Amash Amendment Fails 205-217, Along Bipartisan Lines

Supported by 94 Republicans and 113 Democrats


they can all just get along
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The House voted on the latest spending bill today (it passed), and with it several amendments that were only cleared by the Rules Committee Monday night. Among them was the Amash amendment, which sought to limit the NSA's data collection to targets already under investigation. The amendment failed earlier tonight, by vote of 205-217. Among the aye votes were the bipartisan set of sponsors, Justin Amash (R-MI), John Conyers (D-MI), Thomas Massie (R-KY), Mick Mulvaney (R-SC) and Jared Polis (D-CO), as well as 91 other Republicans and 111 109 other Democrats. 134 Republicans and 83 Democrats voted against the amendment. Twelve representatives didn't vote.

A lot of the opponents of the amendment suggested there was a bipartisan consensus on the NSA's surveillance programs. Those voting against the Amash amendment included Speaker Boehner, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, Michele Bachmann and Darrel Issa. The White House urged a no vote earlier today.

But a bipartisan coalition also voted for the amendment, signaling they believed the NSA had overstepped its authority (New York Democrat Jerrold Nadler, in support of the amendment, said the executive branch was conducting activities Congress never authorized). That coalition ended up including James Clyburn, who would've been the House Minority Leader had Nancy Pelosi stepped down from leadership as most outgoing Speakers have done, as well as James Sensenbrenner, one of the original sponsors of the PATRIOT Act, John Dingell, Congress' longest serving representative, Keith Ellison, its only Muslim, freshman Mark Sanford, as well as Tim Huelskamp, Raul Labrador, Charlie Rangel and Henry Waxman.

See the whole roll call here.

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  1. The Nay votes included the vast majority of the committee chairs and ranking members. Paul Ryan also on that list.

    Major, major leadership arm twisting and whipping by both parties.

    1. Other fun things:

      Ds who voted against the Patriot Act extension in 2005 switched their votes– leadership types and ranking members like Chris Van Hollen, Jan Schakowsky, etc.

      1. Jan Schakowsky’s hero is Nancy Pelosi. What a poor excuse for a human being she is.

  2. Those voting against the Amash amendment included Speaker Boehner, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, Michele Bachmann and Darrel Issa. The White House urged a no vote earlier today.

    What. A. Surprise.

    1. Republicans WOULD have voted against it, but the TERRORISTS WOULD WIN!!!

      And democrats WOULD have voted against it, but RETHUGLICANS WOULD PAINT THEM AS SOFT ON TERRORISM!!!

      So really, everybody WOULD have LIKED to have done the right thing, but really, they just can’t.

      1. Er, change all that to “for it”.

        1. JJ was against it before he was for it. There’s the proof!

          1. I don’t think Pelosi was worried about how the Rethuglicans would paint her.

            1. She was supporting her Spying Jesus in the WH.

      2. Pretty sure the for votes were all RACIST against the LightBringer, that’s all.

  3. Jumping up and down with glee sure ain’t appropriate, but some optimism is.
    When the votes re: Nixon started, they were pretty much party-line. Later, the votes started drifting, and the claim was that Nixon could hold, but some of the GOPers were ‘released’, since it wouldn’t hurt.
    There’s a reason they asked to be ‘released’; their contributors started hinting that the dough wasn’t gonna be there if they kept supporting the guy.
    217-205. I’d keep this number in mind and see if a drift starts.

    1. Polls are pretty favorable for civil liberties on this one.

      Hell, the Republican leadership really helped take one for the team for Obama. They could have let it pass and force the Dem Senate or Obama to oppose.

  4. Well, my republican representative voted correctly.

    Why do all your republican representatives hate liberty?

    1. My Dem voted the correct way (Waxman). His twitter feed has reminded me that I need a stiff drinks.

      1. When Waxman is on the right side of an issue the people on the other side must be an extra special sort of moron.

        1. My rep Donna Edwards voted for it as well. I actually do have to grope for my shocked face.

          If this vote had passed, you’d have to wonder what grotesquely ironic punishment would have awaited us in the halls of Cosmic Justice, to balance things out, with Evil? aligning on the right side as it did.

      2. My fellow constituent, does it not suck being represented by this guy? It’s so bad it makes me miss when Sherman was reppin’ me prior to redistricting.

