billboard along a major freeway in Maryland, near the NSA headquarters at Ft. Mead within the week," Rhodes added.

The second sign now in place at Pentagon Station is aimed directly at CIA employees, reminding them that their oath is not to a "corporate culture of secrecy," Rhodes continued. "The third sign is intended to reach our military personnel within the Pentagon, and any other government employees who have ever served in the military, using the Iwo Jima flag-raising as a backdrop to the message."

"This is part of a broader effort to place billboards at strategic locations throughout the United States," Rhodes added, citing current locations including near military bases at Twentynine Palms Marine Corps Base, Fort Benning, Fort Hood, Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield. 

There are echoes of Reason's own J.D. Tuccille in that statement. 

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  1. SWEET! I commute via the Pentagon. Will look for it this afternoon.

    1. I need to think of an excuse to go to DC this weekend, just so I can get my picture taken next to that, if it’s still there.

      1. I wonder what would happen if I asked a Stockholm Syndrome-suffering bureaucrat to take my picture next to it 😉

        1. You should do it and report back here on what happened.

          1. Honestly, I’m not really that ballsy. I’ll probably end of having some dumb tourist who’s never heard of Snowden do it.

            1. There are tourists at the Pentagon station?

              1. Lots.

  2. That’s the mostest awesomest thing I have seen all week.

  3. Do the Oathkeepers accept bitcoins?

  4. This should drive so called ‘liberals’ and their RINO catamites nuts.

    We’re going to see some true reach-around-the-aisle, bi-partisan, rage.

    1. Beat me to it, dammit.

      +1 “cup bearer”

      1. Yeah, we all need a cup for the nut-punches that are going to keep coming from this.

    2. I think they’ll try to ignore it as long as they can.

  5. And as a further plus, the ad doesn’t use that photo of Snowden which seems to be the only one in existence.

  6. Well that’s pretty fucking cool.

  7. I will definitely be going to see this

  8. Totally awesome.

    Plus, we get the bonus of watching proggies soil themselves at the realization that Oathkeepers aren’t bad guys after all.

    1. They are bad because GUNZ! Their other messages don’t matter because GUNZ!

      1. And they must be racist too. For some reason.

        1. *mumble mumble* something something MILITIA something WHITE GUIZE

        2. Only racists have guns. (Except for agents of the state, of course.)

    2. Proggies in new media have long ago painted Oathkeepers as either far right wing nutjobs, libertarian crazy people, PTSD sufferers, revolutionaries, etc.

      It usually starts with labeling them ‘Survivalists’.

    3. Hahahahahahaaha, no. They have guns and guns are icky and they primarily bum around Wyoming and Montana where they enslave the wimmenz.

      They are just overreacting to a non-scandal and any point they do have on surveillance is just a broken clock analogy.

      Did I cover the typical HuffPo commentator response?

    4. You suck at making jokes, Tonio.

      DU thread

      The Paulites didn’t go anywhere, still just as fanatical as always. The ones I’ve run into still have that look as if possessed.

      And they do hate, god how they hate. They still have their Obama the witch doctor in white face with the bloody mouth posters up and a lot of attitude.

      Some are all out nationalists of either the Christian persuasion, armed and ready to shoot some liberals. Bad company to keep.

      1. And they do hate, god how they hate

        Says the proglodyte doing the hating.

        armed and ready to shoot some liberals

        I lol’d.

        1. Damnit, that reminds me that I forgot where I put my Obama witch doctor…

          1. Witch Doctor (the Muppets)


      2. They still have their Obama the witch doctor in white face with the bloody mouth posters up and a lot of attitude.

        What? I have never seen one of these.

        1. You’re kidding, right? If you don’t keep one right beside of your monocle on the night stand, you’re out of the club, buddy!

        2. HAHAHA! Found it.

          Man, that is really fucking racist. As far as I can tell, this DU poster saw that this exists, and subsequently just assumed that all libertarians must have one.

          1. Wondering if I should open that link here in my gubmint cubicle…

            1. I wouldn’t. It’s not unsafe for work or anything, but it’s Obama with a bone through his nose and a witch doctor get up.

              It is really racist. Really, really racist.

              1. But that isn’t even the one the DUers are talking about. They’re talking about the one with Obama as The Joker (“in white face with the bloody mouth”)

                1. Wait, this one?

                  What’s so bad about that? I googled ‘Obama Joker’ and there were also ones of Bush as the Joker. So why is this DU poster throwing a hissy fit over something that isn’t that big a deal?

