Boston Marathon Bombing

ACLU Calls for Inquiry into FBI's Killing of Alleged Boston Bomber Friend

Months later, still no official explanation as to why Ibragim Todashev was shot


Ibragim Todashev

We still don't really have any answers as to why, exactly, FBI agents ended up shooting and killing Ibragim Todashev in Florida in May while investigating a triple homicide connected to alleged Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev. The FBI has not explained what happened that resulted in Todashev's death and has subsequently barred the medical examiner's office for releasing details or even saying how many times Todashev was shot. Multiple conflicting stories leaked out about what happened during this confrontation, ranging from Todashev having a knife to him attacking an FBI agent with a metal bar or broomstick.

Months later, we still don't know what happened in that room with a man FBI killed. Now the ACLU is calling for state officials in Massachusetts and Florida to perform their own investigations into Todashev's death. From the Los Angeles Times:

Nearly two months after an alleged friend of purported Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev was fatally shot by an FBI special agent while being questioned by the FBI and the Massachusetts State Police in his Orlando, Fla., apartment, few details have emerged about the circumstances of his death and his connection to Tsarnaev.

That's part of the reason the ACLU has called on state officials in Massachusetts and Florida to conduct their own investigations into the May 22 death of Ibragim Todashev.

"When something goes wrong during an operation involving Massachusetts law enforcement officers, Massachusetts residents deserve a thorough and transparent investigation by Massachusetts officials," said Carol Rose, the executive director of the ACLU of Massachusetts, in a letter to Massachusetts Atty. Gen. Martha Coakley.

The shooting is being investigated by members of the FBI and the Department of Justice, but as Rose also noted, the FBI has so far determined that every single shooting of a subject by a member of the department between 1993 and 2011 has been justified. All 150 of them.

It's unlikely, though, that Massachusetts would get involved:

Brad Puffer, a spokesman for Coakley's office, said that the attorney general has reviewed the ACLU letter, and that "while the use of deadly force by law enforcement should be appropriately investigated, this particular incident happened in another state which is outside our jurisdiction."

The ACLU of Florida sent a similar letter to Gerald Bailey, commissioner of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, calling for an investigation into the death, and for more information about the state's Joint Terrorism Task Force.

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  1. Alt-Text: The third bomber, or the fifth Beatle?

    1. One of Pete Townsend’s unused session photos for the lost Who album.

  2. Sounds like an FBI agent stood his ground?

    1. In violation of Todashev’s invocation of the Castle doctrine?

      1. In violation of Todashev’s duty to flee.

  3. “while the use of deadly force by law enforcement should be appropriately investigated, this particular incident happened in another state which is outside our jurisdiction.”

    ACLU should have sent a letter to the NYPD. The concept of jurisdiction is… malleable there.

  4. Conspiracy Theory: The Marathon Bombers were targets of an FBI sting operation but not properly monitored, this is the guy who tipped them off and acted as the contact, the only one outside of the agency that could show this and they didn’t want that info leaked.

    1. Not enough LIZARDZZZZZ

    2. The first part of that sentence is a nagging suspicion I’ve had since the bombing happened. Extremely unlikely the second half of the sentence happens to be the case.

      But it is very strange.

      1. Eh, not that strange. It would be strange for an FBI conspiracy to off the guy in such a messy and hard-to-cover-up way, but excitable and violent Muslim 20-something men? Sadly, not terribly rare.

        1. Alternate theory: This guy was in fact an informant. The FBI brass knew this and sent some agents to collect him following the attack. These agents were not told he was an informant, so they showed up as usual, screaming obscenities and with guns pointed. The informant assumed he’d been double-crossed and attempted to flee. They killed him.

  5. Hopefully the ACLU gets the chance to call for a second prosecution of the shooter should there be a first trial and the verdict is not to their liking.

    1. Double jeopardy was not designed to protect the King or his men.

      1. Neighborhood watchmen included.

        1. Ouch. I guess “whitey” will have to be tried by the feds.

        2. That’s the name of the newest multi-million dollar Marvel movie: “Neighborhood Watchmen” featuring a white-blue guy

          1. When I was a freshman at the University of Denver, a grad student by the name of Jay, from Wisconsin, occupied the room adjacent to mine.

            He was wicked smaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhttt.

  6. There are two kinds of cops: Bad cops and those who cover for bad cops.

    Regardless of the jurisdiction or who was involved, barring a whistle blower going public, the truth about what happened in this case will probably never come out. Hiding the truth is the primary function of an “internal investigation” and all law enforcement entities on the planet know that.

    Secondly, Martha Coakley is all about Martha Coakley. Unless she sees a way to personally benefit from it, she won’t touch it. No one gives a shit about this guy getting killed by “the good guys”.

    1. Yes, Marsha Coakley is all about Marsha Coakely.

      No more than Scott Brown is all about Scott Brown.

      1. Who’s Marsha Coakley?

        And, even if it were unanimous that Scott Brown is the most evil person in the universe, what does that have to do with Coakley and the FBI’s killing of Todashev?

        1. Lighten up Dave.

          First, Marsha Coakley is the name which was given to her by the likes of WRKO’s Howie Carr and other conservatives during her 2010 senatorial campaign against Scott Brown. It was meant as a term of derision and I used it in that sense.

          Second, the invocation of Scott Brown is an inside joke between me and Alonzo. Besides, as I predicted in January of 2010 on these here intertubes, after he won election, that Scott Brown was going to be good for the big government types and that he would be no better for liberty than Marsha.

          1. he would be no better for liberty than Marsha.

            So you made a completely unprovable assertion and now that it hasn’t been disproved you are doing a victory dance?

  7. and has subsequently barred the medical examiner’s office for releasing details or even saying how many times Todashev was shot.

    Nothing says free society like government agents shooting someone on behalf of The People and then using their power to forbid The People from knowing the details. Obviously if we knew how many times or why this man was shot then the terrorists would win.

    1. yeah, exactly. How the hell are they getting away with that?

      1. Maybe it’s covered under “ensure domestic tranquility” clause.

  8. Give the FBI a break, the suspect barked at them and their dog shooting reflexes kicked in.

  9. “It’s unlikely, though, that Massachusetts would get involved”

    Why would anyone expect that that shithole would ever do anything supportive of justice?

  10. The suspect endangered the Very Special Agents and to preserve their safety they were forced to give him lead poisoning.

    The exact circumstances are none of your business. As you will see from our record, all our shoots are 100% justified.

    Oh and by the way, PATRIOT ACT…peons.

  11. Sadly, as long as the Feds are in charge, we will never know!

    1. C’mon Pedo-bot, you keep changing your handle but we know it is you.

  12. The sad thing is that people lose their fucking minds if you even ask questions about the killing of Boston Marathon bomber or the killing of that Dorner guy. They accuse you of “supporting” or apologizing for their actions, as if it were axiomatic that distrusting the official story and wanting clear rules on extra-judicial killings constituted sympathy for a terrorist or murderer.

    One guy responded to something I said about the fire that killed Dorner with, “Boo, hoo. Your buddy Dorner died and now you’re sad.” A lot of the comments are roughly the same. Christ, this country goes stupid in an “emergency.” And there are more and more emergencies.

  13. The FBI has not explained what happened that resulted in Todashev’s death and has subsequently barred the medical examiner’s office for releasing details or even saying how many times Todashev was shot.

    If the FBI has nothing to hide then they have nothing to fear.

  14. I object to the glamorous photo.

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