        1. I usually manage to forget he exists. I’m disappointed that I had reason to be reminded, and to read his twitter feed with gems like:

          Rep. Henry A. Waxman ?@WaxmanClimate 11h
          Rising temps worsen #wildfire season in Western US. Evidence that can’t be ignored. #climatechange via @UCSUSA pic.twitter.com/ACHIvRMgme

          The fact that he linked a Facebook ready infographic reminded me that we are governed by a bunch of mustachioed teenage girls. I bet he farmvilled right after posting that.

      3. 2 of mine voted against, 1 for. I’m remembering those names.

    2. Looks like I’ll be voting against my Dem. Again. (Which is to say, voting NOTA. Again.)

    3. Whatever, MY soon to be representative sponsored the whole damn thing.

    4. Well, my republican representative voted correctly.

      Mine did not. Barr (Statist – KY). Time to look in to primarying his ass. He’s a run-of-the-mill Republican.

  5. NH has two Ds, one voted for, the other against.

    I bet they flipped a coin.

  6. Alternate Alt-text

    “I’m not gonna hurt ya. I’m just going to bash your brains in.”

    1. Uh, that’s Pelosi.
      No way she knows where the brain is located in the human body. You could get a broken elbow.

  7. Michelle Bachmann: “A false narrative has emerged that the federal government is taking in the content of the American people’s emails. It’s not true. It’s not happening.”

    Can the conservatarians please stop sucking this bitch’s dick now? That laughter you hear is people finally realizing the TEA Party is a fucking joke, and not a particularly funny one.

    1. If you oppose her it’s just because you’re a proglodyte who hates conservative women with family values!!!

    2. Can the conservatarians please stop sucking this bitch’s dick now?

      I don’t even think John has ever been pro-Bachmann, and he’s the one who throws a hissy fit when anyone mocks Sarah Palin. I don’t know who on this site has ever claimed that Michelle Bachmann doesn’t suck.

      1. Ahem.

        There are more, feel free to search the archives.

        1. So apparently it’s not just the NSA who is collecting our digital data.

        2. Thanks for linking to a thread with early-stage Mary as “rather” on it, asshole.

          1. They’ve either nuked or just lost comments on so many articles, I didn’t have much to choose from, shitheel.

        3. Ah did you read the thread? I can’t see where I endorsed Bachman. I just called bullshit on some idiotic attack against her. Maybe you think bullshit somehow smells better when it is hurled at the dreaded other. But I don’t.

          Search harder Sugar Free. That is a shreek level effort. I expected more from you.

          1. I expected more from you.


          2. John| 6.27.11 @ 3:49PM |#|?|filternamelinkcustom

            No he is not dumb ass. Everyone knows Wayne was born in Iowa, although I didn’t know where until now.

            That’s pretty hilarious John. But you were arguing with fucking Tulpa, he turns everybody’s brain to mush.

    3. She’s a joke. She’s also retiring, thankfully.

      1. Which incidentally means people should be interested in who is going to win her district.

    4. That ‘joke’ got Amish and Rand where they are, and without them this vote wouldn’t have even happened. The TP is sputtering and flawed and has accomplished more than the libertarian movement has.

      Bachmann’s retiring? Why? Thought she just got there? Good riddance.

      1. Several reasons, one of which is that she turns a should be safe Republican seat into a nail-biter, and sucks up all kind of fundraising money.

        1. She is also wracked with ethical issues including misuse of 2012 POTUS campaign donations.

          1. Unlike Obozo, plagued with issues concerning the IRS and NSA.

      2. It’s a joke because it let people like Bachmann associate with it in the first place. Only the delusional could have convinced themselves that she was ever anything but a run-of-the-mill GOP hag.

        By refusing to protect their brand the TP let remoras like Bachmann drag it almost to a standstill.

        I voted for Rand Paul. Who did you vote for?

        1. Bachmann’s not ‘run of the mill’ but she’s certainly not pro-liberty either. So fuck her either way.

          We’re basically in agreeance on the TP brand suffering self-inflicted wounds, but my point still stands.

          I’m Albertan. I voted for Wildrose (Smith) and Liberal (whatever).

        2. Funny everyone else says the same thing about Libertarians and Ron Paul.

          1. Still defending her, I see. At least you are consistently stupid about your vaguely fuckable GOP jerkfantasies.

        3. Who SF, can you primary Barr next year? Fucker.

        4. The tea party is a bunch of grass roots groups angry about the existing state of the government. They have a ‘brand’ like Native Americans have a brand. Trying to hold ‘them’ responsible for Bachman is stupid.