                  1. Uh, because s/he’s a DU poster.

                    Wait, is that a trick question?

            2. You should not only open it, KK, you should print it to all of the printers in the building and email it to everyone also.

              Isn’t it nice to be in a place, where you can really trust the advice of your comrades?

          2. Irish, there’s no white face or bloody mouth on that one. I think the moron is mixing up the one you found and this one.

            OG Thread on the Joker poster… With bonus STEVE SMITH derpage!

            Steve Smith| 8.7.09 @ 1:15PM |#

            How is the poster being “smeared” by the “art community,” whatever that is? The fact that it’s a racist poster depicting a black man in whiteface seems to be a reasonable criticism, especially given the context and the author’s anonymity.

            Libertarians should be more offended that the Joker is being tagged in a poster as a “socialist,” since his character (at least in the Heath Ledger version) is someone after their own heart.

            1. Matt Welch has terrible taste in friends.

              1. sometimes I feel a little bit (little bit) for STEVE SMITH about all the crap he gets here. The he goes and writes that the Joke, Heath Ledger version, is akin to libertarians. Fuck me…alright then:


              2. That’s what they said about Jefrey Dahmer too.

            2. That’s unbelievably stupid. He’s not in white face out of racist intent, he’s in white face because they’re making him look like a Batman villain.

              Liberals have no sense of context.

              1. If you followed out the Steve Smith links, you got to this:

                SugarFree| 7.2.09 @ 5:49PM |#

                Well, there was Golden Age Warty, who carried and gun and beat up union organizers. And the Silver Age Warty with the crew cut and the embarrassing racist caricature sidekick. The disco-era Warty with the bellbottoms and “enchanted afro.” There was that brief period of time when you were a herald of Galactus. The late-80s half-cyborg Warty. The horrible dark-age Warty Image reboot with all the black leather and sex midgets. And we won’t even talk about what Grant Morrison did to you, what with the evil twin you ate in the womb who manifested himself when you touched your magic tattoo.

                To all tomorrow’s Warties…

                Those are all references (to some degree) to real comic book characters and/or storylines. I’ll give a shiny imaginary Mega-Nickel to whoever can name them. (I’ll give you a break on the “sex midgets” one, it’s very obscure.)

                1. Well I got the VU reference and that’s it.

                2. I tried to look up some of these on Google. Well searching for ‘comic book enchanted afro’ I stumbled on this.

                  Cartoonist Lee Falk’s adventure comic strip Mandrake the Magician featured the African supporting character Lothar from its 1934 debut on. He was a former “Prince of the Seven Nations”, a federation of jungle tribes, but passed on the chance to become king and instead followed Mandrake on his world travels, fighting crime. He is often referred to as the strongest man in the world. Initially an illiterate exotic dressed in animal skins who provided brawn to complement Mandrake’s brain on their adventures, he was modernized in 1965 to dress in suits and speak standard English.[1]

                  The publisher All-Negro Comics, Inc. published a single issue of All-Negro Comics (June 1947), a 15-cent omnibus, at a time when comics generally cost a dime, starring characters that included Lion Man. Lion Man is a young African scientist sent by the United Nations to oversee a massive uranium deposit at the African Gold Coast. Wearing a loin cloth and tribal headband, he is joined by a young war orphan named Bubba, and fights the villainous Doctor Blut Sangro.[2]

                  So that happened.

                  1. That is so fucking awesome, Irish. Once they finally ban me, I resurrect as Doctor Blut Sangro (Reformed).

                  2. Thanks for this irish – I have been collecting comics for over 35 years and never knew about this. They even have a copy for sale on eBay

                3. Leather Nun?

                4. Man, this place was so much better back then. Fuck threading.

                5. We should have Reason do a poll on which is the scariest Warty of all Warties.

              2. Most of them have no sense of humor, either. If you don’t believe me, refer to Obama as Captain Dronebot to one of them…

                1. Most of them have no sense of humor, either. If you don’t believe me, refer to Obama as Captain Dronebot to one of them..

                  You want to see cognitive dissonance in action, look at the woman linked to Carlos Danger’s latest sexcapades and her list of heroes.


