Matt Welch Talks About the Surveillance State on Fox Business Network


Last night I appeared on Fox Business Netowrk's Cavuto program to talk with guest host Charles Payne about the database provisions in ObamaCare, and the growing government surveillance and databasification of American life:

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  1. Aha!

    Beat Fist of Etiquette!

  2. Next time you groom yourself, Welch, take one step closer to the razor. Also, you said “frankfully” at one point. Also, your wife is a private dick? If that’s true, I have an idea for a reality TV show for us to pitch to the History Channel or the Learning Channel or whoever the fuck hasn’t had the full glut of such programming yet.

    As for whether this is truly the year history recognizes that America recognizes the Fourth Amendment is gone, that remains to be seen. Even if it’s the case, we rely on the opposition party to keep the civil liberties party in check, and I don’t see that happening.

    1. Do hombres with hirsute countenances offend?

      Care to share your pitch re: reality TV idea?

      1. Cosmotarian and private investigator travel around the country solving crimes. It doesn’t have to be a reality show, it can be a crime drama. Add a sassy octogenarian and it has CBS written all over it.

    2. Appreciate the tips, FoE, but this was a temp beard, as shall soon be revealed on Red Eye….

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