        5. Says the guy who shares a political label with WAR.

  8. How many times do you see something opposed by both parties ever make it to a vote, let alone a close one?

    At least they had to go on record, now voters know who to primary.

    1. “How many times do you see something opposed by both parties ever make it to a vote, let alone a close one?”

      There’s no victory for freedom here; we still have the shitheads of the world claiming that ‘the government is all!’.
      But we had a surprising number of people listening (?); reading that old piece of paper (?); getting nervous about what they’ve posted (?).
      Something made it far closer than the Pelosis of the world wanted.

      1. Close is nothing. It didn’t pass; we’re just as subject to unconstitutional search as we ever were.

  9. Wonderful to see the Progressive-Nazi Princess Pelosi standing with the despicable Fascist Peter King and whacky Michelle Bachmann in voting to continue the covert war on Americans. Peas in a pod.

  10. My congressblob (R) voted against it.

    1. Did you write him expressing your disapproval?

  11. I can’t believe I’m about to write a thank-you letter (paper, I think) to my rep, Conyers.

    1. I sent the list to a friend of mine and he’s currently writing a strongly worded letter to his rep.

      I suppose I’ll have to type up something nice to say to Waxman, sigh.

      1. I probably write a letter (email) a month to my congressmen.

        1. does he write back?

          1. Every time. It’s obviously a lackey or a form letter but they always send something back.

          2. When his rep was Anthony Weiner, he used to get a response multimedia text sent to his wife’s phone

            1. She said he had a nice cock.

              1. Gross, kuz I just made dinner.
                Who wants my hot italian sausages?

        2. Jeez, I’m afraid of how many lists that would get me on.

          1. That would explain all the helicopters.

      2. “I suppose I’ll have to type up something nice to say to Waxman, sigh.”

        As I’m sure you understand, I have no intent to send anything other than poison-pen letters to the hag Pelosi.
        When the smell rises at the ballpark, it’s a question whether she’s shown up (taking bows when a player catches a ball), or the tide’s out.

      3. I suppose I’ll have to type up something nice to say to Waxman, sigh.

        “I like your shirt.”

        1. You got a pretty mouth.

          … and thanks for voting in favor of that amendment.

          1. One of the medical assistants I work with was particularly traumatized by Deliverance so there’s a lot of “squeal like a piggy…squeeeeeeeee” around the office. I think it makes the patients uncomfortable.

            I think he might interpret any reference to him having a pretty mouth as disingenuous.

    2. Don’t feel too bad, I just wrote a thank-you email to Paul Sarbanes. Thankfully I can still hold Steny Hoyer in the deepest contempt.

      1. Why are you writing Snorebanes? Did he finally pay you that money he owed you for burying the tranny hooker in ’03?

        1. Look, it’s the People’s Republic of Maryland. I have to encourage decent behavior wherever I happen to find it, in the hopes that it’ll accidentally happen again.

    3. feel dirty.

  12. This may be the first vote that Maxine Waters has actually represented me accurately.

    1. It is reminiscent of the TARP vote where the Progressive and Black caucus joined a group of fiscal conservatives to lose that one back in 2008.

      1. A nice insightful non-troll comment from the sockpuppet. This is a classic example of shriek “slipping” the persona.

        1. Battery died in the clock

  13. Part of me is pleased at the closeness of the vote, but I can’t help but have a nagging feeling that some of those “for” votes were political theatre. Maybe I’m wrong and congress suddenly was stricken with a mild case of morality, but I have a hard time buying that Boner and Pelosi let this thing get that far away from them.

    1. I actually think things would have gone the other way if not for arm-twisting. We should be cheery that ‘our guys’ (Amish and Co.) have gotten such strong influence. The Force is with them.

    2. Some of the “no” votes were political theater, too: under a Republican president Pelosi would be shrieking about the NSA.

      I also don’t count Keith Ellison’s vote as “for liberty.” I don’t think it’s possible for someone to be a devout Muslim and be for “liberty” by any reasonable definition of the word.

      1. I would certainly say it’s possible, but I don’t know if Ellison is a pro-liberty kind of Muslim.

        1. I’ve read a lot about Islam, and according to most authorities, you can’t really be considered a Muslim unless you believe that the Koran is the straight word of God. (Allah has a copy of it in heaven, in Arabic.) And the Koran is not really pro-liberty, unless you believe that surrendering your will to Allah and following his rules to the letter counts as “liberty.”