                  Isn’t number one on her list still trying to put number five in jail?

                  1. Isn’t number one on her list still trying to put number five in jail?

                    The fact that she’s a Bill Maher and Charlie Sheen fan explains why she was dumb enough to think that Anthony Weiner actually loved her.

                    Honestly, what an idiot.

                  2. That is a pretty odd or eclectic list…

                    But yeah, I wonder why Snowden is missing from the list? Maybe she doesn’t actually know who Assange is, but heard one of her libtard friends speaking favorably of him.

                    I wonder if anyone can get on her list by sending her a dick pic?

            3. The Huffer is confusing that poster even further with Baron Samedi.

        3. And they’ve never seen Heath Ledger’s Joker, so you’re even.

      3. Their only link about this is to a totally fair Mother Jones article which says the following:

        They arrived on the scene with much fanfare and were often staples at tea party and Second Amendment rallies organized around opposition to the tyrannical Obama administration. Their ranks are filled with Birthers, Truthers, and others who see black helicopters lurking at every turn. Their highest profile associates have been people like Mike Vanderboegh, the former Alabama militia leader who urged followers to throw bricks through the windows of Democratic offices to protest the passage of healthcare reform. (Some actually did.) But the Oath Keepers have since dropped out of the limelight, the dictatorship they were preparing for never quite materializing.

        They use one example of a nutjob and claim their ranks are ‘filled’ with birthers and truthers. That claim needs a few more citations.

        I also like the ‘The dictatorship they were preparing for never quite materialized!’ part. An American citizen is in Russia because he’s worried the government will kill him, the Tea Party has been targeted by the IRS, and the Obama administration has gone after virtually every amendment of the bill of rights, including trying to eviscerate the first with their absurd college speech codes.

        We may not be living in a dictatorship, but it sure isn’t for lack of effort on the left’s part.

        1. They don’t want a dictatorship. Just a tightly controlled one-party state.

        2. Rustlers, cut throats, murderers, bounty hunters, desperados, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits, halfwits, dimwits, vipers, snipers, con men, Indian agents, Mexican bandits, muggers, buggerers, bushwhackers, hornswogglers, horse thieves, bull dykes, train robbers, bank robbers, ass-kickers, shit-kickers, and Methodists!

          1. YES! Blazing Saddles reference for the win.

            +100 internets to you sir.

    5. But proggies are pro-big-brother, so this doesnt change anything.

  9. That is all kinds of awesome.

  10. Finally, a gentle caress of my nuts.

    SPLC is still calling them a hate group, by the way.

    1. Finally, a gentle caress of my nuts.

      Finally? I thought you got that from Warty all the time.

      1. Nothing Warty does can be considered a caress. He’s like a bull in a china shop, and all the teacups are scrotums.

    2. SPLC thinks all the cool organizations are hate groups.

      1. And don’t pay attention to the fact that the guy who wanted to commit a fucking *mass murder* at the Family Research Council used an SPLC map to identify his target.

        Don’t stop throwing that in their face.

      2. The SPLC’s definition of ‘hate group’ has expanded from ‘actual racists’ to ‘Anyone who does not bow before Obama’s throne. Praise him. Praise him.’

    3. I wonder if the SPLC has even analyzed itself to see if it is a hate group. They seem pretty hateful to me.

      1. They hate because they care.

      2. It’s not that you hate, but who you hate.

      3. Of course not, hate groups are associated with violence…oh,wait…

  11. Good to see some one focusing on the actual wrong-doer in this NSA scandal and not the officially designated patsy.

  12. Before I could snap a picture or see who’d sponsored the sign, the train was rolling out.

    Some reporter you are, Riggs. Just get off the train next time!

    1. If you are late to work, Nick feeds you to The Jacket.

      1. I mean srsly he waited almost a week to find this out even though the poster is obviously on his way to work. Pffft.

  13. But was he on the blue or yellow line? Or is he one of those filthy rich pigdogs that gets on at King St., so has the option to ride either-or?

  14. But was he on the blue or yellow line? Or is he one of those filthy rich pigdogs that gets on at King St., so has the option to ride either-or?

    1. Goddamn squirrels.

      1. That’s very unladylike, KK.

        1. Don’t you be all captious with me, young man!

          1. YIKES

            *backs away slowly*

            **mumbles sexist comment**

  15. How about some large graphics of the signs?

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