          1. PapayaSF| 7.24.13 @ 10:09PM |#
            “I’ve read a lot about Islam,…”

            I haven’t; two Bernard Lewis books. But there is nothing in those to dispute your point.
            One of Lewis’ (and he claims others’) point is that Xians were in the same boat until the reformation; Islam hasn’t had that corrective.

            1. Christians also have the advantage that their Holy Book wasn’t written by Jesus in a language still spoken (more or less), so there’s a lot more room for interpretation.

              1. Hebrew and Greek are both still spoken.

                But the lack of a single author point is valid.

              2. Umm, I was raised in a very small corner of a subsection of the Pentacostal world, but when someone in my family talks about divine inspiration they’re talking about the uncorrupted word of God spilling out into the world in spite of the fallibility of man. I’m pretty sure my friend who’s a Lutheran believes the same thing (so it can’t be that fringe).

                Also the Koran is written in an archaic Arabic, it’d be like you or I working through something older than Chaucer. We could probably get the gist, but we wouldn’t be able to interpret it with confidence.

                1. Also, just because the Koran stipulates a certain behavior from adherents doesn’t mean all muslims do everything the book says.

                  I know a bunch of muslim doods and most of them drink, smoke and party pretty hard.

                  And who could be a considered a real christian by “most authorities” if you don’t believe the bible to be the unerring word of gawd?

                  1. oops…


                    damn threading

                  2. Also, just because the Koran stipulates a certain behavior from adherents doesn’t mean all muslims do everything the book says.

                    True, but that’s still quite different from the Christian situation, for reasons already mentioned. Also, there is no worldwide movement to impose strict Christianity on everyone.

                  3. I know a bunch of muslim doods and most of them drink, smoke and party pretty hard.

                    Most Muslims, like most Christians and most Jews, et al (and I’d imagine some atheists), were coerced into their religions.

                    IOW, religiosity is somewhat of a Stockholm Syndrome.

                2. The Bible was written by people said to be inspired by God, which is quite different from the Muslim idea that Muhammad was essentially taking dictation from God, and that the Koran exists in heaven in exactly those words.

                  True, but almost nobody reads the Bible in all the original languages. They read it mostly or entirely translated into their preferred language, and all but the dimmest know that.

                  The archaic Arabic aspect is important. it’s also true that much of the Koran simply doesn’t make sense, apparently a result of copying errors and bad editing. Of course it’s heresy to say that.

                  I highly recommend Did Muhammad Exist?: An Inquiry into Islam’s Obscure Origins for a fascinating look at an under-discussed subject.

                  1. I’d say that that’s a distinction without a difference. If Christians (at least many of my acquaintance) believe that the Holy Spirit was there “inspiring” people to write the inerrant and incorruptible Word of God, I think we can say that they believe God dictated the Bible just through many authors. They also believe that God doesn’t allow translation and transcription errors (although somehow manage to squabble over which translation is correct).

    3. The usual administration supporters and OMG TEH TERRISTS people weren’t shrieking their asses off, which leads me to believe they weren’t worried about passage, possibly because all the arm-twisting and horse-trading had already occurred and they knew what it was going to be.

      1. people weren’t shrieking their asses off

        That’s pretty much why I’m skeptical that the margin on this vote is indicative of some sea-level shift in Congress on this issue. Whenever there’s a real chance of a government pony being taken back we’re usually treated to at lest two weeks of catastrophic rhetoric in advance and that was missing here.

    4. …”I have a hard time buying that Boner and Pelosi let this thing get that far away from them.”

      I don’t have evidence, just suspicions. I think the both of them are talking with their staffs this evening, and not in a confident way.
      I *think* is got ‘way closer than either one wanted.

      1. I can’t imagine either of them wanting it to come this close, yea. That’s attainable, hell, attainable before the mid-term elections. That kind of margin could be overcome in months, especially as more about the spying comes out.

        1. SweatingGin| 7.24.13 @ 10:16PM |#
          “I can’t imagine either of them wanting it to come this close, yea.”

          Agreed. I think there is some sweating going on in more than a couple staff meetings and I’d bet phones are ringing.
          As per above, like the Nixon votes, I’m suspecting they thought there was a solid majority, not 12 votes they got.
          Put another way, that’s six votes from what they don’t want. 6 of 435; you’d better hope the drift is toward you.

          1. I can see the majority/minority whips getting some votes, but for them to really go all out, seems like they’d want either party-lines (close) or strong win.

            I’ll take it, it’s a hell of a moment of optimism for our side.

            1. “I’ll take it, it’s a hell of a moment of optimism for our side.”

              I’ll be more tempered, but, hey, that brightens up a Wednesday evening.

              1. I’m not celebrating, but the last good news I got out of Washington was Rand’s Drone Filibuster. Trying to think if there’s something I’m missing, but I can’t think of it. Maybe some IRS hearings.

                So, yea. Last good was the drone filibuster.

    5. I’m curious about this. I don’t watch C-SPAN, and my knowledge of the technical aspects of modern civics is limited to what I glean from occasional exposure, but I have heard that votes often hinge on whether the voter predicts the bill will pass. Obviously, this bill would have been a tough call, given the margin, but I wonder how many ayes voted because they wanted to be seen as standing for principle on a failed amendment, or how many noes voted because they suspected it might pass regardless.

      1. True. Many votes for failed bills are symbolic, and votes would be switched if it really looked like they would pass.

  14. The House majority really let down the cause of liberty. You could almost say they were liberty’s pallbearers.

    1. Ooh, here’s a video (from a couple years ago):


  15. Did we expect any other result, really?

  16. That dude jsut looks corrupt as the day is long.


    1. Yup.

      And the tan dude in the grey suit doesn’t look any better.

      1. Needs more hook nose.


    All 7 for baby.

    I can’t believe DeGette did vote for Obama…i mean against it.

    1. Yeah, my girlfriend’s rep (Tipton) voted the right way. Unfortunately, my weasely rep (Terry-NE) went all statist again.

  18. Don’t care how my rep voted, cause I didn’t vote for him, and I’m not voting any more. Fuck these people. The US is over the edge and off to meet ancient Rome – just a question of “when”, not “if.” I’ve signed off the political “process” – it’s rigged, corrupt, and too far gone to save.


    1. Almanian, I was just looking for you! I’ll probably paste this tomorrow, too:

      Metro Detroit Reasonoids:

      Are you planning on going to the Ceiligh
      in Livonia on Friday, August 2?

      I don’t have a kilt to wear for it, so you’ll have to recognize me by my Reason

      That said, I’d really appreciate if you didn’t come up in front of my mom,
      aunt, mom-spouse, dad, step-mom, and wife, and say something about the gin that
      is more than likely coming out of my pores because I overdid it on Thursday
      evening. A codeword might be in order.

      1. Timely! Not going this year. However, a couple of my old bandmates are making an appearance.

        No Grade 1 bands, so I never play there…but I used to play with Detroit St. Andrews in the early 80’s, which is the host band 🙂 Back then the games were at old Fort Wayne in Detroit. Then at Ford Field (an actual field, not the new stadium) in Dearborn for a couple years. When they moved to Livonia, our girls were competing in highland dancing, so we went for that. It was fun.

        It’s a fun games. Enjoy, slainte!

        PS If something changes, I’ll wear my Reason shirt, too. The code word is “LoneWacko”…

        1. Done, and I’ll put it on any reposts for any other fuckers I can draw in.

          I see a secret handshake:

          Challenge: “LoneWacko”
          Response: “The Orange Line Mafia”
          In unsion: “Asks tough questions and post the answers on youtube”

        2. I think I went down to them once at fort wayne (years ago). Thought it was one of the Grosse blahs, but Fort Wayne might be right. Early 90’s. A friend (there this time) got shit on by a seagull.

  19. “Bipartisanship”: Donkey cock down your throat, elephant cock up your ass.

    1. Stealing that

    2. Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow….


  20. OT: Ban it.

    1. I think you mean Sequester strikes again. Also, didn’t I read this in some book? I think one of the commenters is named after a character or something…


      1. Dagny T?
        Hugh Akston?
        John Galt?

        1. Nope, not ringing a bell.

          1. H.Reardon?

            1. I dunno, was he the guy that crashed a train in a tunnel? (no it must have been weiner).

    2. The second picture looks so fake… the nose on the train looks like something out of the 70s. MAybe early 80s.

  21. Everybody is lamenting the fact that their shitheal congresscritter voted yes. I’ll have you know that Sheila Jackson-Lee still voted no. She’s the worst their is.

    1. I can beat that. My Congressman Hank Johnson(D-GA) voted Nay as well. Cynthia McKinney was better on civil liberties than ol’ Hank.

      1. Nope he is super retarded but is no S J-L.

      2. Nope he is super retarded but is no S J-L.

  22. The GOP basically killed this. Fucking assholes.

    Boehner is a giant orange douchebag.

    1. Why wouldn’t the GOP kill it when they will eventually return to power and then have access to all of those wonderful secrets themselves?

      1. They keep this shit up and they’re going to get access to some tools that they don’t want, like the pitchfork and tar brush.

  23. Someone should lay a thick coating of tar on whichever GOP representatives voted the amendment down. Something along the lines of “This GOP Congressman does whatever Obama tells him to. It’s like he’s the President’s little catamite, or something. Vote him out next election.”

    1. I will support as many Libertarian leaning candidates as I can, who will primary old school corruptocrats like McCain, by donating to their campaign. No chance for me to actually vote for one, unless I move, but I will do what I can do.

      We need more wacko birds, a lot more.

      1. My rep voted yes, and my former rep voted yes. 2 Maryland Democrats. And the GOP killed this. Fucking unbelievable. I hate the GOP right now with a burning fucking passion.

      2. We need more wacko birds, a lot more.

        Meh, I voted for Cruz in the primary and runoff (because FUCK DEWHURST) but I still didn’t and won’t vote for him in the general. Some of the “whacko birds” are goods and some are good on some things.

    2. Maryland’s is easy to track down. We only have the one and he voted yes.

      1. The article above said that Hoyer voted no.

        Did he leave MD? We couldn’t be that lucky.

        Also, last I checked, I think it was 9.

        1. GOP reps. Andy Harris is the only one, AFAIK. I think he replaced Roscoe.

  24. Also in train news

    1. In other train news:

      The trains in Spain fall mainly on the plains

      These train wrecks must be linked to global warming.

      1. see me @ 10:31

        1. Fuck, I can’t see anything after clicking on that last link that you posted!

  25. So while your reps are doing nothing about NSA surveillance, my MP is being a moral busybody.

    1. Wahhh!!!!! WTF, AP?! My eyes!!!

      Why don’t you just post nekked pictures of Hillary if you want to torture us and blind our eyes with vile images?

      That picture is what should be banned!

      Warning everyone, don’t click that!!!! You’ve been warned!

      1. There was a guy in the article named David Butt, so there’s that.

          1. None of Mother Butt’s kin were said to have emigrated to Canada, but it’s not impossible.

  26. My democratic rep voted for the amendment, so I now have 1 good thing to say about him.

    1. 4 No votes from KY reps. All GOP.

      Only Yarmuth! (D) and Massie (Paulite) voted Aye.

  27. Im in favor of primarying every rep who voted against this from both parties.

    1. If “primarying” is a euphemism for tar and feathering, then count me in.

    2. Yep, this and NDAA. Primary all their sorry asses.

      1. Let me clarify. I meant voting against this, and FOR NDAA.

    3. Fun little map here.

      Colorado and South Carolina(?!) are the largest states with unanimously anti-NSA spying opinions. Mountain states very anti-spying (and Dems there more pro-spying than GOP.) Other areas different.

    1. Somebody tole me once that George Brett was a libertarian.

      I didn’t believe it, but it made me like him better anyways.

      Anybody else have info on this?

      1. What is up with all those athletes having two first names.

  28. Aaron Schock has the balls to wear this belt, but not to take a stand whether he’s for or against the NSA’s information dragnet! For shame.

  29. Well, it’s not like Obama would have given a sh*t what Congress said anyway.

  30. Looks like Bachus is the only one from Alabama that voted for this bill.

    Fuck this state!

  31. Dude seems to know what he is talking about. Wow.


  32. My rep (Schwartz, D-PA) voted against it. No surprise, she wants establishment support to run for governor of PA next year.

    1. However, Philadelphia’s rep Fattah continues to show some support for civil liberties.

  33. I think this vote pretty clearly illustrates the 2D political layout as conceived by libertarians. It’s a damn shame it lost, but pretty cool to see an issue destroy the usual TEAM nonsense.

  34. Chris Plante on NSA now; you can call in

    888 630 wmal


  35. My rep doesn’t represent ANY of my views.

    Gerrymandering is the exact opposite of democracy.

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